Handycam vs Camcorder: Difference and Comparison

Handycam and camcorder seem similar but have different features and specifications. However, they have the same goal. Both are used to record video and audio.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Handycams are compact, user-friendly video cameras for casual users and family events.
  2. Camcorders offer advanced features and higher video quality, catering to professional filmmakers and enthusiasts.
  3. Handycams generally have a built-in hard drive, while camcorders use external memory cards for storage.

Handycam vs Camcorder

Handycam is used to refer to a handheld camera and is a portable equipment. It is a handheld camcorder that can be used to record audio and video. A camcorder is a portable video camera that includes a built-in video recorder unit, and it can be saved on a memory card, cassette, or DVD.

Handycam vs Camcorder

Besides, it’s shortened to Handycam from Handy Camera.  However, the Sony brand named Handycam, which is a camcorder.

Coming to the specialization, it is much heavier, and the lenses are not replaceable. In addition, it has much less technology, so it is easier to use. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHandycamCamcorder 
ReferA Handycam is referred to as a handheld camera.Camcorder refers to a Camera video recorder.
Device/equipment Handycam is portable equipment.The Camcorder is a device. 
ManufacturerSony manufactured Handycam first, but due to popularity other brands produced Handycam as wellCamcorder can’t relate to a particular brand
WeightHandycam are lighter.The camcorder is heavier in weight.
Easier to use Handycam contains more tools that make it a little complicated to use. Camcorder has fewer tools that make it easier to use.
LensHandycam’s lenses can be changed.Camcorder’s lenses can’t be changed. 

What is Handycam?

Handycam refers to a handy camera, which is a camcorder. Eventually, Sony established Handycam, which became popularized, and other brands manufactured it.

Besides, the size of the camcorder became small and became handier. Besides, the size of the camcorder became small and became handier.

Another feature allows recording the time code and other parameters such as light sensitivity, aperture, and exposure time.


What is Camcorder?

The camcorder is an abbreviation of the camera recorder, portable equipment used to record video and audio. In other words, this is a video camera recorder.

The information in the camcorder is stored in bits and bytes. It is considered one of the best for recording videos with sharpness and clarity.

It was formerly a blend of a video recorder and videocassette recorder and equipped with a hinged screen on the left side.


Main Differences Between Handycam and Camcorder

However A Handycam and Camcorder may seem similar, but both are very different from each other from weight to features. However, both are used as a means to record video and audio. 

Moreover, people often use these terms in the videography or photography industry and may confuse them. A set of features and other functions differ between them. 

  1. Handycam contains more tools that make it a little complicated to use, and Camcorder has fewer tools that make it easier to use. 
  2. Handycam’s lenses can be changed, while camcorder’s lenses can’t be changed. 
Difference Between Handycam and Camcorder
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