Camping vs Glamping: Difference and Comparison

People travel for many reasons, including adventure, business, family, and wilderness trips. Staying in hotels gives a luxurious feeling but has restrictions to feeling nature.

Hotels are not affordable for everyone. Tents are becoming popular with tourists as they are cost-effective and provide an authentic outdoor experience.

Today, many temporary shelter vehicles are available, like caravans, but tourists prefer Camping and Glamping.

Key Takeaways

  1. Camping involves sleeping in a tent or outdoors and enjoying nature with basic amenities such as a fire pit and portable stove.
  2. Conversely, Glamping offers a more luxurious camping experience with comfortable bedding, electricity, and even access to WiFi.
  3. The major difference between the two is the comfort level and amenities, with camping being more basic and Glamping being more luxurious.

Camping vs Glamping

The main difference between Camping and Glamping is the shelter size and the available facilities for guests.

Camping tents are traditional tents that allow celebrating nature to the fullest. It has menial amenities like a small tent, bed, and a bonfire,  and it disconnects the campers from worldly pleasure. 

Camping vs Glamping

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 On the other hand, Glamping is glamorous camping with an innovative tent in the middle of nature with all homely comforts. 

Glamping offers the pleasure of both nature and the world to its guests. It has maximum amenities that are available at home. 

Camping tents do not protect from animals, and noisy neighbours, whereas Glamping tents are lockable, secure, and comfortable.

The price of glamping depends on the place and facilities required by the guests, whereas camping tents are inexpensive.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCamping Glamping
DefinitionCamping tents are traditional tents that provide contact with nature and create friendship bonds with neighbors.Glamping is a modern tent that provides contact with nature and aligns with hotel-like comforts.
FeaturesThese are cheap, easy to carry, and assembleA third party provides these tents for tourists, and they are more expensive than camping tents.
FacilitiesTravellers must bring their food, sleeping bags, and other required stuff to enjoy the camping.The service providers will provide all the services like food, butlers, luxurious bed, bathroom, and others.
Service lifeCamping tents are suitable for short-term vacations.Glamping tents are suitable for long-term vacations.

Camping tents are not secure, smelly. These are more secure than camping tents as the glamping is made of strong wood, rods, and glass windows.

What is Camping?

Camping is popular in the outdoor hospitality sector and is used for vacations to stay in tents for a short period. People set up camping tents anywhere they want, such as, in campgrounds and tourist parks.

These tents are popular for both domestic and international tourism. Some outdoor activities where camping is preferred are diving, paragliding, climbing, bird watching, rafting, and others.  

North Americans, Australians, New Zealanders, and Europeans mostly participate in outdoor activities.

The demand for camping is emerging across the world due to the factors like relaxation, social interaction, wellness, curiosity, adventure, family time, and others.

The campers choose camping for full-time, long-term, or short-term.  Full-time residents are the people who do not have homes or prefer to live a transient lifestyle.

Long-term campers are seasonal campers who travel long distances to experience the pleasure and warmth of nature. Short-term campers want to enjoy the weekends and go on holiday trips.

Every type of camper has to carry his daily required things or set up the tent in a place where everything is easily available.

Some obstacles occurring during the camping are fear of animals, no bathrooms,  no electricity, and no privacy.  However, these obstacles are manageable for short-term vacations.  


What is Glamping?

The continuous demand for luxurious and comfortable accommodation has transformed traditional camping into Glamorous Camping, popularly known as Glamping.

Glamping is new to the hospitality industry. That has all the facilities like a hotel and contact with nature.

Glamping eliminates the disadvantages of camping, like smelly bags, leaky tents, and food problems, by providing home-like accommodations to travellers. Third-party organizations offer the glamping. 

These temporary shelters have luxurious beds, antique furnishes, rugs, and bathrooms.

The Glamping tents are expensive and attract those people who want to enjoy nature but do not want to compromise privacy. These are good for celebrating special occasions.

Glamping tents are unique and eco-friendly with natural surroundings. These are expensive and have limited offers.

Glamping is not available worldwide; only a few outdoor hospitality industries in a few countries provide these facilities, such as in Africa, England, France, Germany, the united states, and Australia. 

Glamping is flexible, and merges comfort with the environment; however, due to a lack of knowledge, glamping is not as famous as camping. 

The places where glamping is offered have limited glamping tents that disappoint the people.

  Glamping is best suitable in places where there is a danger of animals. It is the best place to experience the culture and lifestyle of Westerners. 


Main Differences Between Camping and Glamping

  1. Camping is a traditional tent where one can enjoy only the beauty of nature. On the other hand, glamping is a modern and luxurious tent where one can enjoy both nature and worldly luxuries.
  2.  Camper must carry all the required equipment to be safe, clean, and entertained, whereas Glampers need minimal packaging for a great experience.
  3. Camping tents are cheap and affordable, and glamping tents are expensive and have limited offers.
  4. Glamping tents overcome the disadvantages of Camping, like leaky tents, canned food, fear of animals, and noisy neighbours.
  5. Camping tents are unsuitable for family vacations because they do not have the required facilities for everyone, whereas Camping tents are suitable for any vacation or trip.
  6. Camping tents enable us to interact with neighbours, whereas glamping tents are similar to hotels where no one knows who is next to the other.
Difference Between Camping and Glamping

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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