Order or Origin Time Warrior Gift Codes (updated 2024)

Order or Origin Time Warrior Gift Codes

As an Order or Origin Time Warrior player, you can use gift codes to redeem in-game rewards and boost your gaming experience. To redeem gift codes, tap on your avatar within the game, open the settings menu, and click the Redeem Code button. Next, enter the gift code you’ve obtained and collect your rewards.

Here are some working codes:

  • 1stArrow: 300 Diamonds and 8 hours of Hero EXP
  • 2ndBonus: 300 Diamonds and 8 hours of Gold
  • 3rdCheer: 300 Diamonds and a Small Pile of AFK Profit
  • 5thElite: 500 Diamonds and 10,000 Gold Coins

These codes might expire over time or with updates, so redeem them while they’re still valid. Watch for new codes to maximize your rewards and enjoy playing Order or Origin Time Warrior.

Expired Codes

This section will list some Order or Origin: Time Warrior gift codes that have expired. Keeping track of expired codes can save you time and ensure you avoid trying to redeem invalid codes.

Please remember that these codes are no longer active:

  • LUBU777
  • RUBY999
  • GIFT2022
  • SOCIAL000
  • RC888
  • GG888
  • YGG888
  • Douglas
  • oooHNY2022
  • oooXMAS2021

As Order or Origin codes have an expiration date, it’s essential to redeem them as soon as you come across them. Regularly checking for new and valid codes will ensure you don’t miss out on any in-game rewards.

Procedure to Use the Gift Codes

Follow these simple steps to redeem Order or Origin Time Warrior gift codes. First, launch the game and navigate to the main screen. Locate and tap the “Settings” button at the bottom right corner or in the main menu.

Once you are in the Settings section, look for the “Gift Code” option and tap on it. This will open a new window where you can enter the code. Carefully input the available gift code into the provided text field. Double-check to ensure it’s entered correctly, as they are case-sensitive and may include a mix of letters and numbers.

Finally, tap the “Confirm” or “Redeem” button to submit the code. The rewards will be instantly added to your account if the code is valid. Make sure to use the codes as soon as possible, as they tend to have an expiration date.

Finding Legitimate Gift Codes

When searching for Order or Origin: Time Warrior gift codes, finding reliable sources is crucial. Several online platforms provide up-to-date and working codes, such as official game forums, social media accounts, and trusted gaming websites.

First, check the game’s official social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Developers share promo codes and updates through these channels. Subscribe to their accounts to stay informed.

Next, visit reputable gaming websites that regularly update their lists of working codes.

Remember to be cautious when using gift codes from unverified sources, as they may not be legitimate or may have expired. Always use trusted websites and official platforms to ensure you’re receiving genuine codes.

Last Updated : 05 February, 2024

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