How to Make Small Text in Discord: A Quick and Simple Guide

Method 1: Utilizing Backticks

Utilizing backticks in Discord is a straightforward method to create small text. Backticks (`) are used for indicating inline code and highlighting specific commands, but they also reduce your text size in Discord.

To apply backticks, wrap your desired text with a pair of them. For instance:

`small text`

Discord will display the text in a smaller font when you use this syntax, making certain words or phrases more noticeable without overpowering your message.

Keep these points in mind while using backticks:

  • Use them for short text snippets, like single words or brief phrases, to maintain readability.
  • The appearance of the small text could differ based on the user’s device and settings.

Here’s an example of backticks in action:

`Check out this awesome game!`

You highlight the text using backticks, making it more prominent in the conversation.

Now that you know how to employ backticks for generating small text in Discord, be ready to discover alternative methods that employ different formatting characters for similar effects.

Method 2: Utilizing the Tilde Symbol

Another approach to create small text in Discord involves using tildes (~). While used to create strikethrough text in Discord, they can also decrease text size.

To generate small text with tildes, surround your text with a pair of tildes. For instance:

~small text~

Discord will display the enclosed text in a reduced font size when sending a message using this syntax, akin to using backticks. Employing tildes can make certain words or phrases less pronounced while visually distinguishing them from the rest of the message.

As with backticks, using tildes sparingly is crucial to preserve message legibility. Longer paragraphs or excessive usage might result in a cluttered or difficult-to-comprehend message.

Consider the following example of using tildes to create small text in Discord:

~Let's meet up at 7 PM!~

The meeting time becomes more eye-catching by surrounding the phrase with tildes without overwhelming other message components.

Remember that small text appearance might slightly differ across various devices and Discord platforms due to users’ font settings or display resolutions.

Now that you’re familiar with creating small text through tildes, it’s time to explore other techniques to enhance your Discord messages.

Method 3: Utilizing Double Underscores

Another approach to creating small text in Discord is double underscores (__). Although double underscores are associated with bold text, they can also generate smaller text.

To accomplish this, encase your desired text between two sets of double underscores, like this:

__small text__

Discord will then display your text in a reduced font size, achieving the same objective as the backticks and tildes techniques. This method lets you emphasize certain words or expressions while maintaining an attractive, easy-to-read message.

Use double underscores judiciously to prevent your message from becoming cluttered or less readable. Here’s an example of how double underscores can be applied for small text in Discord:

Let's meet up at __the coffee shop__!

Drawing attention to the meeting location with double underscores can help emphasize it, without diverting focus from the remainder of the conversation.

Note that the appearance of small text created using double underscores could vary based on the recipient’s device and display settings in their Discord client.

Now that you know how to use double underscores to create small text in Discord, let’s explore another technique that offers a distinct way of achieving the same outcome.

Method 4: Utilizing Double Asterisks

Another technique to create small text in Discord involves using double asterisks (**). While employed for making text bold, double asterisks can also render your text in a reduced size.

Here’s how you can achieve smaller text with the double asterisk method:

  1. Enclose your text with a pair of double asterisks, like this:

    **small text**

  2. When your message is sent, Discord will display the text in a smaller font size, similar to using backticks, tildes, or double underscores.

Using double asterisks allows you to emphasize specific words or phrases without being overpowering. However, you should judiciously apply this technique, as overusing it or employing it in lengthy paragraphs can make your message more challenging.

For instance, you could use double asterisks to accentuate an important part of your message:

**Let's go to the concert tomorrow!**

Highlighting “the concert” with double asterisks makes those words stand out while maintaining the overall flow of your message.

It’s important to remember that the presentation of small text created by double asterisks might vary across different devices and Discord platforms due to font settings and display resolutions.

Now you know how to use double asterisks for small text in Discord, feel free to experiment to tailor your messages effectively.

Method 5: Utilizing Spoiler Tags

In Discord, spoiler tags can be employed to create small text that adds an element of surprise and curiosity to your messages. While primarily used to conceal sensitive or spoiler-related content, spoiler tags can also be used for aesthetic purposes.

To generate small text with spoiler tags, wrap your text within double vertical bars (||). For instance:

||small text||

Upon sending, Discord conceals the enclosed text behind a spoiler overlay, which is revealed in a smaller font size when the user hovers or clicks it.

Using spoiler tags can intrigue your messages by catching the reader’s attention through hidden words or phrases. This approach is particularly effective when creating suspense or bringing a playful aspect to your conversation.

Consider this example of using spoiler tags for small text in Discord:

I have a surprise for you! ||Check out this adorable puppy!||

By concealing the phrase “Check out this adorable puppy!” as a spoiler, the reader’s curiosity is sparked, elevating the engagement of the message.

Acknowledging that spoiler tags may not be consistently supported across all Discord clients is crucial. The appearance of the tags may differ depending on the recipient’s device and preferences. Furthermore, excessive use of spoiler tags or obscuring important information might harm the usability and clarity of your messages.

Equipped with the knowledge of applying spoiler tags for small text on Discord, explore other methods that take advantage of Discord’s built-in markdown formatting.

Method 6: Utilizing Discord Markdown

Discord includes a feature known as markdown, enabling you to format text in various ways, including reducing its size. Markdown is a user-friendly markup language that permits the addition of style and formatting to messages without needing intricate HTML or CSS.

To create small text with Discord markdown, apply the caret symbol (^) before and after the desired shrunken text. For example:

^small text^

Upon sending this message, Discord presents the enclosed text in a smaller font, allowing you to subtly emphasize specific words or phrases without dominating the overall message.

Markdown is a versatile formatting choice, letting you blend different techniques and formatting styles to produce original effects.

For instance, you can merge the caret (^) symbol with other formatting elements, such as asterisks or underscores, to enhance your small text appearance. Here are two examples:

*^small text^* or _^small text^_

By employing markdown, you possess additional flexibility in styling your small text and ensuring its visual appeal.

Remember that the small text’s appearance might differ slightly, depending on the device and the recipient’s Discord client settings.

Having learned to use Discord markdown for small text, you can now explore various methods to personalize your messages and make them visually engaging.

Last Updated : 09 December, 2023

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