Difference Between Septic and Sewer

Houses, Apartments, and Buildings contain sewage. We cannot live with the dirt, sewage, and wastewater. So, to solve this issue, we use some alternative methods.


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Septic vs Sewer  

The difference between Septic and Sewer is that Septic is an underground tank that helps in clearing the wastewater from buildings and apartments. In contrast, a Sewer is a separative tank that clear the junk from apartment and houses. Septic and Sewers help in clearing the junk items.   

Septic vs Sewer

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Septic is a tank that presents in the undergrounds to clear the wastewater that had formed in houses, buildings, and apartments.  

In contrast, Sewers are the long pipes that had connected with the houses and buildings to treat the junk waste. Sewer separative tanks help to clear the junk or sewage is producing from homes, apartments, and buildings.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Septic Sewer 
Meaning    Septic is the large tanks that are available underground.   Sewer is the tunnel system pipes can find in the underground. 
Septic-type tanks are helpful to treat domestic wastewater.  Sewer pipes had used to clear the junk or sewage from the buildings, houses, and apartments. 
Structure       Septic’s are available in tanks with large space areas. Sewers are available in long pipe structures.   
Difference    Septic tanks for a single apartment cost high and, it varies from time.  Sewer separative tanks carry the treated waste to the treatment facility and, the cost depends on the place. 
Maintenance    Septic tank pays more attention and careful maintenance compared with Sewer pipes.    Sewer pipes had connected in line and, these will operate by the city. So, it pays less attention compared to Septic. 

What is Septic?  

We usually need some products to reduce and take out a large amount of waste. The water we use for domestic purposes in the houses, apartments, and buildings will go underground.

Septic tanks are constructs with large space areas under every house, building, or apartment and, these had prepared by using fiberglass’s concrete.

The facility of the Septic is simple and, it will collect and treat the junk. Septic tanks have some types that help in treatments and, they are single chamber tanks and multi-chamber tanks.

Septic systems had used to store the blackwater, brown-water, and greywater and, these are the wastewater produce by the households.


What is Sewer?  

Sewer is the separative tank that helps in clearing the wastage of junk items. Sewer separative tanks help to uncomplicated the junk or sewage producing from houses, apartments, and buildings.

Sanitary sewers are also known as Foul Sewers, which look like a tunnel system. The sewer pipes will fix in the underground to treat the disposal waste.  

Although Sewers provides good health, the maintenance and observation are low compared with the Septic tanks. The performance is low as it had connected with the entire city where septic had individually connected.

The manholes, pipes, pumping stations are the types of sewers and, these will help by conveying the junks from businesses, homes, and industries.


Main Differences Between Septic and Sewer  

  1. Septic carries the wastewater from the houses to the underground, where the Sewers carry the junk to the treatment facilities and make the environment clean.  
  2. Septic had structured in the form of tanks where the Sewers had found in the form of pipes.  
Difference Between Septic and Sewer
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