Difference Between Zoho and Salesforce

CRMs are something that is gaining immense popularity slowly. Every business needs a good CRM to handle its business, leads, sales, to report, and also to manage its big/small team. Every business- be it big or small, need some kind of management systems according to their requirements.


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Zoho and Salesforce are two such types of CRM software which help different kinds of business. But, before choosing a certain CRM system you need to evaluate a lot of things.

Pricing, ease of usage, features, controls are some of the basic things you should take care of before you choose a system for your business. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Zoho and Salesforce are cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software systems that manage customer data and interactions.
  2. Zoho is a more affordable option that offers a wide range of features, while Salesforce is more expensive and offers more advanced features for enterprise-level businesses.
  3. Zoho is generally more user-friendly and easier to learn, while Salesforce has a steeper learning curve but can be more powerful once mastered.

Zoho vs Salesforce

The difference between Zoho and Salesforce is that Zoho is mainly fit for small-scale businesses that deal with a small team and can be dealt with easily while Salesforce deals with bigger and larger businesses that have a huge team and is full of professionals to handle the management system. 

Zoho vs Salesforce

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonZohoSalesforce
AffordabilityThe price of Zoho ranges depending on what kind of plan you opt for. You can also opt for the free plan and get the same kind of services. There are different kinds of plans depending on your requirements. The price ranges can be a bit much as compared to Zoho.
Free trialAll the paid Zoho plans have an extended 15-day trial where you can use it for free.All the paid Salesforce plans allow you a 30-ay trial where you can use it for free.
PlansThere are three types of Zoho plans- Free, Standard, Professional.There are two types of Salesforce professionals- Essentials and Professional.
Ease of useZoho is extremely easy for anyone to set it up and start using. Salesforce is not as easy as the Zoho plans and might require the help of some professionals. 
Calendar sharingZoho allows free calendar sharing. There is no shared calendar option in Salesforce. 

What is Zoho?

Zoho acts as a solution for everything in the case of small businesses. It is like a button that provides affordable plans, features, and even free customer service.

There are three types of plans that you could sign up for- Free, Standard, and Professional are the three plans. It has even got a free version that has a lot of features common to the two paid versions. The Standard plan costs less than that of the Professional one.

Zoho is easy to use along with a simple dashboard that shows you all your features and controls. The interface and the layout are quite simple too for which you will not need any professional help. 

Zoho allows you to integrate with other systems like Mailchimp, Google Ads, and many more. You can find many tutorial videos and guides on their websites. The customer care service is also free, and you will always get their help whenever needed.


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the ideal CRM if you are the owner of a big enterprise. It can manage your big team as well as take care of business. There are two types of plans that you can buy from Salesforce- Essentials and Professional.

The Essential plan comes at a low price as compared to the Professional plan.

The Salesforce has many customizations. You can avail of these according to your requirements. Its dashboard is quite complex.

You might end up needing a professional in your team if you want to set up the Professional plan. But, it has a lot of features that will make your work a lot easier.

Like Zoho, Salesforce will allow you to integrate with a lot of other systems too. You can avail yourself of a lot of learning tutorials from its website.

However, the Essential plan will give you some basic services that are not enough. Full customer service will require you to pay extra. 

Big businesses love Salesforce for its various features, but the learning process can prove to be quite hectic. 

Main Differences Between Zoho and Salesforce

  1. The Zoho interface is quite simple, and even beginners can understand it without any difficulty without the help of professionals. On the other hand, the Salesforce interface can take quite some time to understand. Beginners will need some help with different customizations. 
  2. Zoho has many features. But, using all these features can prove to be hard for beginners. They get overwhelmed by the settings. The features of Salesforce are all available on the dashboard and are quite easy to use by the users even if they are doing it for the first time. 
  3. All the Zoho plans have a simple layout, and you do not need any Zoho professional to get started. The Salesforce Essential plan is not that hard to set up. It is the Professional plan that needs a professional trainer to help you out with the entire set-up process. 
  4. The CRM of Zoho is said to be ideal for small businesses, but the Salesforce CRM is more ideal for big businesses and enterprises as compared to smaller ones. 
  5. Zoho has free customer service. Even the basic unpaid plan has chat support for up to 8 hours, while the paid version has a 24/7 service. You never have to pay for customer care. But, Salesforce does not offer free service. You can have a few basic things but you have to pay an amount for customer care. 
Difference Between Zoho and Salesforce
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