Difference Between Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon

Speech recognition is one of the most-awaited and successful software of all time. Ever since computers have been around, engineers have always been interested in making this dream come true.


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It is such a unique software that converts speech signals into text. The process of speech recognition is done by converting the analogue voice signal into digital data. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Dragon is a more advanced and accurate speech recognition software than Windows Speech Recognition.
  2. Windows Speech Recognition is a built-in feature of Windows, while Dragon is a third-party software that needs to be purchased separately.
  3. Dragon has more customization options and can be used for a wider range of applications than Windows Speech Recognition.

Windows Speech Recognition vs Dragon

The difference between Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon is their level of accuracy. Analog voice or speech signal spoken is converted into the digital form that can be understood and processed by the computer, and the translation of speech into text is done. Out of the speech recognition software used, windows speech recognition and dragon are some of the popular software. The words spoken are immediately converted and translated into words.

Windows Speech Recognition vs Dragon

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Windows speech recognition is a much-needed and excellent software that has been developed by Microsoft to make it easy for the users to get their work done without doing much type work.

It invokes the voice command to take control over the desktop user interface to convert the words from the speech signal into text.

Dragon is the most accurate and efficient speech recognition software of all time. This software package is developed by nuance communications, and it also runs on Windows operating systems.

The internal system is a minimal user interface, and it is quite simple yet efficient. It is the best quality software package for transcription and dictation.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWindows Speech RecognitionDragon
Definition Windows Speech Recognition is a pre-built Windows-included speech recognition program.Dragon is a speech recognition software that is of high quality, accuracy, and level.
DeveloperWindows Speech Recognition was developed by Microsoft.    Dragon is developed by popular Nuance communications.
ExpensesWindows Speech Recognition is absolutely free, and it can be accessed by anyone with the windows operating system.Dragon is quite expensive, and one needs to pay the required amount to get access to the software and get installed on their PC.
AccuracyIt neither has very low accuracy nor extremely high accuracy. It has mediocre accuracy, and it is best suited for general purposes. It has a moderate speed of operation.   Dragon has an extremely high speed and efficiency. It is extremely accurate, and it does the process much faster.
Setting upWindows Speech Recognition is easy to set up as it is an expense-free software, and it does not require much effort to set up.Dragon software takes a lot of time to install and get started with, and it is quite a prolonged and difficult experience.        

What is Windows Speech Recognition?

Windows speech recognition is used to transcribe, dictate text in electronic devices and navigate and switch between tabs, and also perform keyboard shortcuts and operate the mouse cursor.

It is a locally processed software. It adjusts and adopts based on the context, pre-recorded speech signals, sessions, and vocabularies.

It works on the basis of the pre-recorded and fed dictionary and database that consists of numerous amount of speech samples and different accents and pronunciations. It was initially exclusive to the windows media player.

Now, it is prevalent in Windows 7,8,8.1, RT, and Windows 10. It is such a boon to the users as it is free of cost and accessible to all windows users.

It is easy to set up, and it is not that difficult to operate. It helps the user to dictate, convert speech to text, text to speech and it also identifies and detects voice to convert into the test.

People who would not like or prefer to type need not struggle. This software comes in handy for users in many situations, especially when they want to get the work done faster.

windows speech recognition

What is Dragon?

The dragon software package allows the user to access the microphone and help in transcription and dictation. This is the appropriate software to adapt to if you prefer to ditch the typing task.

It is quite difficult and complicated to get installed and start with, whereas once you get it properly installed, it makes your life much simple, and you can get your job done at high speed without compromising the efficiency.

It is greatly programmed by feeding in a lot of speech samples, and it is so accurate that it even allows you to specify the punctuations and all tiny details. It has about 11 versions with full updates and user-friendly characteristics.

However, it is quite difficult for you to get used to the procedure. You have to dictate patiently and be mindful of your pronunciations, pauses, and tone.

Though one needs to make payments to utilize this software, it is best united and highly profitable for big business firms, organizations, and corporate companies that are in a hurry and hustle to get their job done as soon as possible to deliver it to their clients with the promised accuracy.


Main Differences Between Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon

  1. Every windows user gets free access to the windows speech recognition software, whereas the dragon software is a good quality speech recognition software.
  2. Windows speech recognition was developed by Microsoft, whereas the dragon software is developed and introduced by nuance communications.
  3. Windows speech recognition is free, and one need not make any payments to enjoy the software, and the dragon software needs some payments and expenses to get started with and access.
  4. Windows speech recognition has moderate access, whereas Dragon has an excellent level of accuracy.
  5. Windows speech recognition takes less amount of time and effort to set up. Installing Dragon software is an extremely complicated process.


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