Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes (updated 2024)

Welcome to the mysterious realm of Awaken: Chaos Era, where conflict is devouring the landscape and powers of darkness and brightness are still battling it. The only way to bring peace to these regions is via battle, so this fantasy role-playing game needs a hero who isn’t scared to laugh in the face of disaster. Thankfully, many heroes in the game are ready to fight alongside you, so you don’t have to do this alone.

You can use Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes to unlock exciting rewards like coins, summoning crystals, advanced weapons, weapon charms, Zachary hero, etc. and some other game items. You can improve your game more quickly by redeeming the gift vouchers because they will provide access to many resources.

List of Latest Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes

Century Gaming has created a variety of letters and numbers called Awaken: Chaos Era secret codes that unlock special offers for free. To keep up with the most recent Awaken: Chaos Era gifts, bookmark this page. Fresh ones are issued following milestones or during special events.

Active Codes

Below is the list of the latest Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes:

Awaken Chaos Era Gift CodesRewards
Bluestacks2022Use this gift code to get free gifts in Awaken Chaos Era Game
SwordoutThree special weapon charms, one advanced weapon charm, and a four-star raider blade
Hello100100 summoning crystals
WhosyoudaddyZachary hero
FOODYOne three-star foody pet
IneedadoctorAbbott hero
ACEFBThree advanced summoning crystals
ACEEXPDouble XP for one hour
ACEDCThree advanced summoning crystals

Expired Codes

GuildBoss   Fullspeedahead   ACEXFoodyXCollab   NinjaHitoshi   MeryChristmas   STORMBADGE   HAPPYHALLOWEEN   STATUEOFTHEHOLYKING   DedicateYourHeart   happynewyear   ACEBONUS   LevelUp

Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes will not stay permanently. You can use them for a short period of time before they become invalid.

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So you have finally gathered all the Awaken Chaos Era Gift Codes. Now, let’s examine “How to Redeem these gift codes?”

How to Redeem a gift code in Awaken Chaos Era Game?

We are here to save your day if you are concerned that you won’t know how to use these gift codes. Understand the detailed steps written below:

  1. Install the game “Awaken Chaos Era” on your device
  2. Now start the game and click on the “Avtar” button at the top of the display screen
  3. Go to the accounts section via the settings option
  4. Choose the code from the above list and type in the textbox that was provided on the screen
  5. Click on the redeem button, and finally, your rewards will be added to your account once you use the gift coupon

How to get more gift codes for Awaken Chaos Era Game?

The latest redeem codes for Awaken Chaos Era are announced on the official social media accounts of the game, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc. By checking their social media accounts, you can gather these redemption codes. You can check their social media accounts regularly to get the latest updates.

To get more gift codes, one can start following the YouTuber’s channel or the content creator’s channel because they hold promotions of the prizes such as gift codes, coins, and a variety of other premium products.

However, the easiest way to get the most recent gift codes is by regularly visiting this page because we will update this page as soon as the new codes are available, ensuring that you don’t skip any gift codes. 

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Game Description

TitleAwaken Chaos Era
Offered byCentury Games Publishing 
File Size874k
DownloadAndroid: Play Store

Last Updated : 13 June, 2023

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