Difference Between Courage and Bravery

Bravery and courage are two intertwined concepts. They are two sides of a similar coin. Both these factors are not just terms that can be used in huge instances but they can also be mentioned in case of small reference.

Both of these factors are necessary for the smooth functioning of the human world today. As these two concepts are partially linked with each other people tend to confuse them but they are two very separate ideologies.

Courage vs Bravery

The main difference between courage and bravery is that courage does not in every instance include any sort of danger or threat. Bravery on the other hand includes a threat to one’s wellbeing or any risk of danger. Courage is required to overcome an act of bravery.

Courage vs Bravery

Courage is the ability to face a difficult situation. Courage is what lead oneself towards taking an action.

Bravery on the other hand is the action that has in turn been taken after overcoming the fear. Bravery defines the physical action of courage whereas courage is the mental strength that convinces the person to perform a difficult task.

Comparison Table Between Courage and Bravery

Parameter of ComparisonCourageBravery
DangerIn case of courage there is not always dangerInvolves dangerous situation
PrimaryComes firstAfter one gains courage it commits an act of bravery
CharacteristicsMental or moral strengthIncludes mental, physical and psychological strength
Overcame CauseLove, passion and compassionTakes place without any cause
ExampleAdmitting to a lieRisking ones life to save others

What is Courage?              

Courage is a foundation. It is the ability to undertake or confront something overwhelmingly difficult, dangerous, or painful. It is a choice that one overcomes.

Courage is deciding to take a particular action regardless of it being a personal struggle and dealing with it.

Bravery is a state of mind that is driven by a cause. It is driven by something that makes the person feel worth standing up and fighting for it. This cause is what makes it happen.

The true process of courage is not about overcoming the obstacle but instead the choice to fight for it regardless and take chance.

Courage is always linked with a compulsion to act on something by choice or force. The reason for concern being concern, compassion, devotion, passion, or love.

There are 6 attributes of courage which are as following- feeling fear yet choosing to act, preserving in the face of adversity, standing up for what is right, extending the horizon and letting go of the familiar, and lastly facing suffering with the dignity of faith.


 What is Bravery?

Bravery is the outcome of being brave or displaying courage. Bravery is the ability to confront pain, danger, or face anything difficult without any fear or hesitation.

It is an action that has been overcome by a person. It is strength in a person that helps them overcome the act. Regardless of the matter being big or small when a person faces any sort of fear it is an act of bravery.

Most of the time there is a risk of danger or a threat to a person’s well-being linked with displaying bravery. Bravery is also in saying it out loud what one thinks of.

Acknowledging our fear and dissecting them and facing them often helps in the process of overcoming fear and committing to an act of bravery.

Being brave can also involve performing certain tasks in our day to day life such as disappointing others and taking a stand for oneself, saying no and honoring one’s choices, and speaking the truth regardless of what the outcome might be.

Bravery as a concept can be applied to a larger number of instances such as physical bravery, mental bravery, and psychological bravery.


Main Differences Between Courage and Bravery

  1. In courage, there is not always danger involved. Danger might or might not be there. But in the case of bravery, there is danger involved or a threat to the person’s wellbeing.
  2. Courage comes to a person first and then it is accompanied by an act of bravery.
  3. Courage involves mental and moral strength, it is a majorly inner feeling whereas danger involves mental, physical, and psychological strength as the action has to be done.
  4. In the case of courage, there is fear and hesitation within the person. In the case of bravery, the fear has already been overcome by the person and the act has been committed.
  5. The reasons behind a person being courageous are concern, compassion, devotion, passion, or love. However, an act of bravery happens without any proper cause
Difference Between Courage and Bravery


Courage and bravery both concepts are partially linked with another. Both these words include features such as fearlessness, dauntlessness, intrepidity, and boldness.

These two terms means very different from each other and can be differentiated based on danger, primary, characteristics, fear, and cause.

Courage according to the oxford dictionary is defined as “strength in the face of pain or grief”. Courage is not always linked with danger. The situations do not have to be dangerous, it can be difficult or painful.

The ability to not avoid and face the situation regardless is known as courage.

Bravery on the other hand in the oxford dictionary is described as “courageous behavior or character”. Bravery is the ability that helps a person act on something dangerous and risky.

In an act of bravery, the person overcomes his fear and still performs the act. It is a courageous act to confront danger and not get intimidated.


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