Substack vs MailChimp: Difference and Comparison

As we are moving towards digitalization, digital marketing has become an important concept. It is for various purposes, among which is increasing the reach.

Key Takeaways

  1. Substack is a platform for publishing and monetizing newsletters, while Mailchimp is an email marketing platform.
  2. Substack is designed for writers and journalists, while Mailchimp is aimed at businesses and marketers.
  3. Substack offers a subscription model for readers, while Mailchimp offers a variety of marketing tools such as email automation and A/B testing.

Substack vs MailChimp 

The difference between Substack and MailChimp is that Substack is free to use. You don’t have to spend a cent on using it, whereas Mailchimp is not free and sometimes is more costly as you have to pay them more than you earn. Otherwise, they both are different in terms of the number of maximum subscribers, tools, statistics, etc.

Substack vs MailChimp

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Substack is a platform providing several ways to support the subscription newsletter. It was founded in 2017 by Chris Best, Jairaj Sethi, Kik Messenger, and Hamish McKenzie.

Mail Chimp was founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong, with Dan Kurzius, a platform providing digital marketing through email.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSubstackMailChimp
Free to useIt is free.It is not free.
StatisticsHave fewer statistics optionsComparatively more options
ToolsOffers fewer toolsOffers more tools
SuspensionNo suspension of accountThe Account can be suspended.
 Maximum SubscribersMore subscribersFewer subscribers

What is Substack?

It is a platform providing an opportunity to make a newsletter. It is a platform to make money in several ways. There you can have paid readers that monetize the newsletter.


  1. It is free. All the tools offered on the platform are free.
  2. This provides a direct connection, whereas other website acts as a middleman. And as a writer, being in direct contact with the reader is a great advantage.  
  3. An individual can have a custom domain which is great for branding.


  1. There are very few statistics available on the Substack.
  2. The monetization sources are very limited.

It is a safe platform to use as no information is leaked, but in 2020, Substack sent an email to all the users to inform the change in the privacy policy, which led to the leaking of a few details of the customers.  

What is MailChimp?

It was founded in 2001 and provides an email marketing service. It allows talking and managing any interested party, such as customers.


  1. It gives very large statistics about the audience.
  2. There are many tools available in Mailchimp, such as several email templates, making of own landing page, and several premium designs.


  1. It is not free and is a paid platform. It is much more costly unless you are earning a good amount.
  2. A minor mistake can lead to the suspension of the account, and the company will not give any justification for suspending it.

Although it is a good platform to use and connect with the customer, sometimes, the company suspends the account, and you lose everything.

Main Differences Between Substack and MailChimp

  1. A substack account cannot be suspended easily without any major reason or by the individual by itself, whereas a Mailchimp account can be suspended on a minor mistake, and the company does not justify the reason also.
  2. Substack has more maximum followers, whereas Mailchimp has very few maximum followers.

Last Updated : 03 July, 2023

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  1. This is very detailed and informative. It gives a clear perspective on the differences between Substack and MailChimp.

  2. Avatar of Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore

    The analysis provides a clear understanding of the functionalities and limitations of Substack and MailChimp. I hope for an exploration of the platform’s integrations with other digital tools and how this impacts the user experience and functionality.

    1. The insights into platform integrations would be valuable in understanding the overall ecosystem of each platform and its compatibility with other digital tools. I look forward to a deeper exploration of this aspect.

    2. I concur with the interest in platform integrations. Exploring the compatibility and integrations with third-party tools would shed light on the potential functionalities and limitations of Substack and MailChimp.

  3. The article offers a comprehensive comparison of Substack and MailChimp, and the feature-by-feature analysis is insightful. I am interested in understanding the user interface and ease of navigation for both platforms, as this can influence content creators’ experience significantly.

    1. I share your curiosity about the user interface and navigation. It would be beneficial to understand the usability and navigational aspects of Substack and MailChimp for users, especially in the context of their respective target audience.

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    1. I share your curiosity about customer support and user experience. It would be beneficial to understand the quality of support and assistance that users can expect from Substack and MailChimp.

  5. Avatar of Maisie Cooper
    Maisie Cooper

    Thank you for the thorough comparison of Substack and Mailchimp. It seems that Substack offers more freedom and support for individual writers. I wonder how the privacy policy issues this year have impacted users.

    1. I agree, the information provided is very helpful. It’s surprising to hear about the changes in privacy policy – this could be a cause for concern on the platform.

  6. The article offers a comprehensive comparison between Substack and MailChimp, shedding light on their respective functionalities and features. It would be interesting to further explore the possibilities for monetization on each platform and the associated limitations.

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    2. I agree. An in-depth understanding of the monetization options and constraints for content creators using Substack and MailChimp would be valuable for making informed decisions.

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    1. Indeed, the comparison is quite thorough. It would be beneficial to delve deeper into the reasons behind account suspension in MailChimp and how it affects users.

  8. The various pros and cons of Substack and MailChimp are well-articulated in the article. It would be beneficial to explore how each platform addresses the issue of data privacy and user security, especially in light of Substack’s privacy policy changes last year.

    1. I think delving into the aspects of data privacy and protection would provide valuable insights, especially considering the recent changes in Substack’s privacy policy. How do the platforms ensure user data security?

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    1. That’s a valid point. The cost-benefit analysis of using MailChimp over Substack could be more detailed. A deeper insight into the pricing structure of both platforms would be appreciated.

    2. Agreed, the pricing comparison would provide valuable insights into the value proposition of each platform. It’s an important aspect to consider for content creators.

  10. The detailed analysis makes it easier for content creators to make an informed decision about choosing the right platform for their newsletter or digital marketing needs. I hope to see more details about the impact of platform suspension and limitations.

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