Difference Between Clever Coffee Dripper and Kalita Wave

With a revolution sweeping coffee shops as well as countertop kitchens, there’s no explanation you shouldn’t be using your plug-in maker to make coffee you don’t appreciate. Certainly, it’s simple, but the coffee that old machines brew is probably not the greatest. Drip brewers have improved over time, but picking the best one may be difficult, so we decided to evaluate the two most popular coffee drippers, the smart coffee dripper, and the Kalita wave.

Clever Coffee Dripper vs Kalita Wave

The main difference between Clever Coffee Dripper and Kalita Wave is that Clever Coffee Dripper is very easy to use with an elegant design whereas Kalita wave is quite complex in terms of daily usages plus it requires a special filter and does not sport a noteworthy design as well. However, the Kalita Wave excels in the quality of brew making it a very professional and worthy coffee dripper.

Clever Coffee Dripper and Kalita Wave

The Clever Coffee Dripper is among the most straightforward and dependable coffee makers available. It’s simple to use, makes great coffee, is simple to wash, and is virtually indestructible.

In practically every manner, the coffee that emerges from the Clever Coffee Dripper is exceptionally harmonized. It offers a solid medium mouthfeel and medium bitterness thanks to the filter membrane and 3-4 minute steep time. It blends the rich taste of a French press with the crisp body of a spill-over.

The Kalita Wave impresses coffee and design fans equally with its stainless steel and wave shape. It’s a popular pour into brew technique at leisure, and it’s also fantastic on the move. The flat-bottom filter aids in equal drainage during the brewing process. The gentle spiral pour is the essential key to perfecting this brewer.

Comparison Table Between Clever Coffee Dripper and Kalita Wave

Parameters of ComparisonClever Coffee DripperKalita Wave
DescriptionThe Clever Coffee Dripper, as its name implies, manages to make the brewing procedure more comprehensible than perhaps any other paper-filtered mechanical maker on the market.‘The Kalita Wave’ may appear to be your typical pour over dripper at first appearance, but it has a lot more going on. Its flat, three-holed bottom prevents water flow, making the entire procedure easier.
USPVery easy to use and attractive design makes it a popular choice.Lets you control your brew type precisely and the output is very precise.
DesignIt has glass and ceramic options with great designs. Peppy red and crystal white are some popular colors.It has a steel build with an unattractive approach. Plus it uses a special filter.
Handle sizeThe handle size is big but has only one size option.The handle size is small and the capacity options are lots.
ConsDoes not last forever as the design is brittle and eventually needs an upgrade.Not aesthetically pleasing and a very clunky design.

What is a Clever Coffee Dripper?

The Clever Coffee Dripper, as its name implies, manages to make the brewing procedure more comprehensible than perhaps any other paper-filtered mechanical maker on the market.

You’ll get reliable outcomes that combine several of the favorite bits of either a comprehensive pricey as well as a paper filtered brew—that implies set-it-and-forget-it bubbling away, smaller numbers required equipment for success, and cup clarity that lets you enjoy your favorite coffee entirely—by using its 18 fl oz brewery cone as a room for ambiance brewing as well as a stopper on its foundation to decant your coffee effectively into your coffee cup and otherwise carafe.

In comparison to several other brewers, The Clever stands out because of how simple it is to maintain. There’s no need for expensive or difficult-to-find custom filters because it uses a normal #4 filter; if you like the complete body of a metal-filtered brewing mechanism readily.

You can also anticipate this dripper to be sturdy, last much longer than its price tag suggests, courtesy of its BPA-free plastic composition. Cleansing is as simple as pouring hot water plus coffee detergent into the brewing cones, allowing it to sit for a few minutes, then decanting and properly washing.

It isn’t necessarily as efficient as drip brewing in removing all of the dissolved fibers from your seeds, but it yields a broader, stronger-tasting coffee. Immersion isn’t the ideal technique to brew coffee if you want to taste the delicate coffee oils contained in your beans (which are frequently the fruitier and more acidic tastes).

What is the Kalita Wave?

‘The Wave’ may appear to be your typical pour-over dripper at first appearance, but it has a lot more going on. Its flat, three-holed bottom prevents water flow, making the entire procedure easier. This design element also results in a cup of coffee that is somewhat more concentrated than comparable drippers.

The Wave’s rigid filters keep the slurry away from the dripper walls, enabling air to regulate the water flow and function as an insulation to keep your brew heated. The Wave is a more accessible pouring-over brewer than other pouring-over brewers, producing a robust but tasty cup of coffee. That is why this product is favored by all in every region and every season.

The Wave Series by Kalita has the following feature: the filter cone and the filter’s area of contact have a dripping gap between them. Just on the side is the inner dripper, which has 20 waves. It does not come into touch with the hollow cylinder. Because of the small number of touch surfaces, when hot water is spilled, it doesn’t collect. On a long-term basis, at an angle. However, it seeps into the Wave Zone quite fast.

Main Differences Between Clever Coffee Dripper and Kalita Wave

  1. Clever Coffee Dripper is easy to use whereas Kalita Wave is a tad bit complicated to use.
  2. Clever Coffee Dripper is made of glass whereas the Kalita Wave is made up of stainless steel.
  3. The Clever Coffee Dripper uses a standard filter whereas the Kalita Wave uses a different filter which needs to be purchased separately.
  4. The Clever Coffee Dripper is good for daily coffee brewing with less precision though whereas Kalita wave is meant for professionals as it requires precision and can make the exact coffee that you need every morning.
  5. The Clever Coffee Dripper’s filter is available everywhere in any grocery store whereas the availability of Kalita Wave’s filter is dramatically less and can be only ordered online.


Throughout the comparison, no one product stands out as clearly superior. Each dripper has its own set of brewing processes, flavors, and features. The Clever Dripper is the espresso dripper for oneself if you want a simple, no-fuss maker that produces a big cup. If you’re searching for a simple brewer that gives you some control over the final product while still being tolerant of brewing errors, the Kalita Wave is the one for today.



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