Difference Between Extention and Extension

All around the world, people make several spelling mistakes and errors, giving rise to the problem of correct interpretation.

This also results in a large number of grammatical errors that may divert the attention of the reader. Extension and Extention are two such words that are distinct in spelling but sound similar when pronounced.

Extention vs Extension

The main difference between Extention and extension is that Extention is the wrong spelling of the correct word extension, whereas Extension refers to a basic noun that simply means to extend, enhance, and enlarge something. Extention is a misspelling, whereas extension is the correct spelling.

Extention vs

Extention is not any kind of word but is just a wrong spelling of the correct word extension. Many people, especially in Non-English countries, make this common mistake by referring to Extension as Extention.

In India, students from a very early age are taught words that sound the same but differ in actual wording.

The word extension is simply a noun that means enlargement and increase in the size and framework of a particular thing. It is the correct spelling and has to be used in place of the word Extention.

The word extension is used at various places to indicate an effort to extend something.

Comparison Table Between Extention and Extension

Parameters of ComparisonExtentionExtension
MeaningThe word Extention has no specific meaning since Extention is the incorrect spelling of the word extension. The word Extension is a noun that is used for indicating action and effort to enlarge and increase the scope of a particular thing.
CorrectnessThe word Extention is an incorrect word for the correct word extension.The word extension is the correct word that is used for indicating the enlargement of a particular thing.
ExamplesSome people may use the word Extention in place of the word Extension thus making the sentence wrong. For example, This garden is an Extention to the main building.
Here the word Extention should be replaced by extension.
For example,
Raman can connect to Shweta with an extension of a telephone in the drawing-room.
Separation wordThe letter “t” is the letter that makes the word incorrect.The letter ‘s’ before the letter ‘i’ makes the word correct.
UsageThe word Extention is not used widely as it is an incorrect word hence is sometimes wrongly used by writers.The word extension is widely used by writers as it is used for indicating a large number of events.

What is Extention?

Extention is the misspelling of the word extension that is used wrongly in various sentences, thus making the sentences invalid.

Most people who are not well-versed with English make these silly mistakes and make it complicated for the readers to interpret the sentence correctly.

Some people believe that Extention is a separate word that has a completely different meaning, but this is not true.

The letter “t” before the letter ‘i’ is misplaced with the letter ‘s’ thus making the whole sentence wrong and incorrect.

The use of wrong words that have wrong spellings places an obstruction for the reader regarding how they must interpret and read the sentences in the right manner.

Not only Extention but several other words also are written wrongly in terms of spellings.

What is Extension?

Extension Refers to the effort or process of increasing, enlarging, and extending a particular thing or a framework. It is a correct spelling that is used for indicating an effort and attempt.

The word extension also refers to the process of including various words in a particular word, or extension is used for indicating the increase in the scope of a particular word.

The various examples where the word extension plays a massive role in making the sentence meaningful are:-

  • The wire of the auditorium has an extension of 50 metres.
  • This hall is the extension of the main auditorium.
  • Buy an extension board to charge different devices at the same time.

The word extension also indicates an increase in the length of a particular item. For example, The length of the pant of Ramesh must be extended so that it fits him perfectly.

The word extension also means an educational degree provided by colleges to individuals in addition to the person’s main degree.

Some other examples of sentences having extension are:-

  • Nowadays, almost every application and games provide all their extension files, and one does not need to install them from other sources.
  • For a dancer, the adequate extension of his leg is required for performing the right moves.

Main Differences Between Extention and Extension

  1. The word Extention has no specific meaning as it is the wrong word and is wrongly used in sentences in place of extension, whereas extension is a noun that is used for indicating a particular effort for enlarging and increasing the scope of a particular thing.
  2. The word Extention is an incorrect word wrongly used in place of extension, whereas extension is the correct word have a meaning, thus providing different meanings to different sentences.
  3. The alphabet ‘t’ in the word Extention that is placed before ‘i’ is misplaced, whereas the alphabet ‘s’ in the word extension makes the word correct.
  4. The word Extention is not used widely since it is a wrong word. On the other hand, the word extension, due to its correct nature, is used in a number of sentences.
  5. Due to the incorrect nature of the word Extention, it is not advised to be used in sentences, so it has no examples. On the other hand, “This building is an extension to the Villa.” is an example of word extension.
Difference Between Extention and


People all over the world make silly mistakes in English grammar related to meanings and spellings. One such silly error is using Extention in place of the word extension that does not possess any meaning.

There is no major difference between the two words other than the correctness of the spelling.

Every writer and student must be careful regarding choosing the right words so that the sentence does not pose any incorrect impression in the mind of the reader.


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