Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes (updated 2023)

List of Active Codes for Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

Here are some active codes that you can redeem in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator:

  • 200KMAY: Redeem for 500 Gems
  • BLOXY21: Redeem for Commander Skin (Commander Tower required)
  • FIFTYK: Redeem for 200 Coins
  • beachglad2022: Redeem for Beach Skin
  • MERRY2021: Redeem for a Free Reward
  • robloxisback: Redeem for a Free Premium Crate
  • 1BILLION: Redeem for a Free Deluxe Crate

To redeem these codes, open the Tower Defense Simulator game on Roblox and click on the “Troops” tab at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on the gear icon in the lower-right corner and enter one of the above-covered codes. Press “Redeem” to receive the reward associated with each code. Be sure to use these codes quickly, as they may expire anytime.

List of Expired Codes for Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

Here are some expired codes that were previously redeemable in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator:

  • M3RRY2022TDS: This code granted a free “Cookie Scout” skin.
  • beachglad2022: Redeeming this code provided the Beach Gladiator skin (requires Gladiator Tower).
  • MERRY2021: This code could be redeemed for a Present Skin.
  • robloxisback: Players could use this code to receive a free Premium Crate.
  • 1BILLION: Redeeming this code provided a complimentary Deluxe Crate.
  • celebration21: This code offered a Party Crate reward.

Remember that these codes are now expired and cannot be redeemed. Codes in the Roblox Tower Defense Simulator are frequently updated, so staying informed about the latest codes is important to avoid missing out on rewards.


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How to Obtain Tower Defense Simulator Codes

To obtain Tower Defense Simulator codes, follow these steps:

  1. Visit official sources: Keep an eye on the game developer’s social media channels, such as Twitter or Discord, where they may release new codes.
  2. Bookmark reliable websites: Some websites and blogs update their lists with the latest codes. Make sure to check sites like Pocket Tactics periodically for new codes.
  3. Join the Roblox community: Engaging in forums or groups for Tower Defense Simulator could provide you with valuable insights and updates regarding newly released codes from other players.

Remember that codes may expire over time, so redeeming them as soon as possible is crucial. To redeem a code, open the game, click on the “Troops” button, and then click on the “Enter Code” button at the bottom of the screen. Type the code into the text box and press “Enter” to claim your reward.

Entering and Redeeming Codes

To redeem Roblox Tower Defense Simulator codes, follow these simple steps. Begin by launching the game and searching for the Twitter icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. Clicking on it will open up a window where you can enter codes.

Ensure to enter the codes exactly as they are provided to avoid errors. Copying and pasting from a reliable source is recommended. Upon entering the code, click the ‘Redeem’ button to claim your rewards. Note that most codes are time-limited, so grabbing them as soon as possible is important.

Remember, these codes offer rewards such as Gems, Coins, Skins, Crates, and more. Be mindful of their expiry dates, and check for updated lists regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest available codes.

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