Battle of Pirates Gift Codes (updated 2024)

Battle of Pirates is an adventure genre game where players can take on the pirate role and dive into the deep secrets of the sea while unveiling notable loot and treasure in their journey. This game allows players to customize ships, recruit their crew and form battles with players in real-time, all in thrilling naval combat.

Featuring various weapons and upgrades, the option to join other pirate captains to form an armada and fight against rivals has made this game a favorite of many. As players progress, they can unlock special abilities, new islands, gems, heroes, and excellent fighters along with precious treasures.

Developed by FAMZCORP, this game takes you on a thrilling sea adventure. To make this adventure easy for you, we have curated some of the best  codes to help unlock the treasures,heros, islands, and gems.

How to obtain the Codes

The developers of the game around promotional activiteis, The developers of the game around holidays and special events release the coupons and codesholidays and special events release the coupons and codes. The company updates these codes on its Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Discord pages. With the help of given codes, you can collect power to create customized ships, and gain powerful heroes, outfits, Gems, Hero Star, Book Of Legends, Apocalyptic Awakening stone, and many other exclusive items.

Redeeming the codes

Redeeming the codes for the game is a very simple process. Opening the Gift Code Option in your game can easily redeem these codes.       

Limited Availability

The developers launch these codes on some special occasions, promotional event, and giveaway campaigns, and they are valid for a limited period. We would suggest you Bookmark this page as we keep updating our pages with time. It will save you time and effort to search for the codes again.

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All Active Codes

You can redeem the following codes and take your sea adventure to unlock secret and magical places. Always remember the codes above are meant to be used for a limited time. Try to use these codes as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Some codes might stop working at any point in time. Please inform us if you face any such situation through our comment section. The active codes are the following-

  1. ISRAMIRAJ- Will help you to unlock 200 Gems
  2. DAILY2021FEB- Will help you to get exclusive rewards
  3. NEWBIEV2-Will help you to get exclusive rewards
  4. NEWBIEV3- Will help you to get exclusive rewards
  5. NEWBIEV4- Will help you to get exclusive rewards
  6. BOOK10- Will help you to get exclusive rewards
  7. GIMANA CUK- Will help you to get exclusive rewards
  8. NEWBIE01 Will help you to get exclusive rewards

Expired Game Codes

Certain game codes of Battle of Pirates have expired now.

  • WEEKLY01- For exclusive rewards
  • DAILY17FEB-For exclusive rewards

Redeem Coupon Codes in Battle of Pirates

The process to redeem the codes has been mentioned by us below-

Step 1: Open the game, Now go to the Menu Icon which is located at the Top Right side of your gaming screen. Click on the User/Player Icon.

Step 2: A drop-down list will pop up. Select the option of Gift Code from the Drop Down list.

Step 3: By clicking the button, you will see a new window pops up. In this window Click on Select your Server Option; Now enter your server details.

Step 4: Once you enter the details of the server, you will see the option of Enter Codes, click on it and press Confirm.

Step 5: Open your In-Game Inventory to check the rewards and gifts you received by entering the codes.

Pro Tip: If you are an IOS User, you shall follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the official coupon redemption website of FAMZ Pirates- Log In Account | FAMZPIRATES

Step 2: Enter your Login ID and Password

Step 3: You will see the Select Country and Server Options now

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Step 4: Fill in the details and Click on the Gift Codes option, Enter the codes provided above

Step 5:  Now click on Redeem  Button and enjoy the adventure of the sea while unlocking various thrilling mysteries.

Note: The codes provided above can be redeemed once per account. Also, these codes are case sensitive, make sure you enter them in the game as they are provided here to ensure easy redeeming of the rewards and benefits.

Stay Up to Date with the Latest Codes

Stay tuned to our website for easy access to your favorite games’ codes. With the right and updated codes, you can easily access your loved games and unlock the hidden rewards within them. We suggest you bookmark this page for future reference and quick code access.

Game Information


2. Publisher: FAMZCORP

3. Genre: Role-playing and Adventure Games

4. File Size:

Android:3.2 GB

Last Updated : 14 June, 2023

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