Difference Between Dunks and SB

Dunk is a type of shoe manufactured by a brand known as Nike. Nike is a well-known brand and serves worldwide.


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The products produced and released by Nike are considered to be fashionable among youth. Nike gives a specific category of dunk shoes and term dunks and SB falls into that category.

Dunks vs SB

The difference between dunks and SB is that the regular can be used for different purposes while SB dunks were made with the view to the needs of a skater. The sole purpose of SB dunks was to provide comfort for the feet while skating. They are heavily padded to give a soft feeling while riding a skateboard.

Dunks vs SB

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Dunk is a specific type of shoe sold out by brand Nike worldwide. Dunks were introduced to the market almost three decades ago and are still as trendy among people as they were at the time of their launch.

Dunks are the prime rival of another brand known as Jordan. In today’s time, Dunks has adopted a new form apart from the original one.

The term SB is used by Nike for its shoe models focused on skateboarding. SB is the short-term for skateboarding.

SB is another type of dunk but not for regular use. SB dunks are loved by skaters worldwide because of their unique shape and style.

SB dunks come in various varieties.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonDunksSB
ReleasedThe Nike dunk was released almost thirty-five years ago in 1995.Nike SB dunk was released in 2002 but their production started in 1997.
CriteriaDunk shoes got trendy among basketball players when they were launched for the first time.Nike manufactured SB dunk solely for skateboard riders.
PaddingDunk shoes have less padding compared to SB shoes. SB dunk shoes were focused on skateboarding and to provide comfort for riders they have enough padding.
LacesThe laces that come with our standard laces.SB Dunks come with thicker laces that are oval-shaped. These laces last longer.
Stitching lineThe classic dunk has a stitching line over the logo attached to the shoe on the side.In SB dunk, the stitching line over the logo has been removed which gives it a perfect look.

What is Dunks?

People like to wear sneakers daily and Nike dunks can be the best option for such people. Dunks were released for the first time in 1985. It was drawn and designed by Peter Moore.

It was released under the title “ College Colour High “. Since its debut till now, the design of the model has changed dramatically.

Nike dunk was a mash-up of different designs inspired by multiple shoe models. At first, it was considered to be very similar to Jordan, another brand that also makes designer shoes.

It was a modified version of the previous Nike shoe, Nike Terminator. Peter Moore designed three types of shoes and dunk was the third.

When it was released, it was also liked by basketball players due to its fitting.

In the summer of 1985, footwear was being delivered to the schools by Nike. Nike used this technique to get basketball fans to support their favorite team along with the brand.

This process resulted in the whole collage color program of Nike. Nike made an advertisement tagline which was “be true to your school” and featured it in 12 targeted schools.

The teams which were included in this program were Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, Syracuse, etc.

What is SB?

Nike is an American brand that has been providing its services for a very long period. SB shoes are also made by Nike that come under the title Dunks.

The Nike SB was inspired by people who like skating. The production of SB dunk shoes began in 1997, but the product was launched or marketed in 2002.

It’s been 19 years since its launch, but the craze of SB dunk shoes never faded.

In the early stage, Nike faced many troubles in selling these shoes to the customer since the market was overflowed with other brands such as Emerica, Vans, Globe, DC, etc.

It was very tough to give competition to these already established brands and to receive enough support in the skateboarding community.

The low model of SB dunk was released in 2000 that featured a collar and padded tongue within the shoes.

The style, which was used to design these shoes was similar to skate shoes. In the year 2004, Lewis Marnell and Paul Rodriguez were signed by Nike SB respectively as a brand figurehead and team rider for Australia.

In 2007 a premier was held by Nike in New York City by releasing their first video ‘ nothing but the truth ‘.

Main Differences Between Dunks and SB

  1. Regular Nike dunks, when launched got adequate attention from the basketball players while SB dunks were Loved by skateboard riders.
  2. Nike dunk is the main brand that was released by the company while the series known as SB is a type of regular dunk shoe.
  3. The material used for padding in Nike dunk was average like other shoes, but when it comes to SB dunk, the padding section took a lot of care.
  4. The material and shape of laces in dunk shoes were normal since they were not focused on sports and laces are fatter in SB dunk since it’s sturdy and last longer.
  5. Stitching lines in dunk shoes aren’t specific and overlap the adjacent design which stitching lines are more fine and detailed to give a nicer look.
Difference Between Dunks and SB
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