Difference Between Dynatrace and New Relic

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The speed at which things are happening and coming to our notice is increasing day by day and this increase has led to us exploring more options to consume that influx of data.

The complexity of modern technologies is beyond the understanding of any mortal beings, leave alone humans.

To simplify these and help us exhibit at least minimum possible control, the concept of Application Performance Management, or APM was brought into reality.

We are using technology to help humans decipher the other aspects of technology, sounds like a paradox but that is the world we are living in.

Dynatrace and New Relic are two of the leading APMs. With a considerable audience base around the world, these companies have managed to enter deep roots by breaking geographical and cultural barriers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Dynatrace and New Relic are software platforms that monitor and optimize digital performance.
  2. The key difference between the two is their approach. Dynatrace uses artificial intelligence and automation to provide real-time insights and recommendations, while New Relic uses data analysis and visualization to identify performance issues.
  3. The choice between the two platforms depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences, as well as their budget and technical expertise.

Dynatrace vs New Relic

The difference between Dynatrace and New Relic is the availability of Artificial Intelligence. Dynatrace has enabled the feature of Artificial Intelligence (Davis) for issue diagnosis. New Relic hasn’t enabled such a feature yet.

Dynatrace vs New Relic

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDynatraceNew Relic
Cloud integration 8 AWS integration44 AWS integration
AutomationAllows automated installationThe feature of Automated installation is yet to be enabled
Meantime to repair (MTTR)MTTR is low.MTTR is high due to manual intervention.
Precautionary measuresDynatrace notifies the users if there is an issue likely to crop up.Voluntary monitoring is needed from the users’ side in New Relic
DashboardThe dashboards monitoring the applications are visually appealing and attractive.More emphasis is laid on the informational content than aesthetics in New Relic’s dashboard.

What is Dynatrace?

Dynatrace is an American IT company which creates software intelligence programs based on Artificial Intelligence. These programs are meant to monitor and optimize the performances of the applications.

Dynatrace can view and monitor all the applications it has its agents with. By doing so it is equipped to spot a problem and to solve it with the help of the parent body.

This entire process is extremely fast, the problems which the users are not even aware of are solved in no time.

How does it work?

An agent is installed in the host. It is there that it recognizes certain activities that might require altered plans of action. The agent can view and measure device and virtual user interactions.

While the processing in the application is on, not everything might go on swiftly. Considering the gigantic amount of information available there, a small glitch can add up to a bigger problem.

Dynatrace, via the agent, can assess the situation and get all the information regarding it. The reason, the implications, and the required cure methods are viewed.

All the information consuming activity happens in real-time and the required action is enabled. 

Special performance features – 

  1. Dynatrace has OneAgent for automated data collection.
  2. It contains SmartScape for updated topology mapping
  3. PurePath is present for distributed tracing
  4. Dynatrace has its artificial intelligence feature in Davis.

Features of Dynatrace –

  1. Advanced Observability – This allows the user to get easy access to every application across metrics and logs.
  2. Specialized AI assistant – Dynatrace uses the AI assistant, Davis. It helps the user get all the information in real-time and also a clearer picture of the behavioral intelligence.
  3. Automated service – Dynatrace offers automatic dashboard, configuration, and upgrades. 

What is New Relic?

New Relic is based in San Francisco, California. It makes cloud software which helps the owners of the application or the website get a better idea about the performances of the same.

Unlike Dynatrace, New Relic has language agents. New Relic is associated with many web languages, these language agents are deployed to all of them.

These agents analyze methods, classes, and processes. Besides, they also measure the time required for the completion of any activity.

How does it work?

While in the device, the language agent collects the information about the discrepancies and sends it to the New Relic cloud, every minute.

Based on that information New Relic prepares a graph on the owner’s dashboard, to give them a clearer idea of the situation.

The graph shows how far the transaction time and performance levels are from the baseline created by the developer. 

New Relic provides different types of monitoring : 

  1. Application monitoring – Monitoring using language agents.
  2. Server monitoring – The one where the RAM level and the disc space is measured.
  3. Browser Monitoring – Monitoring uses the javascript in the end user’s device.
  4. Mobile monitoring – When mobile applications are used to measure the performance, it works for iOS and Android.
new relic

Main Differences Between Dynatrace and New Relic 

  1. Dynatrace doesn’t require you to have any special skill. Basic application knowledge is required while using New Relic.
  2. Dynatrace has a loose integration with other platforms. New Relic, on the other hand, has a strong integration and special services to provide plug-ins.
  3. Dynatrace offers a specialized AI assistant, New Relic hasn’t developed one yet.
  4. Dynatrace’s dashboard doesn’t score high on information content, New Relic provides more granularity and actionable information on the same.
  5. New Relic offers New Relic Query language to store custom information, Dynatrace doesn’t have any equivalent to this fairly new concept.
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