Judaism vs Christianity vs Islam: Difference and Comparison

What is Judaism?

Judaism is among the world’s oldest monotheistic Abrahamic religions, tracing its roots back over 3,500 years. It originated in historic Israel and is primarily based on the covenant between God (Yahweh) and Abraham. Central to Judaism is the Torah, comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, which outlines legal guidelines, history, and moral concepts.

Jewish worship takes location in synagogues, led with the aid of rabbis, and is marked by means of prayers, rituals, and communal gatherings. Judaism places a sturdy emphasis on ethical conduct, justice, and social duty.

Major vacations consist of Passover, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah. Though various in its beliefs and practices, Judaism serves as a foundational effect on Christianity and Islam, shaping the path of global history and way of life.

What is Christianity?

Christianity, originating in the 1st century CE, is a monotheistic Abrahamic faith based on the lifestyles and teachings of Jesus Christ. Central to Christianity is the perception of Jesus as the divine Son of God and Savior, who was crucified and resurrected, presenting salvation to believers. The holy scripture, the Bible, consists of the Old and New Testaments.

Christians accumulate in church buildings led by priests, pastors, or ministers for worship, sacraments, and network fellowship. Key Christian standards include love, forgiveness, and the Golden Rule. Major vacations are Christmas, commemorating Jesus’ beginning, and Easter, celebrating his resurrection. With over two billion adherents, Christianity is the sector’s largest faith and has profoundly encouraged global records, way of life, and ethics.

What is Islam?

Islam, based in the seventh century CE, is among the monotheistic Abrahamic faiths based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Its holy book, the Quran, is considered the literal phrase of God as found by Muhammad.

Islam emphasizes the oneness of Allah and the importance of religion, prayer, charity, fasting (during Ramadan), and pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca. Muslims collect for communal worship in mosques led via imams. The religion is divided into principal branches, Sunni and Shia, differing in leadership and interpretation.

Ethical behavior, justice, and compassion are vital tenets. Islam is the arena’s 2nd-largest religion, with over one thousand million adherents influencing societies, cultures, and politics globally.

Difference Between Judaism and Christianity and Islam

  1. Moses and Abraham founded Judaism, Jesus Christ founded Christianity, and Muhammad founded Islam.
  2. The holy books of Judaism are the Talmud and Torah, the book of Christianity is the Bible (New and Old Testament), while on the other hand, the holy books of Islam are Hadith and Quran.
  3. The religious leader of Judaism is Rabbis; in Christianity, they are Ministers, Pastors, and Priests, while in Islam, it is Imams.
  4. The worship place for Judaism is the synagogue; for Christianity, it is the Church; and for Islam, it is the Mosque.
  5. The major sects in Judaism are – Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox. Christianity, they are – Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic. Whereas for Islam, the major sects are Shia and Sunni.
  6. In Judaism, they have dietary restrictions of eating Kosher (i.e., pork and shellfish), while in Islam, they are restricted to eating Halal (i.e., pork and alcohol). Christianity doesn’t have any such dietary restrictions. 

Comparison Between Judaism and Christianity and Islam

Parameter of ComparisonJudaismChristianityIslam
Prophets/FoundersMoses, AbrahamJesus ChristMuhammad
Holy Book (s)Talmud and TorahBible (New and Old Testament)Hadith and Quran
Religious LeadersRabbisMinisters, Pastors, and PriestsImams
Worship PlaceSynagogueChurchMosque
Major SectsReform, Conservative, and OrthodoxOrthodox, Protestant, and CatholicShia and Sunni
SalvationBased on faith and righteousnessAttained by having faith in Jesus ChristAchieved by doing good deeds and faith
AfterlifeThe world to come (Olam Ha-Ba)Heaven and HellHeaven and Hell
Dietary RestrictionsKosherNo specific restrictionsHalal
Place of OriginAncient IsraelRoman province of JudeaArabian Peninsula

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Last Updated : 28 January, 2024

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