Accommodations vs Modifications: Difference and Comparison

Accommodations and Modifications are the terms used with people with disabilities or who are gifted. They are heard by students while studying.

They have used the ways that help the person succeed. In layperson’s terms, they are some procedures followed by the teacher and the student, making studying easier for the person.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accommodations are adjustments made to help individuals with disabilities access the same opportunities as non-disabled individuals. At the same time, modifications are changes made to the content or curriculum to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  2. Accommodations may include things like wheelchair ramps, sign language interpreters, or extended time for tests, while modifications may involve simplified assignments or alternative assessments.
  3. Accommodations are intended to level the playing field, while modifications may alter the content or standard of learning.

Accommodations vs Modifications

Accommodations involve altering the environment or teaching strategies to help a student access the curriculum, such as allowing the use of assistive technology. Modifications involve changing the curriculum itself, such as simplifying assignments or reducing the number of questions on a test.

Accommodations vs Modifications

Accommodations mean supporting a student to learn the same curriculum as the rest of the class. For example: When a student is given extra time to complete a task or an exam compared to others as they are gifted.

Modifications mean changing the process of making a particular person learn. The things in the curriculum are changed.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAccommodationsModifications
DefinitionThe procedure of changing the way how a student learns something.The procedure of changing the subject material altogether.
Grading The grades are marked according to the answers written.The child’s limit considers the grades.
Study Material changesThere are no specific changes in Accommodation. The person learns the same amount of knowledge.In a Modification, the student will get less work or study material to learn.
Extracurricular activitiesClasses like Physical Education, music, and more give extra time to students to complete an activity.In these special classes, the student won’t have to do the task, or the amount of work can be reduced to be completed by the child.
 Examples Extra time granted to students in a test, Sign language interpreter for people who are deaf, etc.Different question papers for the student, alternative project homework for the disabled, etc.

What are Accommodations?

Accommodation is a process used by teachers of institutions to make the learning procedure of the student easier. They are used when the person suffers from any disorder or disability that makes it difficult for an individual to hold off on the study material, whether written or physical.

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In it, the student learns the same thing, reads the same book and does the same activity as others but with a bit of help or extra time allowed by the teachers.


What are Modifications?

Modifications are the changes in the process of learning a student’s subject. The teachers apply this for their students who are suffering in getting the knowledge together because of a condition or disability.

Modifications are applied accordingly. They are different from person to person and are prescribed by looking into the situation and the severity of the problem of the student.


Main Differences Between Accommodations and Modifications 

  1. Modifications are more accessible than Accommodations as the workload gets less in the Modification Process. Still, since the number of work materials is the same in Accommodation, the student does the same thing compared to other students, just in a different way or with extra time.
  2. The system while grading a paper is the same as the Accommodation method. The student may get extra time to finish the paper but not extra marks.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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