Difference Between Terd and Turd

Terd and Turd both terms are mainly used to denote poop. Both terms, in a way, can be similar and as well as different. The meaning of any term always depends on the content it is used in.


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Terd, in a literal way of expression, can be “a Piece of solid waste.” This kind of waste is mainly taken as the excrement of human or animal bodies. The waste or poops that the human or animal body produces have a scientific name known as faeces. This word also is believed to be a misspelling of Turd.

Turd also can mean faeces in a literal way. Each and every word change its meaning when put into different contents. Turd can also mean something or someone you don’t like or hate just after you come to know about it. 

Terd vs Turd

The difference between Terd and Turd is that ‘terd’ is derived from ‘turd’ word while on the other hand ‘turd’ is derived from another Greek word. Language and words can also change their meaning when coming to different content. 

Terd vs Turd

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Terd can mean something annoying or dirty. It can even mean shit in some content. A person doing simple works in a complicated way can also be denoted a Terd. This can also be used to mention something which smells very bad and nasty. This word is often taken as a misspelling of the word Turd, which also is a similar kind of word.

Turd can also be taken as one of the synonyms of Terd. It is also said that the right spelling of these words is ‘Turd’ and not ‘Terd’. But every word has a meaning. Turd can mean faeces. It can also mean a person who is totally destroyed. It can also be used to describe something you hate before even understanding it.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonTerdTurd
Origin This word have the origin of the word Turd and is believed to be a misspellingThis word have the origin of German Word ‘tord’ or ‘turda’
Phonetics structure t+e+rdt+u+rd
Meaningfaeces, stool, poops, etc.solid waste of animals, faeces, dirt, excreta, etc.
UseTo denote dirt, faeces, etcTo denote feaces or can be used to even insult someone
Invented (around)Much later around in modern eraIt is believed to be first used around mid-13c

What is Terd?

The words Terd is believed to have been taken from the Turd. Terd sound similar to that of Turd, which is the reason it is believed that it is the origin as well. Just like similarity in the pronunciation, there is a similarity in meaning as well.

Terd derived from the word Turd also means faeces in a general sense. In different contexts, it can also mean something is of very less value and is more of a useless thing. Something which is totally opposite of important and beautiful in a mocking way can also be tagged as a terd. Terd, when used, is mainly thought to be a vulgar thing just like.

People also use this word in order to insult someone or disrespect someone. Terd is a noun that is also a synonym of Turd that is quite similar, which also makes its uses quite similar. This term can also refer to actual faeces. These words are not atoll decent and are sometimes counted in bad slang as well.

What is Turd?

Turd is a word that may have come into existence around the 5th century. This word is assumed to have been derived from the word ‘tord’, which can be traced back to a proto-germanic word which is ‘turda’. 

Turd means faeces or dirt or excreta of human beings or animals literally. This word, just like Terd also can mean solid waste. There is a great amount of similarity in the meaning between Turd and Terd. This can also be a reason for considering ‘Terd’ as a misspelling of the word ‘Turd’.

This word can mean things like waste or unimportant. People often use this word as well to curse or harass or disrespect someone. In order to belittle someone or something, people use these kinds of terms to show this insignificance. Turd has a very similar pronunciation with just a change of a single vowel in the spelling. 

The letter is pronounced quite similar, which may be the reason for their similarity, but the difference can be easily pointed out in the manner of content. The difference in linguistic use can also be seen. In both words, the letter ‘r’ is seen as silent.

Main Differences Between Terd and Turd

  1. The words Terd and Turd both are very rough words that are mainly similar except for the change in spelling.
  2. The difference between Terd and Turd can be seen in the use of it in the content and situations.
  3. The words Terd and Turd can be used to express very disgusting and vulgar person, place, thing, etc.
  4. The words Terd and Turd can replace each other but have different origins. Turd originated from a German word, while Terd originated from Turd itself.
  5. The word Terd and Turd both can be used to insult someone or something, which literally mean comparing that person or thing which excreta, but for different content, both can mean different meanings.
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