Ragnarok V Returns Gift Codes (updated 2024)

List of Active Ragnarok V Returns Gift Codes

Here is a brief list of active gift codes for Ragnarok V Returns that you can redeem in the game:

  • XMASBONUS: Use this code to get x5 Revival Ticket, x10 Translucent Gem Stone, x5 pet Dry Food, and 500 Diamonds (Android only).
  • LUNARCELEBRATION: This code gives you HP Potion (L) x10, SP Potion (L) x10, and 200 Diamonds (Android only).

To redeem these codes, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ within the game.
  2. Click on ‘Enter Coupon’.
  3. Enter the code from the list provided.
  4. Collect your rewards from your inbox.

Keep in mind that these codes may expire or become invalid over time. Remember to redeem them as soon as possible, and watch for new gift codes to enhance your gaming experience. Happy gaming!

Expired Ragnarok V Returns Gift Codes

In the past, various gift codes have been released for Ragnarok V Returns. These expired codes cannot be redeemed anymore, as they are inactive. It’s important to stay updated on the latest codes and redeem them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on valuable rewards.

To stay updated on current Ragnarok V Returns gift codes and redeem them, follow the game’s social media channels and join the community discussions. Remember, gift codes can expire quickly, so redeem them when you find an active one.

How to Obtain Ragnarok V Returns Gift Codes

You can watch their official social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, to obtain Ragnarok V Returns gift codes. Sometimes, the developers release codes during special events or updates. Additionally, you can find gift codes in promotional materials or from influencers collaborating with the game.

To redeem a code in Ragnarok V Returns, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on “Settings” in the game.
  2. Click on “Enter Coupon.”
  3. Enter the gift code and press “Confirm.”

After these steps, the reward will be sent to your in-game mailbox. Note that the codes are case-sensitive, and some may expire over time. It’s essential to stay updated and use the codes as soon as you receive them to make the most of the gifts.

Redeeming Ragnarok V Returns Gift Codes

Step-By-Step Guide

To redeem gift codes in Ragnarok V Returns, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the game and tap on “Settings” in the main menu.
  2. Click on “Enter Coupon” within the settings menu.
  3. Carefully type in the gift code, ensuring it is case-sensitive.
  4. Claim your rewards from the in-game mailbox.

Remember, redeeming codes will grant various rewards, including gold, gems, and other valuable items. Quickly follow the steps above, and you will have your rewards in no time.

Last Updated : 30 December, 2023

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