Difference Between Keurig and Nespresso

Keurig and Nespresso are well known in the coffee industry. Coffee from both these machines comes from coffee pods.


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Keurig vs Nespresso

The difference between Keurig and Nespresso is that Keurig makes their coffee machines. Therefore, they market them under the Keurig name as well. However, Nespresso is known to form partnerships with other companies like Breville.

Keurig vs Nespresso

In addition to this, there is a rumor going around that Nespresso makes a better coffee cup compared to Keurig.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonKeurig MachinesNespresso Coffee Machines
PriceKeurig machines are known to be a cheaper option. The coffee pods as well cost less.Nespresso coffee machines are much more expensive. They also come with a longer warranty of two years.
Recyclable coffee podsThe coffee pods come in a plastic covering and do not undergo recycling.Nespresso machines have a holder to catch used pods. It is then sent back to Nespresso.
Energy SavingThe energy-saving mode is present in the most recent model but not in the older ones. Most Nespresso machines possess an energy-saving mode. 
Tank CapacityThe tank capacity of Keurig is enormous. Most models can make up to six cups of coffee.Nespresso machines have a smaller tank. The largest capacity is around 34Oz.
Number of BeveragesKeurig machines can brew more options of beverages. It can brew cold beverages as well. Nespresso brews old as well. But this option is only present in the more expensive versions. 

What are Keurig Coffee Machines? 

Keurig coffee machines are present in the lower price range and rival Nespresso. Keurig machines are compact and do not have as much place as most Nespresso machines do. 

Most Keurig machines contain an LCD screen. The options for temperature as well as strength of the coffee for beverages are highly programmable.

  1. Espresso 
  2. Latte
  3. Macchiato
  4. Hot chocolate
  5. Iced coffee

Some sources say that it can Lemonade and even oatmeal

Since this machine makes so many cups of coffee, it takes around 2-3 minutes to boil the machine’s water. But the coffee pods become liquid coffee in 30 seconds. 

A significant feature in the newer models is that it has removable drip tray. This makes it easier to clean the machine. 

However, one downside to the large water tank, the coffee made from these machines can be diluted. 

Keurig offers a one-year warranty on its products. 

It also offers  three modes to brew coffee: 

  1. K-Cup Pod: 4,6, 8, 10 Oz.
  2. K-Mug Pod: 12-18 Oz
  3. K-Carafe Pods: 22-30 Oz

One can schedule a pot of coffee beforehand. Therefore, it automatically brews a cup of coffee without initiation. 

keurig coffee machines

What are Nespresso Coffee Machines? 

Nespresso is one of the most leading manufacturers of coffee machines. The machines from Nespresso brew one of the best cups of coffee, according to the public.

However, the settings are programmable as well. The temperature controls and volume of coffee can also be set.

  1. Espresso
  2. Ristretto 
  3. Lungo

The coffee is not dilute in comparison to other coffee machines. They can also brew lattes, macchiatos, and more. However, that is pretty much where it ends. 

Some coffee machines can brew a cup of espresso in only 3 seconds. But most brew in less than 30 seconds. 

Some coffee machines are guilty of leaving behind a creamy layer like the Verturo. Nespresso is also known to be environmentally friendly in that it stores the used pods in a compartment in the machine.  

The warranty period that Nespresso offers is two years and is more than most companies. 


Main Differences Between Keurig and Nespresso

  1. Keurig machines are much cheaper in comparison to Nespresso. The pods are also less expensive as well. 
  2. Most Keurig machines are made from plastic. Nespresso consists of a few metal-bodied machines. 
  3. Nespresso can brew a cup of coffee faster than Keurig machines. 
  4. Nespresso cannot brew as many cold beverages as the Keurig range of coffee machines. Keurig is quite versatile in its function.
  5. Nespresso has a smaller tank that cannot hold much water. But Keurig can house over 2 litres of water in some models. 


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