Difference Between Demi and Semi Permanent Hair Color

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For this, they even perform plastic surgeries or any other organs-related surgeries to enhance their features. For facial beauty, several products are used, that includes skin care products and makeup, etc.

To enhance the overall look of the body, people also color their hair to some different colors such as pink, grey, and even red. Several types of dies and hair color have been introduced for the same.

Most people are aware of the skin products, but not many know the products related to hair, such are types of hair colors that include semi and demi-permanent hair color.

In this article, all the information related to them is listed so that everyone can choose the best hair color option.

Demi vs Semi Permanent Hair Color

The difference between Demi and Semi-Permanent Hair Color is in the number of washes they can survive. Demi hair color can survive more number of shampoos as compared to semi hair color, which can survive 12 shampoos maximum, and sometimes color starts fading after 4 washes. In the case of demi hair color, more care of hair is required due to all damage it causes. They also differ in terms of developer presence, formula, and their effects on grey hair.

Demi vs Semi Permanent Hair Color

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Demi Permanent Hair Color lasts for a short period than the permanent hair color, but longer than the Semi-Permanent Hair Color. It sits on the first layer of hair and covers the grey hair.

Along with the deposit formula, it also contains peroxide to make it last longer. It also contains developers. After color with demi hair color, care of hair has to be done to avoid any problems such as split ends or breakage.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color lasts for the very shortest period. It only contains simple deposit formula and no peroxide. Even there is no developer present in it.

The process of coloring hair with this is much easy as compared to the permanent hair color. Also, it only makes a coating of color on hair. No frizziness or breakage and split will be 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDemi Permanent Hair ColorSemi Permanent Hair Color
Permanency24 shampoos4-12 shampoos
FormulaPeroxideDeposit formula
DeveloperContains developerDoes not contain it.
Sits onIn the first layer of the hairThe outer surface of the hair.
DamageCause more damageLess damage is caused

What is Demi Permanent Hair Color?

Demi Permanent Hair Color lasts for around 14 weeks if the hair is washed twice a week. It is suitable for all hair types.

It can be done at home, as the process is not very difficult. It is best to experiment with colors and then choose the one you want for the longest period.

When compared to the permanent hair color, it has all the following advantages:

  1. Can frequently change the color, does not have to wait for a longer duration.
  2. Does not cause any serious damage to the hair.
  3. Little care of hair has to be done.
  4. A more affordable option for someone who does not color much.
  5. The best temporary solution of experimenting.

It is considered to be the best option, as it lasts more balanced days, not longer periods like permanent hair color and nor for the shorter duration like semi-permanent hair color. Therefore it is best before planning a trip or some photoshoot or in general also.

It does sometimes have a disadvantage due to the presence of peroxide as it can cause little harm to the hair, but that is also avoidable by taking care and using good hair shampoo.

demi permanent hair color

What is Semi Permanent Hair Color?

Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a type of hair color that does not last for days. It can last from 5 to 14 washes. After that, it starts fading away.

It is the best option for someone who likes to experiment frequently with their hair color. This does not cause any damage to hair due to its nontoxic formula.

To make sure your color lasts for the longest period, you have to take proper care of them. Proper shampoos and conditioners have to be used. They don’t fundamentally change the natural hair color but just create a coat of color on the outer surface.

Several brands have launched semi-permanent hair color that has toxic chemicals at all, and along with this, they are vegan and cruelty-free. After the color starts fading away, your hair gains the natural color.

The biggest advantage it has is that you can experiment with vibrant dull any kind of colors more frequently than permanent hair color. Also, they cause much damage to hair in comparison.

No special care of hair has to be done before or after the dyeing in semi-permanent hair color. But this can also be a disadvantage as you have to dye more frequently for changing your hair color.

semi permanent hair color

Main Differences Between Demi and Semi Permanent Hair Color

  1. The first and main difference between both types of hair color lies in their permanency level. Demi hair color lasts for more time in comparison, typically lasts for at least 24 washes whereas Semi-Permanent Hair color hardly lasts for 12 washes, even some colors fade ways after 4 shampoo washes.
  2. Both of them have different chemical compositions. In the case of semi-permanent hair color, it has only deposit formula, while in demi-permanent hair color, along with a deposit, it also contains peroxide.
  3. They also differ in terms of the developer; Demi Hair Color has a developer, while Semi-Permanent Hair Color does not contain any developer.
  4. Semi Hair Color sits on the outer surface of the hair, and it enhances the color but does not cover the grey hair, whereas Demi hair color sits on the first layer of the hair and enhances the hair color and gives coverage to grey hair too.  
  5. Due to the presence of peroxide in demi hair color, it can lead to hair damage that includes frizziness, and thin hair, whereas these damages are avoided in the case of semi hair color as it does not have peroxide.
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