JTextPane vs JTextArea: Difference and Comparison

If we take a look at both the JTexPane and JTextArea, they are the tools of Java computer Programming. The JTextPane is a subclass tool of JEditorpane. JTextPane has the word or sentence styling ability.


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JTextArea is a lightweight component that provides source capability to Java programming. It has applications for faster implementation, and it is a relatively friendly tool.

Key Takeaways

  1. JTextPane is used to display formatted text, while JTextArea is used to display plain text.
  2. JTextPane supports tables, images, and hyperlinks, while JTextArea does not.
  3. JTextArea is better suited for displaying large amounts of plain text, while JTextPane is more suitable for displaying formatted text with tables, images, and hyperlinks.

JTextPane vs JTextArea 

JTextPane is a more advanced text component that supports rich text formatting, including different fonts, font sizes, colors, and styles such as bold and italic. JTextArea is a simpler text component that allows users to enter and display plain text. It supports basic text editing features such as copy, cut, paste, and undo/redo.

JTextPane vs JTextArea

JTextPane has word, sentence, or paragraph styling ability. It is mostly used for styling documents and graphically representing them. It also has embedded images and other particles. It came with the wrap text feature that helps to create boundaries within the text field.

JTextArea is a multi-line area that displays plain texts. We cannot use it for styling purposes. However, it has fewer resources. It is used for faster implementation because it is light to use. Due to its lite weight, it provides source capability with Java.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of Comparison   JTextPane        JTextArea 
Definition JTextPane is used to style documents with images and other writing tools. JTextArea is a multi-liner component that displays plain text. 
Features It comes within a warp text feature It doesn’t have any warp text feature 
Flexibility In the case of flexibility, the JTextPane is more flexible JTextArea is not very flexible in comparison with the JTextPane 
Editing Because it has a style feature it can be editedBecause it is just a plain text area it can not be edited.
Weight In terms of weight, JTextPane is a heavyweight tool In terms of weight, JTextArea is not a heavy tool 

What is JTextPane?

JTextPane is a subclass component of JEditorPane of Java programming. JEditorPane is the swing-style text component that provides a texting mechanism through which we can add support for custom text format. JTextPane means a tool through which we can style the word/paragraph. 

We can also use various tools like making the letter bold or underlining. We can also add images to the document through JTextPane.  It also represents the document graphically while using tools and images. JTextPane supports the entire editing of the text area. JTextPane can also wrap the text.  

JTextPane is a default model as it uses the default style document. In terms of components, the JTextPane tool is heavy, so most employees don’t want to use it as it is difficult to use a heavy programming tool. However, JTextPane is also a flexible tool that can edit a lot. It is a derivative tool of Java programming. 

Through “JTextPane()”, JTextPane creates new documents. “The styled document doc” creates a new text pane with a specific document model. The “attribute set” of the JTextPane adds a new style to the logical style hierarchy.

The characteristic attribute method of JTextPane fetches the character attributes in effect at the current if the caret or null. “Set character attribute ” applies the given attribute to the character content. The “set editor kit” sets the currently installed kit for handling content.

What is JTextArea?

The uses of JTextArea are in Java and its swing package. It is a multi-line area that displays plain text. The main application is to inherit Java’s component class.

The text doesn’t in the JTextArea can be set to different sizes, colors, and fonts, and also we can apply it in the new sets of text. As for the requirements, we can customize this text area.

 It is a lightweight component that we use to provide source compatibility along with Java classes. Where we can map the compatibility easily, however, JTextArea can not allow editing of the pictures because it is simply a Text format font. 

JTextArea is one of the most preferable formats of Java Programming because it has a faster implementation. JTextArea is resource-limiting. This is the reason why it is easy and softer to use. However, JTextArea can not wrap the text like JTextPane. 

JTextArea () creates a text area that displays no text initialling. JTextArea(string) creates a text area that displays text initialling. JTextArea(int row, int column) creates a text area with the specified number of rows and columns that display no text initialling.

JTextArea(strings int row, int column ) creates a text area with a specific number of rows and columns that display specific text.

Main Differences Between JTextPane and JTextArea 

  1. JTextPane came with the possibility of text wrapping, whereas JTextArea can not wrap the text. JTextPane needs more programming in comparison to JTextArea. 
  2. For faster implementation, one should use the JTextArea, JTextPane should only be used when the styling of the text is required. 
  3. JTextPane is a resource-heavy tool, while JTextArea is not at all heavy. JTextPane allows for image embedding, while TextArea doesn’t allow that. In comparison to TextArea, JTextPane is more flexible. JTextPane can edit content, but JTextArea can not edit content.
  4.  A huge outline that JTextPane offers that is not available in JTextArea. It allows for editor panes to be loaded together with formatted text that comes from the URL. We can edit the JTextPane because it has a styled feature, whereas we cannot edit the TextArea. After all, it has a plain feature. 
  5. JTextPane is a subclass component of JEditorPane, but JTextArea is not a subclass component.t In comparison to JTextPane, JTextArea is more user-friendly. Many employees often prefer JTextArea. 


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