Mosquito Forceps vs Artery Forceps: Difference and Comparison

Forceps are surgical instrument that is used for holding and grasping various kinds of objects. Forceps are used to hold small objects when holding them with fingers or hands that are too large. Forceps are related to the medicine and biology sectors.

Apart from that, forceps are called by different names like tongs, tweezers, clips, clamps, pliers etc. Surgical Forceps can be categorised into two types. One is Non-Disposable Forceps, and the other is Disposable Forceps.

Surgical Forceps are of very good and high quality, i.e. they are made up of carbon steel. There are various types of forceps like Mosquito and Artery Forceps.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mosquito forceps are smaller and finer than artery forceps, allowing for precision work in delicate areas.
  2. Artery forceps have serrated jaws for gripping, while mosquito forceps have horizontal serrations and a locking mechanism.
  3. Mosquito forceps are primarily used for clamping small blood vessels, whereas artery forceps handle larger vessels and tissues.

Mosquito Forceps vs Artery Forceps

Mosquito forceps are used for holding and clamping small blood vessels during surgical procedures, particularly those in which fine, delicate work is required. Artery forceps, also known as hemostats, are used for clamping and occluding larger blood vessels during surgery, to control bleeding. Artery forceps are larger and heavier than mosquito forceps.

Mosquito Forceps vs Artery Forceps

Mosquito forceps is one of the types of Artery Forceps. They look very similar to scissors. But their usage is very different from normal scissors. Sometimes they are called Hemostat.

Mosquito Forceps are made from a good quality stainless steel that can sustain for a longer time. Mainly they are used for the surgeries of animals. Small ring handles are present on mosquito forceps so that surgeons can hold them easily.

Artery Forceps are considered as one of the main instruments at the time of surgeries. In the surgical tray, it should be present. Because it is used to close the rupture of blood vessels or for controlling the bleeding.

Other names of artery forceps are pean, hemostatic clamps, arterial forceps etc. It is a basic medical kit and is used in every type of surgery. Types of artery Forceps like Crile, Tuffier, Heiss, Hartmann, Spencer Wells Forceps etc.

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMosquito ForcepsArtery Forceps
Different namesHemostats, Halsted Mosquito Forceps, etc.Hemostatic clamp, arterial forceps, or pean
TypesStraight Jaws and Curved JawsTuffier forceps, Crile Forceps, Mosquito forceps, Heiss Forceps, Hartmann Forceps, Spencer Wells Forceps etc.
UsedVeterinary SurgeryAll types of Surgery
DesignHeavy pattern and structureScissor like design with locking system
ColourAvailable in different colour coating like a rainbow.Silver

What is Mosquito Forceps?

Mosquito forceps comes in different sizes. Variations can also be found. Because sometimes, it is used in all sorts of surgeries according to need and preferences. Straight jaw mosquito forceps are used in deeper surgeries.

Straight Jaws are very sharp. So it has to be handled with great care and precision. Because it can hurt or damage the surgical procedures.

Curved jaws mosquito forceps are used in those surgeries where delicate things need to be handled. Curved Jaws are considered mild and gentle instruments.

It causes minimal damage to tissues and organs. So they are mostly used in microsurgeries. Mosquito Forceps are meant for sensitive surgeries. Because of their small rings and smooth jaws.

The design of mosquito forceps is heavier in structure and pattern. Mostly they are used for clamping of the tissues and blood vessels. Different Length of mosquito forceps is available so that they can be used in Veterinary surgeries as well.

Sterilization of Mosquito Forceps becomes important because it is very delicate. So it needs to wash with distilled water. After that, it is sterilized and should be kept in an open position.

Then it is lubricated to avoid getting any rust. They should be stored separately after all the processes because their durability and life can get hampered.

mosquito forceps

What is Artery Forceps?

Artery Forceps have been used since ancient times. The earliest known instruments that look like artery forceps were found in Egypt, dating back to 1500 BC. Then steel and bronze instrument that look like forceps were found in Italy.

The process of clamping blood vessels with some kind of instrument was first given by Galen. This process was forgotten for almost many centuries.

Then the process of homeostasis was rediscovered by a French barber in the 16th century. Artery forceps are called Hemostat.

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A modern-day hemostat or artery forceps has been contributed by a lot of people. But mainly, it is attributed to Jules Emile Pean. Then eventually, several surgeons made changes to its designs.

Various types of Forceps are available like Crile Forceps, Spencer wells Forceps, Rankin Forceps, Kelly Forceps, Mosquito Forceps etc. 

Artery Forceps is a very important tool in surgical instruments. In the surgical tray or during the surgeries, it should be there. Artery forceps consist of a ratchet and your blades.

Two serrations, i.e. Transverse and uniform, are present at the tip. It has fingers so that it can be successfully held during the surgery. Because of its locking system, it allows paramedics and surgeons to leave multiple clamps if the patient is bleeding.

Main Differences Between Mosquito Forceps and Artery Forceps

  1. Mosquito Forceps is known by the names Hemostats, Halsted Mosquito Forceps etc. Artery Forceps are called a Hemostatic clamp, arterial forceps, or pean.
  2. Types of Mosquito Forceps are Straight Jaws and Curved Jaws. Types of Artery Forceps are Tuffier forceps, Crile Forceps, Mosquito forceps, Heiss Forceps, Hartmann Forceps, Spencer Wells Forceps etc.
  3. Mosquito Forceps are mainly used in veterinary Surgery. Artery Forceps is used in all types of Surgery.
  4. Mosquito forceps has a heavy pattern and structure. But it is delicate because of its smooth jaws. Artery Forceps have scissor-like handles. One is blunt, and the other is sharp with two loops and a locking system.
  5. Mosquito Forceps is available in different colour coating like a rainbow. Artery Forceps is of silver colour.
Difference Between Mosquito Forceps and Artery Forceps

Last Updated : 23 July, 2023

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