Gourmet vs Gourmand: Difference and Comparison

Imagine you’re at a restaurant along with your friend circle. Most of the time you tend to order more food than you can eat when you’re with your friends, right? Pasta, pizzas, burgers, and whatnot and you notice that you are already full.

But never mind, we all know that one friend who is like a human dustbin, someone who can devour anything that is left on the plate, be it a slice of pizza or a whole box of pizza.

Whereas, we also have that one friend who is opposite of the one we discussed above. Someone who just likes to enjoy food slowly. These two types of people are termed, gourmand and gourmet.

Key Takeaways

  1. A Gourmet enjoys and has knowledge of fine food and drink, while a Gourmand enjoys and indulges in large quantities of food and drink.
  2. Gourmets appreciate the quality and preparation of food, while Gourmands focus on the quantity and variety of food.
  3. Gourmets are seen as refined and sophisticated, while Gourmands are viewed as gluttonous or excessive.

Gourmet vs Gourmand

Gourmet is a term used to describe a person who has a refined palate and is knowledgeable about food. A gourmet appreciates fine cuisine and may enjoy cooking or experimenting with new ingredients. A gourmand is a term that describes a person who enjoys eating and overindulges in food.

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Gourmet is passionate about learning and exploring more tastes and flavors. They are all about filling their taste buds with flavors rather than filling their stomach with unnecessary food.

Gourmet is the true lover of food because they are also very knowledgeable about the food they are eating and even if they don’t, they’re very interested in learning and experimenting more.

Gourmands, also called gourmande (feminine), are people who are passionate about eating, never miss a chance to indulge themselves in some kind of excessive eating activity.

Occasionally it’s construed negatively, meaning greedy, but I hear it playfully or lovingly.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGourmetGourmand
DefinitionSomeone who likes to eat food primarily to enjoy its flavorsSomeone who has an excessive appetite for food and beverages
PassionPassionate about learning and exploring more tastes and flavorsPassionate about eating until their stomach starts to hurt
Health statusHealthyBorderline unhealthy
Offensive termnoyes
OriginOld FrenchOld French

Who is Gourmet?

Someone who has refined tastes and has knowledge about food and wine is called a gourmet. A person who eats primarily to enjoy its taste, rather than to finish it. Gourmets are people who have or believe they have, refined tastes in food.

Their tastes are discriminating, and they tend to favor expensive, extravagant restaurants.

Furthermore, they have the notion that they believe that because of their refined taste, their discernment, and their rarity and palette, they are better or equal to the world-renowned critics who write about food and their knowledge of flavors.

The term Gourmet comes from the word “tastevin” (French term) meaning someone who has an excellent knowledge about wine, someone who knows the small flavors of wine.

Gourmet can also be described by a great connoisseur of food and beverages. Someone who knows what a portion of good food looks like and tastes like. A gourmet never misses a chance to open his/her taste buds and to explore more flavors of the world.

Gourmet is truly the best of its kind and seeks to get and spread its knowledge for food and beverages. They like the highest quality of the food which to be presented in the prettiest way possible.


Who is Gourmand?

The term gourmand refers to someone who takes great pleasure in eating; a person who consumes food and drink in excessive amounts; a gluttonous eater. A gourmand eats just to fulfill its rapacious behavior towards food.

He just eats for the sake of eating instead of slowly enjoying the taste and feeling the flavors. Gourmand is someone who enjoys food to the point where their stomach starts telling them to stop.

They are those kinds of people who prefer quantity over quality in terms of food. They are very passionate about food and like to eat in every emotion. For example, they’ll eat when they are happy to show their happiness.

Also, they’ll eat when they’re sad just because it makes them happy and helps them cover their sadness.

The term Gourmand comes from the late Middle English period from French origin. Old French people used to term people who used to eat excessively as gourmand or gourmande (feminine).

Nowadays, the term gourmand is considered offensive or rude because people prefer being called a “foodie” instead of gourmand. Even though gourmet is also passionate about food, Gourmand is also passionate about food and prefers eating good food, but in large quantities.

Main Differences Between Gourmet and Gourmand

  • A gourmet is someone who eats in little amounts whereas a gourmand is someone who eats in excessive amounts.
  • A gourmet is someone who prefers quality over quantity whereas a gourmand is someone who prefers quantity over quality.
  • A gourmet is used as a badge of honor but gourmand is used as an offensive term.
  • A gourmet is someone who tries to enjoy every bit of flavor, even if it’s in small quantity whereas a gourmand is someone who eats just for the sake of finishing the food plate.
  • A gourmet is someone who is passionate about exploring different flavors whereas a gourmand is passionate about eating until their stomach hurts.
Difference Between Gourmet and Gourmand


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