Difference Between Models and Theories

Models and theories both are factors one comes through with providing a study on a particular topic. Both of them are produced at different stages of the study.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Models are simplified representations or simulations of complex systems used to make predictions or gain insight into the system’s functions.
  2. Theories are broader explanations of natural phenomena or social behaviour, supported by empirical evidence and tested through experiments or observation.
  3. Models are typically based on specific assumptions and may not capture the full complexity of a system, while theories provide a more comprehensive understanding of a phenomenon.

Models vs Theories

The difference between models and theories is that models can be considered as a representing element created to explain a theory or a concept whereas theory is considered as an answer or solution to problems by proving them with the help of facts and figures. Models provide the macro level of guidance whereas theories provide a micro-level of guidance regarding a particular phenomenon.

Models vs Theories

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Model is a physical, symbolic, visual, mathematical, or graphical representation of a concept or a theory that has been founded to clarify or make it simpler to understand.

heory on the other hand is a conceptualized framework that is proven by facts and logic, by scientists.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonModelsTheories
ConceptModels are a visual or verbal representation of theoriesTheories are a conceptual framework of ideas
NatureIt simplifies a theory or conceptIt explains or predicts phenomena
WorkIts work is to simplify a conceptIts work is to explain a concept with facts and logics
BaseThey are based on theories or conceptsThey are based on scientific logic or facts
UseUsed for verifying theoriesUsed for proving points
GuidanceProvides macro-level guidanceProvides micro-level guidance

What are Models?

Model is a physical, verbal, mathematical, or graphical representation f a concept or an idea. Models are developed based on a theory.

On a few occasions models are also seen s an application of theory, it consists of boundary conditions of an singular particular group as it serves projections on the particularly related theory.

There are 4 types of models that created easier to understand and reference such as- the conceptual model, interactive lecture demonstration, mathematical and statistical mode, and teaching with visualizations.


What are Theories?

The theory is generalized thinking or raising aconclusion regarding phenomena which is a part of an analysis. A theory is mostly used by scientists to prove a particular point with the help of scientific evidence, explanation, and facts.

Theories also allow scientists to predictbased on they see and their knowledge and understanding regarding the phenomena. A theory is a body of knowledge that might or might not be supported y explanatory modules

The theory is a tool for understanding and explaining complex concepts. Theories get improved as eventually more facts and evidence are provided, with increasing accuracy to support the scientific theory.


Main Differences Between Models and Theories

  1. Models are a visual and verbal representation of theories or concepts whereas theories are conceptual framework ideas on a phenomenon.
  2. Models simplify a theory or concept for better understanding whereas theories explain or predict a phenomenon with their knowledge and understanding regarding the phenomena.
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