Berries vs Drupes: Difference and Comparison

Classification is a very important word in science because it is very helpful to identify and correct the different characteristics in single species.

Similarly, berries and drupes are two types that emerged with the help of classification medium to differentiate the fruit based on similar traits. Drupes are berries are consist of very common fruits that are consumed by everyone.

Key Takeaways

  1. Berries are a type of fruit with a fleshy outer layer and seeds on the inside, while drupes have a hard outer layer and a single seed on the inside.
  2. Berries are smaller and juicier than drupes, which have a tougher texture and are larger.
  3. Examples of berries include blueberries and strawberries, while examples of drupes include peaches and plums.

Berries vs Drupes

Berries are small, juicy fruits that grow on bushes and vines, with seeds embedded within the flesh (e.g., strawberries). Drupes are fruits with a fleshy outer part surrounding a shell (or pit) that contains a seed, like peaches, cherries, and apricots.

Berries vs Drupes

The term ‘Berries’ is a plural of berry, a fruit that is almost round, pulpy, small, and has many seeds. Berries are grown out of individual flowers.

Berries can taste differently depending on what stage they are being consumed, for instance, tart, sour, and sweet. Grapes, tomatoes, bananas, cucumbers fulfill the demand of characteristics of berries.

The term ‘drupes’ refers to certain types of fruits that have a single and thin layer of skin. The seed is surrounded by fleshy pulp.

Drupes are cultivated in the summer season but kept in chilled places since they tend to decompose very quickly. Drupes are the best option to prepare jam and juices.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonBerriesDrupes
MeaningA fruit that has many seeds and has juicy pulp all over is considered to be berries. A fruit that has single seeds and also has fleshy pulp is considered to be berries.
Shape Berries are small, round, and juicy fruits that can be eaten and used to extract their pulpy flavor. Drupes are very irregular in shape they can be small, big, round, cylindrical, juicy, etc.
ColourBerries come in three prime colors that are purple, blue, and red. Drupes come in a wide range of colors that are yellow, red, green, orange, black, etc.
Other namesOther terms that are used to refer to berries are grain, pomes, soft fruit, fruitlets, capsules, etc. Other terms that are used to refer to drupes are bean, seed, kernel, drupelet, hip, haw, etc.
PitBerries are very small and do not have pits or stones in the center. Regardless of size, drupes have a pit or stone in the center to contain the seed.

What is Berries?

Berries are small round fruit that does not have a pit or stone. Although, berries can have a lot of seeds or pipes. Berries come in bright colors and have different tastes. Berries grow out in a bunch and they are so soft that in Britain, people call them soft fruit.

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Berries are found in every country and used a lot to prepare cakes, jam, pies, for both giving the flavor and for garnishment.

Berries have been a significant part of human civilization before they started cultivation because berries do not need external help, they can survive in wild as well. Berries were also preserved by an ancient human for winter and also added to meats.

Humans started to cultivate berries in the 14th century in gardens for personal and commercial uses. Berries require mild temperatures not too hot and not too cold.

Berries are one of the best options for desserts and they are a very rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, fibers, calories, magnesium, etc.

Berries are also loaded with antioxidants such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, etc. They are considered to be beneficial to reduce stress, heart diseases, the functionality of arteries, etc. They are also used by people who suffer from any type of diabetes.

berries 1

What is Drupes?

Drupes are a type of fleshy fruit having a thin outer shell (skin or peel) with a single seed inside it, which is hard and stony. The outer skin or peel can be hard or soft.

For instance, in the case of almonds and coconut, the outer layer or endocarp is hard but on the other hand, the outer skin or excerpt of cherries and apricots is soft. Thus a drupe is easy to identify from its structure.

To elaborate, based on their structure, drupes can be categorized into three categories namely Freestone drupes, Clingstone drupes, and Tryma drupes.Freestone drupes include fruits like plums, peaches, etc.

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The seed from these drupes can be removed easily. In Clingstone drupes the seed cannot be removed easily. To epitome mangoes, apricots are examples of Clingstone drupes.

Tryma drupes resemble nuts. Pistachio, walnuts, etc. These are some of the examples of Tryma drupes. Like other fruits, drupes also have several health benefits.

Eating drupes helps to boost immunity, as these are rich in Vitamin C. Drupes help in improving eyesight.

Fiber provided by drupes helps in enhancing the digestive system. These can prevent various perilous diseases including cancer and heart ailments. Intaking drupes also cures muscle pain and improves the quality of sleep.

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Main Differences Between Berries and Drupes

  1. The common examples of berries are blackcurrants, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, red currants. On the other hand, Cherry, peach, and olive are examples of drupes.
  2. Berries are used to garnish cakes and make pies and tarts. On the other hand, drupes are used a lot to extract the juice and make jams.
  3. Berries have been used as food for a very long time and they were cultivated in fields since the 14th century while drupes have always been grown intentionally in the gardens.
  4. Berries do not consist of pits, although they have a fair amount of seeds. On the other hand, drupes have a pit and just one seed inside of it.
  5. Berries come in small sizes and have a round shape. On the other hand, the shape and size of drupes are very uncertain.
Difference Between Berries and Drupes

Last Updated : 17 July, 2023

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