AMD Radeon vs Intel Pentium: Difference and Comparison

A desktop computer or laptop results from hundreds of devices assembled together. It is not necessary that the company which manufactured the laptop also manufactured each device installed in it.

These companies use pre-built widgets. AMD Radeon and Intel Pentium are two such software and hardware that are installed in a computer system.

Key Takeaways

  1. AMD Radeon is a series of graphics processing units (GPUs), while Intel Pentium refers to a line of central processing units (CPUs).
  2. AMD Radeon specializes in rendering graphics for gaming and multimedia applications, whereas Intel Pentium focuses on general computing tasks.
  3. AMD Radeon GPUs are paired with various CPUs, while Intel Pentium processors may include integrated graphics capabilities.

AMD Radeon vs Intel Pentium

The AMD Radeon refers to a brand of graphics processing units (GPUs) and multimedia software by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), known for their strong performance in gaming. Intel Pentium is a brand of microprocessors by Intel, which mainly focuses on CPU performance, including integrated but less powerful graphics.

AMD Radeon vs Intel Pentium

AMD Radeon is a device driver and software that is utilized to configure, analyze, maintain, and optimize graphic cards and APUs. Hence, it is also known as a utility software package.


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The graphical user interface of AMD Radeon is compatible with 64-bit architecture and Linux. AMD Radeon is software developed by Advanced Micro Devices.

Intel Pentium is a line or family of microprocessors used in PCs and laptops. This line was developed by Intel, and it is the successor of the 80486 microprocessor.

The primary specification of Intel Pentium microprocessors is that they have two processors in one chip with 3.3 million transistors. Hence, soon after the launch, Intel Pentium microprocessors became the best option for personal laptops.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonAMD RadeonIntel Pentium
ReleasedThe launch of AMD Radeon is dated back to 1 April 2000. The launch of Intel Pentium is dated back to 22 March 1993.
MeaningAMD Radeon is a software that is responsible for seeing the overall performance of APU and AMD graphic cards. Intel Pentium is a line of hardware that includes microprocessors. These microprocessors are very advanced and enhanced.
Developed byAMD Radeon was developed by Advanced Micro Devices while written by ATI Technologies. An American company Intel developed the Pentium line, whereas Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore are the people behind it.
VersionsAMD has launched several versions of AMD Radeon, and some of them are 4.4, 6.2, 4.9, etc. The version of Intel Pentium was known as Pentium II and Pentium III.
UsesAMD Radeon Software is primarily used to render games and suggest improvements in graphics via available settings. Intel Pentium, a line of microchips and microprocessors, is mainly used in PCs to enhance their performance.

What is AMD Radeon?

AMD Radeon is software written by ATI technologies, whereas the developers are AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). AMD Radeon is supported by Linux and Microsoft Windows and can be operated on 64-bit architecture.

It is known as a management and device driver. AMD Radeon, commonly known as Radeon Software, provides notable features to the users.

It is the best medium for the management of game profiles and monitors the undervolting and overclocking procedures. AMD Radeon Software is also beneficial for regulating streaming, recording, and the performance of APU.

The name of AMD kept changing with the upgrading of its version.

It was also known as ATI Catalyst, AMD Radeon Settings, AMD Catalyst, etc. AMD Radeon stopped being available for 32-bit architecture in October 2018. GPUs and APUs of AMD are supported by AMD Radeon Software.

Apart from the software, AMD graphic cards are also very famous. AMD Radeon Software provides a clean and easy-to-use interface.

The version of AMD Radeon from 4.4 to 6.2 was supported on Windows 9x, while version 6.5 and 7.4 was supported on Windows 2000.

Windows XP supported the 14.4 version of AMD Radeon, and Windows Vista was compatible with the 13.12 version. The very first version of this software was 4.9, which was released in 2004.

amd radeon scaled

What is Intel Pentium?

In 1993, Intel corp launched the successor of the 80486 microprocessor, Intel Pentium, the line of highly advanced microprocessors. A single chip of Intel Pentium comprises two processors.

Pentium was initially been a brand name for the x86 series, and after the launch of Pentium in 1993, many versions of Pentium have been introduced, for instance, Pentium II and Pentium III.

Intel gives Intel Pentium two stars because they are more enhanced than Celeron and Atom series but below the Xeon and Intel core line-up. The microprocessors of Pentium are inspired by both Core and Atom processors.

Intel Pentium line of microprocessors was split into two divisions in 2017, Pentium Gold and Pentium Silver. Pentium Gold is based on pre-existing architectures that are Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake.

The primary target of Intel Pentium Gold is entry-level desktops. Intel Pentium Silver microprocessors are inspired by the Atom and Celeron series.

Unlike Gold, Pentium Silver is focused on low-power devices. When Intel started to manufacture processors, it used code names for them such as Deschutes, Prescott, Klamath, Willamette, Coppermine, etc.

People became so familiar with these names that they didn’t prefer official terms of processors. Pentium MMX processor was the first processor to be marketed. A new microarchitecture called NetBurst was launched by Intel in 2000.

intel pentium

Main Differences Between AMD Radeon and Intel Pentium

  1. AMD Radeon is a product of Advanced Micro Devices Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, USA. On the other hand, Intel Pentium is a product of an American multinational company, Intel Corp, based in California, USA.
  2. AMD Radeon Software was launched on 1 April 2000 by Advanced Micro Devices. On the other hand, the Intel Pentium line was launched on 22 March 1993.
  3. AMD Radeon Software is installed in PCs and laptops and is not divided into any category. On the other hand, Intel Pentium is divided into Pentium Gold and Pentium Silver.
  4. AMD Radeon has launched many versions of it, for instance, 13.12, 14.4, 4.9, 6.5, etc. On the other hand, there have been two versions of Intel Pentium, Pentium II and III.
  5. ATI Technologies are the organization that wrote and prepared the infrastructure of AMD Radeon, whereas Intel Pentium was developed and marketed by the same company, Intel.
Difference Between AMD Radeon and Intel Pentium
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