Difference Between Lounge Suit and Dinner Suit

Men wear lounge suits and dinner suits during social gatherings, hangouts, and other occasions in the community.


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With coats and trousers as an important part of the attire, both these sets of clothing have become a fashion necessity for all men and are a must set in every man’s closet.

Both these sets are worn on specific occasions but there is some difference in the formality degree between them.

Lounge Suit v/s Dinner Suit

The difference between a lounge suit and a dinner suit is that a lounge suit is consists of two pieces of the suit, sometimes worn along with a tie and is mainly British clothing.

On the other hand, a dinner suit consists of three pieces along with a bow tie and some accessories.

The lounge suits are meant for office people while dinner suits are worn at formal communal occasions.

Lounge Suit vs Dinner Suit

Lounge suit was traditionally seen, worn by the people mainly men of middle class to upper class in the informal part of the spectrum.

Lounge suits have been around since the 19th Century, being the major part of men’s clothing for two centuries now, consisting of two main pieces which are trousers and coats.

Wearing a long tie with a suit is completely optional.

Dinner suits are more formal wear which consists of a trouser with a matching jacket or coat.

Trousers and jackets are the main part of this set of clothing, but waistcoats can also be worn along with them.

If the waistcoat is included, it is called a three-piece dinner suit; if not, then it is a two-piece dinner suit.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLounge SuitDinner Suit
Collar typeLounge suits have standard shirt collars.Dinner suits have wing tip shirt collars.
Neck clothingLounge suits have ties.Dinner suits have bowties.
StripeLounge suits do not have any stripes.Dinner suits have silk stripes.
Where to wearPeople wear lounge suits at corporate offices or communal events.People wear dinner suits at parties and date nights.
ColourIt is available in any color.It is available mainly in black, white and midnight blue.

What is Lounge Suit?

The lounge suits came into the picture in the mid 19th century and very soon became a necessity of every man since then.

The lounge suits took the roles of a casual garment for the high class and a Sunday best item for the corporate world.

With the development of humans, the lounge suits became their choice is uniform for offices in the early to mid 20th century, because of their relaxed fit design and proper square proportions that fit every man’s body structure.

And even today, lounge suits have not lost their charm with standard, two-piece modern suit, which is available in almost every color.

The term lounge suit is only written on invitation cards as a dress code, but while communicating with others, this term is replaced with a dark suit, business suit, business dress, or business attire.

Concerning the other dress codes, a lounge suit is placed below the cocktail attire and is considered to be semi-formal.

Two-piece suits are commonly classified as lounge suits, but a three-piece can still work too.

Lounge suits are mostly paired with an optional tie, and this attire is worn at funerals, business meetings, or corporate occasions.

While there are a plethora of options to choose from, the turndown pointed collar shirt always suits the lounge suit best.

The jacket should always match the trousers along with dark socks and dark leather shoes.

What is Dinner Suit?

Dinner suits also known as tuxedos are formal clothing, which consists of a trouser along with a matching and a bow tie. Dinner suits are also worn with waistcoats, but no waistcoat works too.

If a dinner suit is worn with a waistcoat, it is considered to be a three-piece suit, but if not paired with a waistcoat, then it is a two-piece dinner suit.

A dinner suit always features satin fabric. Satin is an essential part of dinner suits which distinguishes them from other forms of traditional suits.

Satin can be found on the lapels of the jacket and the sides of the bottom.

Speaking of traditional suits, all the traditional suits are made of one material which can be either cotton or linen. Dinner suits are just like the traditional suits with a small hint of satin work in them.

Dinner suits can be found in many colors too, as the color possibilities are endless; but mostly they are available in black color as black has become the color that indicates formalism, which is why formal events are also known as the “black tie events”.

Dinner suits are very popular in men when it comes to formal clothing.

It can be worn at weddings, graduation ceremonies or dinner dates, or parties.

Main Differences Between Lounge Suit and Dinner Suit

  1. Lounge suits can be worn in many colors whereas, dinner suits have variations in colors but black is mostly preferred. 
  2. For neck clothing options, lounge suits are worn along with a long tie whereas dinner suits are worn with a bowtie.
  3. In lounge suits, wearing a vest coat is completely optional, whereas, in dinner suits, wearing vest coats or cummerbunds are required.
  4. The shirts in lounge suits are not pleated, whereas dinner suits require pleated shirts.
  5. The jackets in lounge suits can have up to 3 buttons whereas the jacket in a dinner suit has only one button.
  6. A lounge suit is also known as a business suit or business dress whereas a dinner suit is known as a tuxedo.
Difference Between Lounge Suit and Dinner Suit


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