Difference Between Tuxedo and Suit

Tuxedos and suits are two different kinds of dresses. They are meant to be worn on different occasions and in different circumstances.

A tuxedo is usually worn during a party and special occasions whereas suits can be worn in any situation. Suits can suitably be worn in offices as well as other settings.

Tuxedo vs Suit

The main difference between a tuxedo and a suit is that a tuxedo has satin on lapels, buttons, and pocket trims whereas a suit has a simple physical appearance. A tuxedo is a formal dress that should be worn on special occasions. Suits can be worn in any situation. Suits are worn comfortably in offices and on normal days.


Tuxedo or dinner jacket (British English) or DJ whatever you call it is a decorated dress usually worn with a bow tie. Satin details are one distinguishing feature of Tuxedo.

Traditionally it is a black dress but nowadays, can be seen in multiple colors. Some accessories are also worn with it like waistcoats, suspenders, etc.

The suit is that good old dress which we wear with our favorite long tie depending on our choices. It can be worn in any situation.

It can be worn with any black pair of shoes and a belt. It can be worn with a variety of dress shirts depending upon the choice and suitability.

Comparison Table Between Tuxedo and Suit

Parameters of ComparisonTuxedoSuit
AccessoriesIt must be worn with an accessory.It can be worn without accessories.
EventsIt can only be worn at weddings and galas.It can be worn at any time of the day.
SatinIt has satin on the lapel, buttons, etc.It has the same material on lapels and the button is a simple one with a plastic or fabric cover.
ShirtIt can be worn with a shirt with a wing collar or turndown collar.It can be worn with any type of dress shirt.
PriceA tuxedo is costlier than a suit.A suit can be bought at half the price of a Tuxedo.

What is Tuxedo?

A tuxedo is a formal dress that can be worn in ceremonial situations. It however is to keep a few things in mind before you go for a tuxedo. It must be worn with certain accessories. Shirt and shoe selection should also be considered.

Classic Tuxedo should be worn with waistcoat, cummerbund, bow-tie, cufflinks, etc. however, nowadays people are doing experiments and they prefer fewer formal options. Usually, a white shirt with a wing or turndown collar is worn with Tuxedo.

Its distinguishing feature is the presence of satin on different portions like the lapel and the buttons. Modern tuxedos come with a little less satin but still, its presence marks the basic difference from a Suit.

A classic example of a tuxedo would be the dress worn by James Bond in his movies when he goes to a party. It is the classy black one however, the trend has taken a turn and now people prefer it with different shades.

Different celebrities and grooms can be seen going beyond the tradition and trying shades like blue and others depending on their personalities.

But, to own a tuxedo is a bit expensive and might burn a hole in your pocket. It generally is twice as costly as a suit. Renting and buying a Tux is a costly affair.

What is a Suit?

It is classic wear that can be worn in any situation. Be it a party or you are going to the office; it is your best companion. Its convenience is what makes it irresistible for any man. It has no satin on its lapel or anywhere. The entire garment is made of a single fabric.

It can be worn with any kind of shirt and shoes depending on the comfort of the wearer. If you are one of those people who want maximum value then the suit is the best choice for you. It costs less and it can be worn on any occasion.

You can wear it with a long tie of your choice and any black formal shoes will be good with them. It can be worn with or without vests and other accessories. It can also be worn with a bow tie. It gives more color options than a tux.

It can be worn during day times as tuxedos are better options during evening events. It is suitable for more casual events. If you are about to get married and are looking for an option then you can opt for a suit.

It however depends on the clothes your wife is wearing. If she is wearing a less formal one then you can opt for a suit with ease.

Main Differences Between Tuxedo and Suit

  1. Tuxedo has satin on lapels, buttons, etc. whereas suit is made of one kind of fabric.
  2. The tuxedo is more suitable for evening and formal parties whereas the suit can be worn at a date or a business meeting.
  3. The tuxedo can be worn only with a white shirt and accessories are necessary whereas the suit can be worn with any kind of shirt.
  4. Suits have more color options as compared to tuxedos.
  5. Tuxedos are costlier than suits be in terms of renting or purchase.
  6. Tuxedos can only be worn at parties whereas, suits can be worn at parties and other occasions depending on the situation.
Difference Between Tuxedo and Suit


Due to the trend and evolving culture, it is very hard to differentiate between a suit and a tuxedo. However, some special features like the presence of satin can help identify the difference.

Suits are suitable for less formal occasions and can be worn at any time of the day.

Tuxedos are worn only during special occasions. The need for accessories is also one feature that tells tuxedos apart from suits. Suits are very versatile as they can be worn with or without accessories but we tuxedos need accessories.

It finally depends on the choice of the wearer and other people like the bride in case of a marriage. Before making a choice, it is better to consult the people involved as it makes the choice easier. If it is a black-tie wedding then it is good to go with a tuxedo.

If you are having a brunch wedding then it is good to go in a suit.


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