Difference Between Substack and MailChimp

As we are moving towards digitalization, digital marketing has become an important concept. It is for various purpose, among which is increasing the reach. The best option for digital marketing is email marketing. Through any person can send unlimited emails to anyone which obviously increase the reach and also contribute in other objectives. It is the easiest for achieving and gaining the most. And any person who is just starting a business or is a newcomer to this line, this is the best option they can go for. Both of them are mostly similar but not the same.

Substack vs MailChimp 

The main difference between Substack and MailChimp is that Substack is free to use. You don’t have to spend a cent on using it whereas Mailchimp is not free and sometimes is more costly as you have to pay them more than you earn. Otherwise, they both are different in terms of the number of maximum subscribers, tools, and statistics, etc.

Substack vs MailChimp

Substack is a platform providing several ways to support the subscription newsletter. It was founded in 2017 by Chris Best, Jairaj Sethi, Kik Messenger, and Hamish McKenzie. It is free to use, and in comparison to any other platform, you can have more subscribers and can earn a good amount through various options.

Mail chimp was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius, a platform providing digital marketing through email. It is free to use until you reach 1000 subscribers. After that, it is paid. In comparison to other platforms, it offers a wide variety of tools and statistics options.

Comparison Table Between Substack and MailChimp

Parameters of ComparisonSubstackMailChimp
Free to useIt is free.It is not free.
StatisticsHave fewer statistics optionsComparatively more options
ToolsOffers fewer toolsOffers more tools
SuspensionNo suspension of accountThe Account can be suspended.
 Maximum SubscribersMore subscribersFewer subscribers

What is Substack?

It is a platform providing an opportunity to make a newsletter. It is a platform to make money in several ways. There you can have paid readers that monetize the newsletter. You can earn on this platform, and only a certain percentage goes to the company. Therefore, it is great for gaining profit.


  1. It is free. All the tools offered on the platform are free.
  2. This provides a direct connection whereas other website acts as a middleman. And as a writer is in direct contact with the reader is a great advantage.  
  3. An individual can have a custom domain which great for branding.
  4. Through Paid readers’ individuals can have an opportunity of monetizing the Substack newsletter.
  5. There is an option of getting a sub-domain if a person is not interested in a custom domain.
  6. From and to Substack, export and import of emails can be done.


  1. There are very few statistics available on the Substack.
  2. The monetization sources are very limited.

It is a safe platform to use as no information is leaked, but in 2020, Substack sent an email to all the users for informing the change in the privacy policy, which leads to the leaking of few details of the customers.  

What is MailChimp?

It was founded in 2001 and provides an email marketing service. It allows talking and managing any interested party such as customers. It is a paid service after 1000 subscribers, therefore for longer use, the cost has to be paid. It provides various tools and Statistics options, which helps in checking the data and reach.


  1. It gives very large statistics about the audience.
  2. There are many tools available in Mailchimp, such as several email templates, making of own landing page, and several premium designs.


  1. It is not free and is a paid platform. It is much costly unless you are earning a good amount.
  2. The account is not safe. A minor mistake can lead to the suspension of the account, and the company will not give any justification for suspending it.

Although it is a good platform to use and connect with the customer, sometimes, the company suspends the account, and you lose everything. At this time, it becomes very inconvenient as the account and the information in it cannot be recovered.

Main Differences Between Substack and MailChimp

  1. Substack is free to use, and this is the main reason that it is recommended by most users, whereas Mailchimp is not free to use, making it a very inconvenient option.
  2. Substack has very fewer statistics because of which it becomes a little difficult to record the outcome or result, whereas Mailchimp offers a variety of statistics options making it more friendly despite being costly.
  3. Tools offered by the Substack are slightly less, but Mailchimp offers more tools to make it easy for the individual to use.
  4. A substack account cannot be suspended easily without any major reason or by the individual by itself, whereas a Mailchimp account can be suspended on a minor mistake, and the company does not justify the reason also.
  5. Substack has more number of maximum flowers whereas, comparatively, Mailchimp has very less number of maximum followers. This also means through Substack, you can earn more and have a high reach among the customers.


Therefore there is no doubt how both of them are different. It depends upon what is the requirement and according to the right decision can be taken. They both have emerged as best for digital marketing. Most people prefer Substack over Mailchimp. This could be due to all advantages it has, such as it is free to use, which Mailchimp does not have. Also, there is no point in using Mailchimp when eventually it is going to be more costly in the future (unless you are earning a very good amount).

Email is considered as a formal way of marketing, and it extends the reach of a person; therefore, it becomes essential to make a proper choice as to which is to be selected for the purpose.


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