Spear vs Knife: Difference and Comparison

Although violence is not the answer to every problem yet, learning to use a particular weapon is necessary.

In ancient times, people protected themselves from external threats by using weapons like spears and knives. Over time, their multiple uses emerged.

Spears are now primitive, but knives are being used in every household.

Key Takeaways

  1. Spears are long, pole-like weapons with a sharp point at one end, while knives are short-bladed cutting tools with a handle.
  2. Spears are primarily used for thrusting and throwing at a distance, while knives are versatile tools for cutting, slicing, and stabbing in close-range combat or everyday tasks.
  3. Spears offer greater reach and leverage than knives, making them more effective for hunting and warfare in certain contexts.

Spear vs Knife

A spear is a type of tool which can be used in hunting. A long pole is also attached to it. The pole can be made of wood or metal. A spear can also be used for fishing. A blade with a handle is called a knife. Knives can be used to cut different things. It is mainly used in the kitchen to cut fruits or vegetables. A knife can also be used for self-defence.

Spear vs Knife

A spear is equipment used in hunting, and it has a long pole attached to a sharp throne-like object at the end. The spear was invented centuries ago and has been upgraded throughout time.

It is used for fishing, hunting, etc. A person is required to learn the technique of using a spear first.

A flat metal object which has a handle is known as a Knife. It is used to cut vegetables, but some people can keep it as a weapon.

When a person uses a knife, he should remember safety precautions to avoid serious injuries. A knife comes in many shapes and sizes.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonSpearKnife
StructureA spear is a more extended tool that has a pole or shaft for the grip. A knife is not a longer tool, and it has a handle for the grip.
InventedArchaeological surveys have discovered that the spears were invented about 400,000 years ago. Archaeological surveys have discovered that the knives were invented about 2.5 million years ago.
SizeSpears are made of long shafts and pointy triangular objects. They are bigger than a knife. Knives are made of long handles and sharp, flat blades. They are smaller than a spear.
TypeSpears are primarily categorized into two categories which are ranged weapon and melee weapon based on throwing and thrusting. Knives are primarily categorized into two categories which are as a weapon and as a utensil and then subcategorized.
UsageSpears are used for combat on the battlefield, to hunt wild animals, and as a fishing tool. Knives are used by people for self-defense and mainly as a utensil in the kitchen.

What is Spear?

The spear is also used as a weapon and a tool, and it has a long shaft mostly made of wood. It has pointy sharp objects at the end, made of stones or metal.

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Manufacturers used metals or substances like steel, bone, flint, iron, and obsidian to make the shaft and point edge of the spear.

This sharp object has various shapes, for instance, a triangle, a leaf, or a lozenge. Spear belongs to ancient times, and people used it for combat and hunting.

The soldiers in royal armies were decorated with spears complimented by a shield. The word spear is derived from the Proto-Germanic term ‘speri.’ Spears are divided into two categories.

One of them is meant for thrusting, and these spears are regarded as melee weapons.

The second type of spear is intended for throwing, and these are referred to as ranged weapons.

The spear has been a remarkable piece of weapon in the history of human civilizations.

It is one of the parts of weaponry developed by early human beings. In some countries, spears are still allowed to be wielded by the soldiers.

Archaeologists have found several pieces of evidence that show people have been using spears from almost 400,000 years ago.

A study in South Africa in 2012 brought to light upon the fact that Homo heidelbergensis developed the technology of weapons similar to spears.


What is Knife?

A knife is considered to be a tool or weapon used by people all around the world. It is used to cut things or vegetables.

The blueprints of knives were found around 2.5 million years ago. It was introduced as a weapon that was convenient to use and carry around.

In the beginning, things like bones, stones, and wood were used to make knives.

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After numerous years, humans discovered metal and used it to manufacture different types of knives.

These metals are steel, copper, iron, bronze, titanium, ceramic, etc. By the time knives evolved, people had introduced knives with folding blades.

In modern times, knives are mainly used for domestic purposes rather than as weapons.

A knife has many details and specifications, for instance, handle, blade, grind, edge, fuller, guard, ricasso, lanyard, etc.

As weapons, knives are classified as combat, ballistic, daggers, karambit, bayonets, and many more.

Another classification of a knife is based on its use as a utensil: bread knife, mezzaluna, table knife, electric knife, oyster knife, cleaver, carving knife, butcher’s knife, and many more.

The knife has been an effective tool that helped humans to survive.

That’s why a knife also has cultural value in many religions. It is believed that keeping a knife under the pillow helps to ease the pain of a woman in labour.

classic knife

Main Differences Between Spear and Knife

  1. A Proto-Germanic term, ‘speri’, is considered to be the origin of the word spear. On the other hand, a term from Old Norse, knifr, is known to be the origin of the word knife.
  2. The major types of spear are the Javelin, Trident, pike, halberd yari, Qiang, and many more. On the other hand, the primary types of a knife are daggers, combat knives, ballistic knives, bread knives, oyster knives, etc.
  3. A spear is provided with a long pole to be gripped by a person without getting hurt. On the other hand, a knife has a handle to serve a similar purpose.
  4. Looking at the size, a spear is quite bigger and carried in bare hands. On the other hand, a knife is comparatively smaller and can be held in a pocket or bag.
  5. Spears are used in open areas to hurt or kill the enemy. It is the ornament of a soldier. On the other hand, a knife is used in the kitchen but can be utilized for self-defence.
Spear vs Knife – Difference Between Spear and Knife
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Last Updated : 27 July, 2023

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