Difference Between Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Hypermarkets and Supermarkets both are types of markets where usually people go shopping. Hypermarkets and Supermarkets are the places where you can get every item of groceries and toiletries which you have penned down on the list.


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Hypermarkets vs Supermarkets

The difference between Hypermarkets and Supermarkets is in terms of area, Hypermarkets are much bigger than Supermarkets. You can find Supermarkets in the form of a large store whereas Hypermarkets are kind of in the form of warehouses.

Hypermarkets vs Supermarkets

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonHypermarketsSupermarkets
AreaHypermarkets are huge in the area compare to Supermarkets.Supermarkets are smaller in the area compare to Hypermarkets.
FMGC ProductsHypermarkets have more number of FMGC Products compare to Supermarkets.Supermarkets have less number of FMGC Products compare to Hypermarkets.
LookHypermarkets look like more of a warehouse.Supermarkets usually look like store and nowadays they are air-conditioned which attracts more number of customers.
DecorationHypermarkets have simple and subtle decoration.Supermarkets have enhancing decorations to gain more number of visits.
ServicesHypermarkets lack the features of customer-oriented services.Supermarkets have good customer-oriented services.
Cost PriceIn the context of comparison, Hypermarkets are less costlier than Supermarkets.In the context of comparison, Supermarkets are pricier than Hypermarkets.
Seasonal GreetingsSeasonal Greetings and Decorations are rarely seen in Hypermarkets.Supermarkets do redecorate as per the occasion and different festivals and also showcases games and more fun activities regarding the same.
MotiveThe main motive of Hypermarkets is to promote savings.The main motive of Supermarkets is to make a profit out of sales.
FrillsHypermarkets have fewer frills compare to supermarkets.Supermarkets have more frills to attract customers and expand the number of sales.

What are Hypermarkets?

Hypermarkets are the markets that are usually in a warehouse. Its look is simple and minimalist.
The main motive of Hypermarkets is to provide goods at discounted prices which promotes good saving goals.

Hypermarkets are the combination of Departmental Stores and supermarkets. Hypermarkets are huge and in a large area compared to Supermarkets.
Availability of FMGC products is much more seen in Hypermarkets.

In short, Hypermarket is a store that provides every household utility and human needs of basic necessities like food, homeware, kitchenware, groceries, etc under one roof.

If you are looking to promote healthy savings and want good products are convenient discounted rates then Hypermarkets is the best option to shop from since it gets all your boxes ticked.

Hypermarkets have small profit margins but still, sell more than 200,000 merchandise and brand products under one roof which you can buy and hence Hypermarkets are known as a one-stop-shop.
Hypermarkets do not provide much supply regarding festive times like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Even the offers regarding profit-making of the Hypermarkets are comparatively less than the number of offers given by Supermarkets.

Hypermarkets may not attract a lot of customers because of the simple big box selling technique but still, it is preferred more because of the availability of products and discounted prices and of course because of old financial thinking.


What are Supermarkets?

Supermarkets are the stores that are air-conditioned and which have customer-oriented services which in comparison to Hypermarket is a key feature that Hypermarkets lack. If you are finding for the easy-go-to-shop then your choice will be supermarkets over hypermarkets.

Supermarkets are self-services stores where there are different departments for every need and branded items to buy from. Supermarkets always come up with new fascinating offers as per the festive times.

Supermarkets always keep GameZone and activities as per the festivals which attract more number customers i.e of kids and parents.

The main motive of Supermarkets is to make a profit out of sales and hence Supermarkets pays more attention regarding its appearance, decoration, and vibes which we can’t observe in Hypermarkets. The product availability of FMGC products is less compared to that of Hypermarkets.

If we look out for the prices, the rates are high for the products compared to hypermarkets because of the cost estimate of enhancing its features and the margin of profit-making. Supermarkets mostly have products aisles of fruits, dairy, beverages, baked goods, meat, kitchenware, houseware, etc.

Supermarkets also have pet supplies, pharmacy products, clothing, seasonal gift ideas, banking facilities, cafes, DVDs, Games, Cameras, etc. In short, Hypermarkets is known for the sales of food products whereas Supermarkets are known for both food products and non-food products too.


Main Differences Between Hypermarkets and Supermarkets:

  1. Hypermarkets are huge compare to Supermarkets in the term of area.
  2. Hypermarkets are less costlier compare to Supermarkets.
  3. FMGC Products are available more in number in Hypermarkets compare to Supermarkets.
  4. Hypermarkets lack services that are customer-oriented whereas Supermarkets have customer-oriented services.
  5. Decoration regarding festivals is not seen in Hypermarkets whereas Supermarkets are redecorated during that time and also conducts games and fun activities to attract customers.
  6. Usually, customers get attracted to Supermarkets because of its look and design compare to Hypermarkets.
Difference Between Hypermarkets and Supermarkets


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