Difference Between Foreword and Preface

An author is a creator of a written article that may be a play, or a book, and is also known as a writer. An author faces many problems in terms of what he should include in his book, or his written article such as should he or she add a preface, a prologue, or should he or she ask someone to write a foreword for their book, or play.

A foreword is an introduction of the book written by another person, and is usually penned down before the author’s preface. A preface, on the other hand, is an introduction of the book or any other literary work written by the author himself or herself, and is also known as proem.

Foreword vs Preface

The main difference between foreword and preface lies in their meanings, where one denotes the introduction of the literary work in someone else’s words other than the author, and the other i.e. the latter is the introduction of the book, or any other literary work written by the authors themselves.

Foreword vs Preface


Comparison Table Between Foreword and Preface (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonForewordPreface
MeaningIt is a short introduction of any literary work written by a person other than the author.Whereas, Preface is an introduction of a literary work written by the author of the same work.
DescribesDescribes why the reader should read the book, or any literary work.Preface is the story about how the book came into existence or being.
ExpressesExpresses how the book influenced or made the writer of the foreword feel.Expresses the author’s story of writing the book.
SequenceComes first as per sequence.Whereas, in the case of preface, it comes after the foreword.
SignatureAlways signed by its writer.On the other hand, a preface may or may not be signed by the author.


What is Foreword?

A short piece of writing at the beginning of a book, sometimes praised by a famous person or someone who is not the writer. This foreword gives a reasonable, substantial opportunity to present the author’s view.

The foreword is written by another person, other than the author of the book, who highlights the angel of the book. Moreover, the writer of the foreword highlights the rationale or ‘angel” of the book.

When written by the author, the foreword provides insights into how the book came into existence, acknowledgments, thanks to all the readers, and the people who helped the author in his writing. Unlike, preface a foreword is always signed by its writer.

How to Write a Foreword:

  1. Be honest: As someone else is writing about the book’s review, one must be honest in his writing.
  2. Use your unique voice: The writing style of the writer must be unique, and true to his tone.
  3. Always discuss the book with the author.
  4. Try to mimic the style of the book.
  5. Sign off.

What is Preface?

A preface, is also referred to as proem, is a direct introduction of the author to his audience, where he introduces himself, or a short story about how the book came into being, and an appreciation, or thanks note to the people who supported and helped the author during his literary work. A preface also serves as a vital role in project work, it describes the work of the author, as well as acknowledges his supporters.

Instances of a preface in a sentence are:

  1. After going-through the dull preface, I chose not to read the book.
  2. Rita’s preface consisted of various quotes from the former prime minister’s speech.

Main Differences Between Foreword and Preface

  1. A foreword is a brief introductory piece about the book written by some person other than the author, whereas, on the other hand, a preface is an introduction about the piece of literary work written by the author himself or herself.
  2. A foreword provides insight either about the book or the author, it summaries the writer’s personal, or professional experience about the book. On the other hand, a preface gives away the reason for the existence of the book, or a little story before starting the book.
  3. By writing a foreword, a writer in a way shows his or her support for the book, and its author. Whereas, on the other hand, a preface is merely an introduction of the book, and the author himself.
  4. The main role of the foreword is to endorse the book, as well as the author, it is typically written by a famous person or authority as to promote the book. On the other hand, the main role of writing a preface is to introduce the audience with the author, or the fact as to how the book came into being.
  5. A foreword adds the credibility of the book as well as the author, and ensures the potential reader that the book is worth reading, on the other hand, a preface gives the author a chance to introduce himself directly, and thank all his or her supporters.



The foreword as well as the preface possess great importance in an author’s life, or his book. A foreword has a different meaning, and application as compared to the preface’s meaning, and application.

A foreword’s aims to increase the credibility of the literary work, as well as its authors, on the other hand, a preface is merely an introduction provided to the audience.


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