Git vs SVN: Difference and Comparison

The version control system is a system that allows an individual to save files on the internet. These files can change as well.

Key Takeaways

  1. Git is a distributed version control system that allows faster branching and merging, while SVN is a centralized version control system with slower branching and merging capabilities.
  2. Git uses SHA-1 hash to identify commits, while SVN uses revision numbers to identify commits.
  3. Git supports local and remote repositories and performs better, while SVN only supports a centralized repository and performs slower.

Git vs SVN

The difference between Git and SVN is that Git is an open-source distributed version control system. SVN is a centrally distributed version control system. 

Git vs SVN

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGitSVN
BranchingThe branches in Git are easy to edit or delete. This process does not result in conflicts. The branches in the directory are a pain to work on. This difficulty is because this results in three conflicts.
StorageLarge binary files are difficult to store in these systems.Large binary files are easy to store and do not take as much place.
User FriendlyGit has a much more complicated interface and functionality. SVN has a more straightforward interface that one can use comfortably and quickly.
SpeedChanges can take place at a faster rate because of the easy branching.Editing a file on SVN can be challenging as it has a more rigid directory.
Saving changesA distributed system will include a local repository in which new files containing changes can be present. A centralized system only includes a central server; hence, changes are directly seen in the original file. 

What is Git? 

Git is an open-source system that works on distributed version control principles. The fact that it is a distributed version control system implies that working with this system is much faster.

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Git does have a few disadvantages as well.  Git cannot store large binary files in its repositories. 

It possesses the command line interface. This means a developer can type a single command into the interface as a response to visual prompts.

What is SVN?

SVN, also known as Subversion, is an open-source version control system. A smaller group of individuals maintains this system.

When a developer working on files through SVN creates changes to the file directly in the original file, it can be hard for multiple developers to work on one file at different times. In essence, the SVN contains a single central repository only.

In addition to this, the SVN repository sees a division into branches. These branches are part of the directory.

Another disadvantage of having a central repository is that it will require a developer always to be online. This requirement implies that changes cannot be created in the file when the developer is offline.

One of the main advantages of this system is that it contains a large database of files accessible to the public. It saw its creation in 2004, one year earlier than Git, and was one of its better-known version control systems.

It does have an interface that is easy to use. It also has a subversion tool known as Tortoise SVN. This tool finds use in creating a faster system. 

Main Differences Between Git and SVN

  1. SVN can store larger files in comparison to Git. 
  2. SVN uses centralized version control. This means the new files will be combined with the original on the central server. 
  3. Git is faster as it shares its workload through several local repositories. SVN is slow as all developers work on the same central server and cannot offer a flexible workflow. 
  4. SVN has a more complex branching system. It involves working with a central directory. This is not the case with Git.
  5. Git uses local repositories that merge with the central repository later. Therefore, changes can be made later as well.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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