Quiche vs Soufflé: Difference and Comparison

Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and if you are a person who always wants to keep breakfast delicious and stomach filling then you may come across several recipes of quiche and Soufflé.

These two dishes are made with eggs and have different making processes, tastes, and smells, which make them different from each other.

Key Takeaways

  1. Quiche is a savory dish consisting of a pastry crust filled with a custard mixture of eggs, cream, cheese, and various other ingredients, while souffle is a light and fluffy dish made with a base of egg yolks and a topping of beaten egg whites.
  2. Quiche can be served hot or cold, while souffle is served hot and should be eaten after it is cooked.
  3. Quiche is baked in a pie dish, while souffle is baked in a special dish called a souffle dish.

Quiche vs Soufflé

The difference between quiche and Soufflé is that quiche refers to a French tart which is made with a simple crust of pastry (made with water, butter, and flour) that is filled with egg custard, on the other hand, Soufflé refers to a baked dish made with a delicious base which is mix with beaten egg whites.

Quiche vs Souffle

Quiche is considered to be the most featured dish in restaurant menus and cookbooks all over the world. Quiche is tasty food that can be prepared in several ways.

Traditional quiche is made with eggs, cheese, and bacon with a crust of pastry. Bacon can be replaced by chicken, salmon, or ham, and Swiss or feta cheese can substitute regular cheese to make it tangier.

Soufflé refers to a puffy and light cake that is made with beaten egg whites, egg yolks, and many other ingredients. It can be served as a yummy dessert or a savory main course.

There are two basic ingredients of Soufflé- egg whites and the custard base.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonQuicheSoufflé
ShapeRound and flat in shape. The size of the quiche varies depending on the pie dish shape.Tall, small, and baked inside a ramekin.
TasteSavorySweet or savory
Main ingredientsEggs, cream, cheese. Egg, milk, and cheese.
EggThe custard is made with whole unbeaten eggs.Beaten egg whites are folded into the mixture of a yolk.
Baking processThe crust needs to be pre-baked for almost fifteen minutes and then the custard needs to be baked for almost thirty to forty minutes.Baked for thirty to forty minutes.
CrustTraditional quiche doesn’t have a crust, but modern recipes have crust in quiches.Never has a crust.

What is Quiche?

Quiche refers to a tart that consists of pastry crust loaded with savory custard and pieces of vegetables, seafood, meat, and cheese. It can be served cold or hot. The dish is popular all over the world.

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Quiche is considered to be the main dish and can fill your stomach after a long period. It has high calories. Quiche is preferred in brunch and lunch, but it can also serve at supper. It is eaten like a cake by cutting it into pieces.

Quiche is high in calories as it has cream, cheese, and eggs as the main ingredients. One slice of the quiche contains 300 to 450 calories on average, depending on the ingredients.

If you want to make your quiche healthier you may use chicken and green vegetables.

Quiche is also rich in protein. Eggs used in this dish provide vitamins C, B, and A which help in preventing diseases and enhancing eye vision.

Eggs also provide potassium, choline, and other minerals which are important to nerve function and brain activity. Cheese in this dish provides calcium for strong teeth and bones.

Quiche Lorraine is a very popular variant of this dish. It is an open pie with cream, lardons, and eggs. In most of the modern western countries, mature cheese is included in quiche Lorraine and bacon is used instead of the lardon.

There are many other variants of quiche which are made with various types of ingredients.


What is Soufflé?

Soufflé refers to an egg-based baked dish that is made with beaten egg whites, egg yolks, and many other ingredients. It can be served either as a sweet dessert or a savory main dish depending on the ingredients.

Soufflé is made of two basic components- beaten egg whites on the top and a flavourful cream sauce or puree for the base. The base gives the flavor and the egg white gives the puffy texture.

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Several vegetables, herbs, cheese are added to boost the flavor of the savory Soufflé and for the dessert Soufflé chocolate, fruits, jam, lemon, berries, and banana are added.

Air is the main art of making a Soufflé perfect. Air inflates the dish by creating an airy form on the top of the base. Air is trapped into the egg mix while beating the white eggs.

The protein of egg white seals around the air pockets and creates bubbles.

Fat present on the egg whites prevents those air bubbles from forming, so in the oven, those air bubbles expand and create a cloud-shaped formation on the top of the base and make a perfect Soufflé.

For making Soufflé perfect the air must be captured in the egg whites while whisking. So, a fast and steady whisk can do that. A large metal bowl is best for whisking egg whites.

Cold eggs are unable to provide the perfect cloudy structure than warm eggs. So, eggs used for making this dish need to be at room temperature.


Main Differences Between Quiche and Soufflé

  1. Quiche originated from England, on the other hand, Soufflé originated from France.
  2. Quiche is round and flat in shape. The size of the quiche varies on the pie dish shape whereas the Soufflé is tall, small, and baked inside a ramekin.
  3. Quiche is always made as a savory dish, whereas Soufflé can be both a sweet dessert and a savory main dish.
  4. The custard of quiche is made with the whole unbeaten eggs but in Soufflé beaten egg whites are folded into the mixture of a yolk.
  5. In quiche, the crust needs to be pre-baked for almost fifteen minutes and then the custard needs to be baked for almost thirty to forty minutes, whereas the Soufflé needs to be baked for thirty to forty minutes.
Difference Between Quiche and Souffle


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Last Updated : 23 July, 2023

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