6 Best Sites to Rate and Review Teachers and Professors: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview of Teacher and Professor Rating Platforms

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As a student or a potential student, you might want to gain some insight into professors’ teaching style and performance before enrolling in their classes. Several websites allow you to rate and review teachers and professors based on your experiences. This can assist you in making informed decisions when selecting courses and educators.

Rate My Professors is among the most popular platforms, offering over 19 million ratings of more than 1.7 million professors globally. The site features reviews from college students across the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales.

Another valuable resource is Koofers.com, where more than one million students go to identify the best educators online. The platform showcases a particular teacher’s rating and the average grades students can expect to obtain from them.

Uloop is a professor rating site entirely powered by college students in the United States. This platform allows users to rate their teachers, helping peers avoid landing into an unfavorable situation with an unfit professor.


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A recent addition is RateMyProfessor.io, which provides insightful information on professors you might be considering. It offers an in-depth understanding of different teachers’ individual classroom experiences.

Overall, these websites aim to provide helpful and objective insights into the quality and effectiveness of individual educators. By using this information, you can make better-informed decisions about who should be in charge of your academic development.

Rate My Professors

Rate My Professors


Rate My Professors offers various features that help you make an informed decision about your professors. This site enables you to:

  • Access anonymous reviews of professors from actual students
  • Manage and edit your ratings
  • Like or dislike other students’ ratings

Ease of Use

Navigating through Rate My Professors is user-friendly and straightforward. You can easily search for your professor or educational institution. The information presented is well-organized, making it simple for you to read and understand the reviews by fellow students. This site provides a valuable tool for making informed decisions about the professors and courses you are considering.

Teacher Rate

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Teacher Rate provides a platform for students to evaluate and review their teachers and professors. With a vast database of educators from various countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, you can easily search for teachers by name or school. Rate My Professors, for instance, allows college students to rate more than 1.7 million professors globally. Meanwhile, Rate My Teachers focuses on elementary and secondary school teachers.

In addition to ratings, some websites like Uloop offer comprehensive student resources, such as textbooks, test preparation materials, housing, and student loan information. These features make these websites a one-stop solution for students seeking academic guidance and feedback on their educators.

Ease of Use

These teacher rating platforms are designed for simplicity and ease of use. You’ll be guided through country selection, school information, and teacher profiles when visiting these sites. You can read reviews left by other students or submit your own ratings and comments. Many platforms also allow you to filter by subject, department, or rating level. This makes it easy for you to make informed decisions about your educational experience and provides a platform for sharing your feedback with other students and the community.




Koofers is an online platform that allows students to rate and review their teachers and professors. With over one million students using this site, it has become a reliable source for finding the best educators in various schools. Apart from rating your teachers, you can also access class materials and exams other students share. This feature helps you better prepare for your classes and upcoming assessments.

On Koofers, you can search for a specific teacher by name or explore the ratings of teachers within a particular school. The site displays a teacher’s rating and the average grades students can expect to receive from them. This information is valuable when deciding which class or professor to select during course registration.

Ease of Use

Navigating Koofers is straightforward and user-friendly. To rate or review a teacher, search for their name or choose a school to access the list of educators. You can then provide feedback on the teacher’s performance and your experience in their class.

Remember to maintain a respectful and professional tone when writing your reviews. This will ensure that your feedback is constructive and useful for future students seeking to make informed educational decisions.

Explore Koofers to find helpful reviews and valuable insights about the teachers and professors you are considering for your academic journey.




Uloop offers a comprehensive platform for college students, providing various resources and services. One of its key features is the professor ratings section, where students can rate and review their teachers and professors. Uloop’s rating system considers teaching quality, course difficulty, and overall satisfaction. Additionally, you can find important information on textbooks, test preparation materials, housing, and student loans beyond rating teachers.

Ease of Use

Using Uloop to rate and review teachers is simple and straightforward. To start, you must visit the website, search for your school, and select the professor you want to review. Once you’ve chosen the professor, you can provide feedback and rate them on various aspects, such as course quality, workload, organization, communication, and accessibility. These ratings contribute to an overall score, which can be helpful for other students considering taking a course with the professor. The website’s user-friendly interface makes navigating and finding the information you need easy.

Course Hero

Course Hero

As a student, you may want a platform that allows you to rate and review your teachers and professors and provides additional resources for your academic growth. Course Hero is a comprehensive website that offers various study materials, including lecture notes, e-books, and past exams, and a platform to rate and review teachers and professors.

When you visit Course Hero, you’ll find a straightforward interface where you can search for your professor or teacher by their name, or even search for specific courses and schools. Once you find the educator you’re looking for, you can read and submit reviews, helping others understand that particular professor’s teaching style and effectiveness.

Moreover, you can collaborate with your peers and experts through the Course Hero platform. You can ask your burning questions or join discussions with other students who have experienced the same courses and professors as you have. This way, you’ll learn from multiple perspectives while sharing your insights, enriching the whole experience.

In summary, Course Hero is a valuable tool for students who want to rate and review their teachers and professors, while also taking advantage of a wealth of academic resources. Engaging with the platform’ll enhance your overall academic experience and helping others make informed decisions about their education.

Final Notes and Considerations

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When using these sites to rate and review teachers and professors, it’s essential to maintain a professional tone. Remember that your feedback has the potential to impact the careers of educators. Therefore, it’s crucial to be fair, factual, and constructive in your critiques. Avoid making personal attacks or complaints irrelevant to the quality of their teaching.

Your input can benefit other students looking to make informed decisions about which professors to choose and what to expect from them. Maintaining a respectful and genuine tone will make your reviews more valuable and credible to other users on the platform.

Additionally, consider revisiting the sites periodically to update your reviews or to provide feedback on new instructors you encounter. Staying active within these communities can help improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information available, ultimately leading to a better educational experience for everyone.

Be aware of each site’s specific rules and guidelines when engaging with these platforms. Many sites have policies to prevent inappropriate content or behaviors to ensure a more productive and supportive environment. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the site’s standards to avoid any potential issues.

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