Christmas in South Africa – How Do They Celebrate

  1. Christmas in South Africa falls in the summer. It is a very warm period with a lot of fun activities.
  2. On Christmas eve, carols by candlelight services are very popular. There are dance performances, nativity plays, concerts, and parties.
  3. Traditional Christmas trees and other grand Christmas decorations are quite common during the festivity in South Africa.
  4. There is plenty of food at Christmas time. The Christmas meal includes turkey, beef, rice, vegetables, duck, pig, raisins, pudding, crackers, pies, and other delicious traditional South African delicacies.
  5. On Christmas mornings, the locals are awakened by caroling. Locals attend church services, there are gifting, visits to loved ones and merriments.

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Christmas in South Africa is celebrated by everyone. The summer season during Xmas and special decorations everywhere make South Africa a good destination to be on Christmas.

If you have been to South Africa on Christmas or stay in South Africa then do share your first-hand experience in the comments below.

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