Difference Between Kitten and Cat

Not only based on age disparity but cats and kittens also show significant differences between them. Apart from their age difference, their characteristics and nature vary a lot too.


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Although, they are loved by humans for their sociability and companionship. Cats are referred to as nocturnal predators and carnivorous. Moreover, they have a high sense of smell and hearing.

Nowadays, many people are adopting cats and kittens according to their preferences and suitability. 

Kitten vs Cat

The difference between Kitten and Cat is that cat and a kitten have an age difference. A cat is an adult, while a kitten is a baby cat. Kittens need time and care as they are growing into an adult. While a cat needs less attention than a kitten.  

Kitten vs Cat

Kitten is a baby cat that needs attention and care as they are growing up. In the first week after being born, kittens can not even open their eyes and physically cannot balance their weight.

Also, it is unable to manage its temperature and unable to defecate or urinate at this time. However, Baby cats are called cubs, but commonly ‘kittens’ terms are used for baby cats. 

Cat is an adult cat. As compared to kittens, they need less attention and care as they’re already grown up. They settle faster and their diet is also composed as they don’t need lots of fat.

As they’re already grown up, they could manage their temperature and be able to defecate or urinate. Moreover, cats are ideally adopted more often than kittens. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Kitten Cat 
Age Kittens are baby cats or cubs.Cats are grown-up cats. 
Children Kittens may not get along with children or babies. Cats get along with children as well as babies. 
Other pets Kittens may get along with other pets especially older cats.Cats have territorial behavior, so they may not. 
Characteristics High energy, playful, unable to urinate or defecate, unable to maintain their body temperatureActive, sociable, high intelligence, tolerate high temperature
Behavior Kittens are highly active and require constant attention.Cats are less active and require less attention. 
Diet Kittens need a high-calorie diet. Cats need a low-calorie diet. 

What is Kitten?

Kitten is a baby cat that is in its growing phase. They are like a little furball. Indeed, they are cute and snuggly, which makes a lot of blunder. A kitten needs more attention and care than a cat.

Furthermore, they need to be trained as well. In the first week after being born, they can’t even open their eyes and balance their bodies.

Additionally, they can’t maintain their body temperature at this point. So, they need a lot of care. 

Irrespective of all this, Kittens are irresistible as they are cute creatures that are very energetic. From sharp teeth to small claws, they can’t stop making blunders.

They might climb drapes or any available thing as well as chomp down your hand if they lose their toy. Not recommended for older people or families with babies.

As kittens have more energy, the older people might get exhausted in taking care of them. And babies don’t know the meaning of being gentle they can hurt them. 

Kittens are sociable but they are usually trained in this period. So, if they are threatened, they may attack you. Apart from that, they get along with other pets usually.

As they are born playful, full of energy, and activeness. But, they need constant attention and care. 


What is Cat? 

Cat is a grown-up cat that is smaller in size, mostly furry and cute. They are nocturnal and carnivorous. They are considered as most popular house pets nowadays.

Although, their popularity comes from their companionship, and ability to chase away rodents and pests. They have a high sense of hearing and smell.

Moreover, they have strong, quick, and flexible bodies. There’s no place prolly in a house that they cannot reach. 

Cats settle easily in a new environment and don’t require much attention and care. And coming to the diet of cats, cat food already blends a balanced amount of fat in the food.

So, there’s no need for excess food for cats, as they reached a point where they stop growing or it may lead to obesity. Cats get along with children as well. That’s why they are more sociable.

Also, they have high intelligence, able to handle high temperatures, and are easily trained. Apart from that, they do not require much attention and care. 

Keeping an adult cat alone is not a big deal. Even if you’re unable to keep your pet along with you every time, you can let your cat alone at home. As they sleep often or finds ways to keep themselves entertained.

Besides, an adult cat is usually litter trained as well as scratching post. So, there’s no harm to furniture or other stuff. Moreover, during adoption, the respective would tell you their habits or you can ask them. 


Main Differences Between Kitten and Cat

Nowadays, cats are the most popular pets as they are sociable, good companions, adorable creatures. But, cats and kittens show different behaviors and needs as well as age differences. Indeed, they are cute furballs with a lot of energy. They are kind of chosen according to the owners’ preference. Despite the fact, any cat or kitten can be adopted without any further requirement. 

  1. Kittens are baby cats or cubs of a cat, while cats are grown-up or adult cats. 
  2. Kittens go along with other pets, but cats may have territorial behavior. 
  3. Kittens are highly energetic. But cats have lower activeness than kittens. 
  4. Kittens have a lesser sense of hearing and smell due to developing bodies. While Cats have a high sense of hearing and smell.
  5. Kittens need a high-calorie diet, while cats require a low-calorie diet. 
  6. Kittens need constant care and attention. On the other hand, cats need less care and attention.
Difference Between Kitten and Cat


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