Difference Between A Lavatory and A Sink

Lavatory and sink are two of the facilities that are there for this purpose. Most people think that both terms are the same, but this is not true at all. They have different meanings. 


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A Lavatory vs A Sink

The difference between a lavatory and a sink is that a lavatory is a toilet and a sink is a washbasin. In a lavatory, you excrete urine and waste. While on the other hand, in a sink, you wash dishes and produce. A lavatory is a washroom where people go, but a sink is an object that people use. 

A Lavatory vs A Sink

A lavatory is a term that brings images of a bathroom or a restroom to mind. It is a fixture present in the restroom and a type of room that you use to excrete waste and urine.

In the restroom, you use it to wash hands and other purposes. People prefer ceramic in lavatories and stainless steel in kitchens. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonA LavatoryA Sink
Definition It is a bathroom or a toilet.It is an object in the shape of a bowl present in the bathroom and the kitchen.
UseTo take a bath and excrete urine and waste. To wash vegetables and utensils in the kitchen and hands in the bathroom.
Material CeramicStainless steel
Parts Bathtub, basin, and mirror.Faucet, drain, and tap.
TypeQuarter, three quarter, and master.Vessel and vanity.

What is A Lavatory?

It is usually a room that contains a sink for washing and a toilet fixture to excrete urine. They use ceramic to make lavatories. People keep various things in restrooms as a shower, a tub, a sink, and a toilet is a few among them.

Mostly they keep the area for restrooms to the north of the house. It is because they want ventilation and natural light. 

Choose the ones that are slip-resistant as well as mildew-resistant for the surface and floors. You can have a full bath so that you can have access to all the components. 

There are different types of restrooms or bathrooms one can have in their homes. It is either three-quarter, quarter, half, or master lavatory. You can select according to your needs. 

What is A Sink?

A sink is a large container and has the shape of a bowl. It is there to wash the utensils and other products at your home. It is present both in the kitchen and the bathroom. In a kitchen, you wash vegetables and dishes, while in the restroom, you use it for brushing your teeth and washing your hands and face. 

A kitchen sink is one of the most indispensable objects. You can have for a sink like- glossy, satin, and anti-scratch. Either it contains an enamel coating or stainless steel.

You can choose a sink based on its shape and mounting options. They are of different types as under-mount sink, self-rimming sink, vessel sink, and vanity sink.

Try to make a habit of cleaning it every time after use. There are scrubs to clean after you have done with the dishes. 

Main Differences Between A Lavatory and A Sink 

  • A lavatory contains a toilet, a bathtub, and a basin. A sink has a faucet, a drain, a tailpiece, a tap, and a basin.  
  • You can have a quarter, three quarters, or a master lavatory. On the other hand, you can make a vessel sink, a vanity sink, or an under-mount sink. 
Difference Between A Lavatory and A Sink


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