Camping Coffee Percolator vs French Press: Difference and Comparison

Coffee as a beverage worldwide is made using different machines to give people a hassle-free coffee-making experience. Two of the many types of coffee machines are 1. Camping coffee Percolator. 2. French press.

Key Takeaways

  1. French press extracts coffee oils resulting in a richer flavor, while percolators boil water through the grounds, producing a milder taste.
  2. A camping coffee percolator is more durable, but French presses are easier to clean and store due to their compactness.
  3. Percolators require constant attention during brewing, while French presses are simpler to use, requiring steeping and plunging only.

Camping Coffee Percolator vs French Press

Camping coffee percolator is a type of coffee pot for brewing that involves repeatedly boiling and stirring the coffee until the desired consistency is achieved. French press is a coffee brewer that makes use of a press action and filter, but is also used for tomato juice separation and filtration. 

Camping Coffee Percolator vs French Press

A Camping Coffee Percolator is a pot used for brewing coffee wherein we have to repeatedly boil and stir the coffee near the ground until the desired consistency of the coffee is reached.

It is used for outdoor and indoor purposes where we have to serve coffee in large quantities.


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French Press, also known as cafetière, is used to make coffee but also for other purposes such as tomato juice separation, filtration etc. It uses the idea of press action and a filter.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCamping Coffee PercolatorFrench Press
Invented in the yearAround 18101852
Subcategories (i) Gravity Percolator
(ii) Pressure Percolator
(i) French Travel press
(ii) Material-varied French press
TerminologyDerived from the word “percolate”, which means passing a fluid through a permeable membrane to extract soluble ingredients. Derived from the French word “cafetière”, also known as a coffee plunger.
Methods of brewing By heating the coffee and boiling through the grounds.By pouring water and heating and grinding the coffee.
ProportionsOne big tablespoon of coffee grounds per cup of water.1:12 Coffee-to-water ratio.
Advantages Feasible for outdoor purposes and is a durable machine.Affordable apparatus with consistent coffee results.
Disadvantages Has a slower brewing time other than many methods.Requires machinery in an addendum and great attention.

What is a Camping Coffee Percolator?

Camping Coffee Percolator is a coffee-making machine used for making coffee for various outdoor purposes or even indoor occasions.

Dating back to the first patented Coffee Percolator in the US, which was issued by James Nason of Franklin, Massachusetts, in 1865.

Invented by the British company Rusell Hobbs in 1952, the electric coffee Percolators have been in production since then and at least since the 1920s, as claimed by far.

The availability of the automatic electric percolator in the 1940s has been another great invention in coffee making industry.

A Coffee Percolator is one of the most feasible beverage-making machinery giving people a hassle-free coffee-making experience. Not only does it make coffee-making easy, but it also has a delicious flavour and refined texture.

Coffee Percolator has evolved since its invention and has helped people enjoy every bit of their coffee. Large coffee Percolators are used for several occasions during festivities, gatherings, and events where a large amount of coffee is needed to be served.

The popularity of Percolators decreased due to the invention of electric drip coffee makers, though it still managed to stay afloat due to its evolutionary machinery.

camping coffee percolator

What is French Press?

A French Press Coffee making the machine is another infamous human invention which has been used ever since 1923 for coffee making. It uses the technique of acceleration and filtration of the coffee to serve it for its refined taste best.

It is also used for other purposes, such as making cold brew coffee, tea, filtration etc. It is also used for broth straining.

Coarsely ground coffee is brewed in an empty container at a specific temperature, and then water is added proportionally. After that, it is filtered and served.

A French Press was first patented in the US by Milanese designer Attilio Calimani in 1929. French Press has undergone numerous changes ever since.

It was first claimed that the French press was invented by someone who loved tea.

It had undergone several transformations by Faliero Bondanini, who patented and manufactured his version of a French press coffee maker.

The modern French press is a cylindrical beaker with a lid, a plunger and a filter.

It is known by different names in different parts of the world; for instance, it is called the coffee press in North America, and in several parts of the UK, it is renowned as a cafetière.

french press

Main Differences Between Camping Coffee Percolator and French Press

  1. The camping coffee Percolator and French press are used for making coffee, but the French press is also used for broth straining, whereas the camping coffee Percolator is used to make only coffee.
  2. The method of brewing used in both machines requires high concentration and experience. Still, the camping coffee Percolator has always been an easy and convenient alternative to the French press.
  3. The camping coffee Percolator doesn’t require additional machinery. On the other hand, the French press requires machinery boiling.
  4. Compared to the Percolator, You have more control over how you want your coffee to taste while making it in a French press.
  5. The Percolator is also used for outdoor purposes, but on the other hand, the French press is not that convenient to use for outdoor usage.
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