Psychic vs Medium: Difference and Comparison

When we step into the niche of necromancy and supernatural studies, medium and psychic are two of the most common terms we come across, and usually, they are intermixed. But the truth is there are quite a lot of differences between both. 

For commoners, in the field of necromancy, supernatural studies, or may it be demonology, the line between differences and meanings starts to get blurry because of their immense interdependency and subtle differences, which are noted only by the professionals.

Key Takeaways

  1. Psychics perceive information about the past, present, and future using extrasensory abilities.
  2. Mediums communicate with deceased spirits or entities from other realms.
  3. Psychics and mediums use different techniques, but both aim to provide insight and guidance.

Psychic vs Medium

A psychic is a person who claims to have extrasensory abilities that allow them to perceive information beyond the ordinary senses. It includes abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition, or psychokinesis. A medium is a person who claims to be able to communicate with the spirits of the dead. Mediums believe that spirits continue to exist after death.

Psychic vs Medium

A psychic is someone who can channel and detect spiritual waypoints and energies through his conscious mind and can predict your upcoming events in life.

It is believed that a psychic gets his abilities by passing through the various time “irrespective” spiritual waypoints to detect or rather predict your future.

A psychic needs a device to channel this prediction into the conscious world, which may range from a crystal ball to tarot cards and sometimes candles too.

A medium, on the other hand, is someone who is gifted with the ability to host or enter the spiritual world and converse with the souls or ‘consciousness’ from the other-dimensional zone.

A medium can also talk with someone who no longer exists in the world of living because of his necromancy and spiritual knowledge. To perfectly define a medium in one line; “about halfway between extremes”, the medium stays in this zone.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPsychicMedium
DefinitionA psychic is someone who can use the spiritual channels to predict a notion. They are very proficient psychology readers.A medium is considered to be gifted because they possess the ability to stay partially in two worlds, namely the living and the undiscovered afterlife.
AbilitiesCan predict the future or cure predicaments. A psychic can also utilize the spiritual channels to look into someone’s past.Can communicate with spirits from the afterlife and can become a host for someone from the afterlife to jump into the world of the living.
Objects UsedCrystal ball, tarot cards, candles, almanacs as well as runes.Mediums do not require any object for exhibiting their abilities.
Synonyms Spiritual, metaphysical, clairvoyant, fortune-teller.Intermediate, spiritualist, bridge.
CommercializationA psychic can commercialize his business and earn money.A medium cannot commercialize his or her abilities because of several boundations.

What is Psychic?

Psychic is a noun that means “of or about the spiritual realm or mind,” or “mental rather than physical.” It’s also described as a “possible contribution to or noticing mental phenomena” in psychology, which refers to being aware of some transcendental force or power.

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A person with the ability to look into the spiritual channels and bring out undiscovered notions.

A psychic uses his abilities to look or rather “peek” into someone’s future, past or present. A psychic needs to be an excellent communicator as well as must be good at reading the auras and personalities of different people.

They can also seek out forgotten memories as well as present them in a manner that is perceivable by everyone. Psychic comes from the Greek term pschikós, which means “of the soul,” and was first documented in 1855–60.

 There are many things that a psychic can use in order to display his visions and connect with the spirit gates. They use devices like tarot cards as well as crystal balls to predict the future and present the past in front of the desired person. In most situations, a psychic’s talents may be commercialized.

Psychic may also imply “susceptible to nonphysical or paranormal influences or causes.” It’s a psychic influence when anyone or anything is impacted by a mysterious power that exists beyond material chemistry or understanding.


What is Medium?

A medium is someone who has the ability to communicate with the other side of the world, meaning the afterlife, and can also act as a gateway for the entities of the afterlife world.

“An individual through whom the entities of the dead are claimed to be able to reach the living” is another definition of the medium. A medium has a very strong brain and severely sensitive senses.

There are some limitations, like a gifted medium cannot really communicate in the first place if he or she is not “allowed” from the other world. Plus, a medium has the peak chance of losing his or her true identity when being possessed by the thoughts of a soul or the soul itself.

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Hence, being a medium requires lots of precautions, and their lifestyle is very different from normal people’s. A small mistake can cause them to topple from the bridge between the world of the living and the world of the afterlife. 

The word medium derives from the Latin word medius, which means “middle,” and was first used in English around 1575 and 1585. The concept of the medium was introduced by early demonologists and necromancers who believed in the existence of an afterlife.

Practically the existence is not even proven but it is strictly believed that a medium has the possessiveness or rather “pull” towards another world which is ‘not’ the world of the living.


Main Differences Between Psychic and Medium

  1. A psychic can predict the future, but a medium cannot do that.
  2. A psychic needs devices to process his vision and present it in front of the person, but a medium does not require any such device.
  3. A psychic is good at reading the auras of people, whereas a medium is a specialized person who has gifts to communicate with the out worldly entities.
  4. A psychic can commercialize his abilities, but a medium cannot do that.
  5. Psychic comes from the Greek term pschikós, whereas medium is derived from the Latin word medius.
Difference Between Psychic and Medium

Last Updated : 10 August, 2023

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