Difference Between Pentagram and Pentacle

Geometric patterns often create beautiful symbol, and people with religious belief also finds various meaning in these symbols. Pentagram and pentacle are different geometric symbols in which various religious groups found deep mystical meanings.


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They believe these symbols represent spiritual power and use them in various religious events.

The Pentagram and pentacle both of these symbols are both very old. In a glimpse, both of these symbols look the same.

But in reality, these symbols are entirely different. They also represent two different sets of religious beliefs.

Key Takeaways

  1. A pentagram is a five-pointed star-shaped symbol, with the points connected by straight lines, often associated with spiritual or magical practices.
  2. A pentacle is a pentagram enclosed within a circle, sometimes featuring additional symbols or inscriptions, commonly used in Wiccan and Pagan rituals.
  3. Both symbols have a long history and shared associations but differ in appearance and specific uses or meanings in various spiritual contexts.

Pentagram vs. Pentacle

Pentagram is a five-pointed star used as a symbol of magic or spirituality. It has a long and varied history, and it has been used in many different cultures and contexts. A pentacle is a five-pointed star that is often enclosed within a circle. It is typically surrounded by additional symbols or inscriptions.

Pentagram vs Pentacle

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonPentagramPentacle
What is it?One of the simplest geometric forms of a star polygon comprises fifteen line segments.A star-shaped pentagram surrounded by a circle where the circle touch or should have an exact distance from all points of the pentagram.
Derive fromSumerian scriptsFrench words
Ancient namePentagrammonPentaculum
Translates toA geometric figure with five points is like a star.A neck-wearing pendent like an ornament
Associated withSpiritual processes and various religious symbolsMagic and witchcraft
Modern useIn flags and emblemsIn fashion design and tarot cards


What is Pentagram?

Pentagram is one of the simplest geometric forms of a star polygon. It is also known as a five-pointed star.

This geometric shape is made up of fifteen line segments. This shape also includes ten points.

Five of these points are the five vertices of the inner pentagon and the star’s five points.

The origination of this symbol can be found in ancient Sumerian scripts with the name of “Pentemychos”, which means five corners. Later on, ancient Greek civilization adopted this symbol and called it “Pentagrammon,” from where the word pentagram derived.

Various religious faiths consider the pentagram symbol sacred. They believe this symbol is blessed with purity and protects life from evil powers.

Ancient Chinese tradition considers it a symbol of life, where five corners represent five elements of life. In Judaism, this symbol represents five holy books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Celtic religion and some branches of Christianity (Wiccans) also consider this symbol holy. In modern occultism, it is used as an apotropaic charm, offering protection against evil spirits.

Recently, various nations like Morocco and Ethiopia have adopted this symbol on their flag. The Dutch city of Haaksbergen and the Japanese city of Nagasaki use this emblem.


What is Pentacle?

Pentacle is a star-shaped pentagram surrounded by a circle. In this symbol, the process is required to make a uniform shape and touch or should have an exact distance from all points of the pentagram.

It is a unique geometrical shape associated with various mystical powers and rituals.

According to various historical documents, the first use of this symbol can be found in 1328. The word pentacle is derived from French phrases.

The Latinized version of this word is “Pentaculum.” The term “Pentaculum” means a neck-wearing pendent like an ornament.

Traditionally this symbol is used to evoke magical powers and is drawn on the floor, paper, cloth, and metals. During the middle age period, it was also associated with witchcraft activity. In modern society, it has become a symbol of spiritual studies.

For this reason, the reference to this symbol can be seen in various movies and TV shows.

Recently, this symbol can be found in various fashion designs and tarot cards. The tarot cards are one type of future prediction card often used by some astrologers.

Many people also place this symbol outside of their houses for good luck.


Main Differences Between Pentagram and Pentacle

  1. The pentagram is one of the simplest geometric forms of a star polygon, consisting of fifteen line segments associated with spiritual processes and various religious symbols. On the other hand, a pentacle is a star-shaped pentagram surrounded by a circle associated with magic and witchcraft.
  2. The origin of the pentagram symbol is very ancient. According to various historical findings, it has been established that the symbol is derived from ancient Sumerian scripts. However, the pentacle symbol is relatively new and derives from French words.
  3. The ancient name of the pentagram is “Pentagrammon,” while the ancient name of the pentacle is “Pentaculum.”
  4. The pentagram translates to “A geometric figure with five points like a star.” On the other hand, the word pentacle translates to “A neck-wearing pendent like an ornament.”
  5. The pentagram symbol is associated with spiritual processes and various religious symbols. However, the pentacle symbol is associated with magic and witchcraft.
  6. In modern times the pentagram symbol can be found on various flags and emblems. But, the pentacle symbol can be found in fashion design and tarot cards.
Difference Between Pentagram and Pentacle

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