Difference Between F1 and IndyCar

F1 or Formula 1 and IndyCar are two racing cars, that are popular amongst the racer. Racing cars are generally falt than the usual cars, where only one racer can sit.

Both cars have quite mind-blowing speed with an average of 300km/h. Even though it might look alike, there are many differences from the design to the gearbox and here we will discuss everything in detail.

F1 vs IndyCar

The main difference between F1 and IndyCar is that the average speed capacity of an F1 or Formula 1 car is about 209 MPH. On the other hand, 235 MPH is the speed of IndyCar. Therefore, technically the IndyCars are faster over F1. Formula 1 is better in other features but in terms of speed, IndyCar wins the race.

F1 vs IndyCar

F1 is a racing car that is also known as Formula One. There are about 4 formula tiers, and according to the track type the wet or dry tiers are used.

It has great speed capacity. Its fuel tank can adjust up to 110 liters of fuel, which is best suited while racing.

On the other hand, the American manufacturing racing cars are IndyCar. It has quite a lot of features, and its speed reigns up to 235 MPH. Generally, these racing cars are driven on many different tracks.

Also, up to 70 liters of fuel can be adjusted in it. IndyCar is more specific to the American drivers and even its originality states from America.

Comparison Table Between F1 and IndyCar

Parameters of ComparisonF1IndyCar
EngineFormula 1 is designed with 1.6 liters V6 hybrid engines. The 2.2-liter V6 engines are the engines for the IndyCar.
DriversF1 cars are run internationally. IndyCar is very important amongst American drivers.
PopularityF1 racing is the least popular among people. The viewers are very fond of IndyCar.
TracksF1 racing cars can race in two different tracks namely purpose-built tracks and Street Circuit. In total three tracks, IndyCar is used to race and they are Across ovals, Road Tracks, Street Circuit.
WeightThe minimum weight of F1 is said to be 740kg.770kg is the exact weight for IndyCar.

What is F1?

So, F1 is a single-seater open racing game. F1 is also widely known to be Formula 1. Formula 1 cars were inaugurated in the year 1950, and to date, it is famously practiced.

In a single championship, around 20 drivers join the race and are within 10 teams. It is played globally and possesses great significance. Its speed is around 205 MPH, which is quite fast.

And, the names of the specific tracks where such races are practiced are Purpose-Built Tracks and Street Circuit. Also, to run on these tracks some special tiers dry or wet are used as per the track requirement.

Since F1 races are practiced within shorter straights and we can understand that there is a lot of movement within the car.

Therefore, the braking system and downforce to control each acceleration must be great and the drivers should pro in it, as in such races sometimes accidents take place and injurious the drivers massively.

There is a specific count for the size of F1 and its width should be 180 cm and height 95 cm and not more than that as it must lead to the fluency of moving the car quickly.

F1 are specially manufactured under the guidance of experts and specifically in their respective factories. The horsepower of the machinery is around 1000 bhp. And the main suppliers of the tiers are Pirelli.

Some names of the companies that produce F1 engines are Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, and Renault.

What is IndyCar?

IndyCar is a racing game that was originated in America. It is highly popular amongst people, and according to the sources, there are about 1.223 million viewers of this show on ESPN Channel.

In 1996, the launch of IndyCar was placed for the very first time. In between 600-700 bhp is the horsepower of IndyCars and speed ranges about 235 MPH.

It has a 2.2-liter V6 engine and is generally manufactured by the companies like Chevrolet and Honda.

A width of 191 cm and height of 101.6 cm is the average appearance of IndyCar.

IndyCars depend upon motions, and usually, their higher speed depended on the long straight tracks, which means the engines have to be very powerful.

And, usually, the parts of IndyCars are collected from different places, and later they are assembled to give the final look.

In a single championship, there are around 33 drivers and 12 teams, and even the proxy drivers are counted in it. Even though it centers only on the American region but yet it is very popular.

These cars are specially designed for across ovals, road tracks, and street circuits. And having a great team to support these races are a must as the race is practiced for a very long time. There are some limitations in timings.

Main Differences Between F1 and IndyCar

  1. The name of the engine used in F1 is 1.6 liter V6 Hybrid engines. On the other hand, IndyCars uses the engine model 2.2 liter V6 engine.
  2. F1 is famous globally. On the other hand, we can mainly see American drivers riding IndyCar.
  3. F1 is not that popular. On the other hand, the viewers are very open about their love for IndyCar.
  4. Generally, Purpose Built Tracks and Street Circuit tracks are used for F1. On the other hand, IndyCar can be raced in three types of tracks Across ovals, Road Tracks, and Street circuits.
  5. The weight for F1 is measured to be 740kg. On the other hand, IndyCars are heavier and weigh around 770kg.
Difference Between F1 and IndyCar


F1 and IndyCar are two such racings that have large popularity. And having said that, there are tons of differences.

The cars might look alike, but they have different engines, speed capacity, tiers, tracks in which they are run, etc.

It might be very difficult to point out whether F1 is better than IndyCar or otherwise. But, we can notice that IndyCar can more popular. Even the leagues started at different sets of time, as mentioned above.

It is fun watching games. And, such shows are shows on a channel named ESPN.


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