Inter vs Intra: Difference and Comparison

The prefixes “inter” and “intra” might sound quite similar but significantly differ in their use. Both these prefixes are used when we have to associate two or more than two groups or just one group at a time.

Key Takeaways

  1. “Inter” is a prefix meaning “between” or “among,” used to indicate interaction or connections between separate entities or groups.
  2. “Intra” is a prefix meaning “within” or “inside,” used to denote actions or relationships occurring within a single entity or group.
  3. Both “inter” and “intra” are prefixes used to describe relationships, but “inter” signifies connections between separate entities, whereas “intra” indicates internal relationships within one entity.

Inter vs Intra

Inter is a prefix that means between, and it indicates that the event is happening between two things or parties. Inter can be used to refer to something between two or more groups. Intra is a prefix that means within, and it depicts that the occurrence is happening within a single thing or a single party.

Inter vs Intra

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Inter is always used as a prefix attached to a word to decide the connection established in the sentence. It signifies an event between or among two groups or more.

Intra is a prefix when the sentence demands an event in a particular group or within a specific periphery or thing. It is inclusive of its constituents.

Inter is used as a prefix when the sentence demands an event that includes other groups or sub-groups, not just its constituents. It is a conglomeration of two or more than two groups participating as one.

You can also use a hyphen (-) to add these two prefixes in a suitable place. For example, there was an intercultural festival held in Turkey last year.


Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonInterIntra
SpellingIt is a common mistake to misspell both words. This prefix is spelt with an “er” at the end.Whereas Intra ends with a “ra” towards the end.
DefinitionInter is used as a prefix when dealing with two or more groups.Intra is used as a prefix when dealing with one particular group’s constituents.
ExampleIntertextual, intercultural, intercollege etc.Intracompany, intramural, intra-textual, intracranial etc.
Use in a sentenceThere was an intercultural dance competition held in Delhi.The intramural designs belonged only to that particular museum.


What is Inter?

The word “Inter” is an inclusive word used when talking about two or more groups or events functioning within a specific periphery. It denotes an action taking place between groups.

  1. The poet used intertextual references to convey his message to the readers.
  2. The dance taking place in the heart of the city is intercultural.
  3. The debate going to be held tomorrow is intercollege.
  4. The conference we will be going to is an international conference.
  5. The teacher will take intermediate classes tomorrow since only a few students turned up from both classes.

What is Intra?

The word “intra” is an exclusive word used when discussing the essentials/constituents of that particular group. It denotes an event or happening that will occur within the proximity of a particular space or a specific group within its particles.

When discussing a specific game or event in a group, we add the prefix “intra” before the describing word. An event held amongst or amidst a specified group utilises the prefix “intra”. For example, words like intramural, intracellular, intramuscular, intrapersonal, intraspecific, etc. Sentences formed using these words can be:

  1. The intramural designs carved within the Taj Mahal exemplify exceptional art.
  2. The intracellular layout is instead an odd design for a huge house.
  3. Our intramuscular spaces are lined with a million narrow veins.
  4. A poem is nothing but an insight into the intrapersonal space of a poet’s mind.
  5. The diversion or erosion of a particular species is intraspecific.

Main Differences Between Inter and Intra

  1. The prefix “intra” is exclusive, whereas “inter” is inclusive.
  2. “Intra” dictates an event or an activity taking place amidst or amongst the member of a particular group. Whereas “inter” dictates an event or an activity taking place between two or more two groups.
  3. Examples of such prefixes: are intramural, intracellular, intramuscular, intraspecific, intertextual, intermediate, interchangeable, international etc.
  4. The word “intra” is spelt with a “ra” towards the end, whereas the word “inter” is spelt with an “er” towards the end.
  5. Use in a sentence: The dance in the city’s heart is intercultural. Our intramuscular spaces are lined with a million narrow veins.


Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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