Difference Between Islam and Catholicism

In French, the word religion means to do the right thing and to fulfill one’s obligations. Furthermore, humanity is everyone’s initial religious belief.


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Afterward, people began to associate religion with different gods in whom they had their faith. In the western world, Abrahamic religion is common in most countries, related to Abram.

Islam and Catholicism fall under the Abrahamic religion. Followers of these religions believe that God is the supreme power as per the holy book, Bible.

According to Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, a former political leader, is the religion’s true founder. On the contrary, Catholicism is the custom that all the catholic churches follow.

Islam vs Catholicism

The difference between Islam and Catholicism is that Islam regards Muhammad ibn Abdullah as God’s messenger and worship in the mosque. However, Catholicism considers Jesus Christ as their Abram and offers their prayers in the church. Both the religions are related to Judaism (God is transcendent) but have opposite faith in distinct gods.

Islam vs Catholicism

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Islam is a religion that has its roots in Judaism, the world’s oldest religion, and adheres to its primary principles. Followers of Islam offer theirs prays five times by visiting the mosque in their areas.

In this religion, Friday is the special day to worship by reading Quran(holy book by Muhammad).

Catholicism also has a similar principle that God is one. Christians pray by going to a church in their neighborhood consisting of a priest, also known as the father.

There are prie-dieu services in some churches (a prayer desk). To express honor to Jesus Christ, followers pray by lighting the candle.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonIslamCatholicism
FollowsMuhammad is followed by those who are connected with Islam.People of Catholicism follow Jesus’ Christ (Yeshua).
Religious PlaceMuslims go to the mosque to worship.Christians visit the church for worshipping.
Famous FestivalsRamzan Id and Bakr Id are two major Muslim celebrations.Easter and Christmas are the main festivities of Christian.
Main CountriesIndonesia and Pakistan.Vatican City, Timor Leste, and Greenland.
Holy Book People who are associated with Islam read Quran. Christians read Bible.

What is Islam?

Islam is the most widely practiced religion in Arab and Asian countries, with millions of adherents. The primary principle of Islam is to surrender to Muhammad for salvation to improve their life before death.

Followers of Islam are called Muslims (Arabic word which means who only live to please God).

Muhammad founded this religion in Saudi Arabia (earlier known as Mecca). He was entirely persuaded by angel Gabriel when he was alive, as recorded in the Quran.

This holy book shows that God and his messengers have a deep and significant relationship.

Muslims pray five times a day in Arabic in a mosque or from home. While worshipping, they raise their palms in the direction of Saudi Arabia and recite their famous phrase ‘Allahu Akbar.’

They pray in multiple positions, including kneeling, standing, and bending to the ground.

Ramzan Id and Bakr Id are two of Islam’s most important feasts. According to Islam, Ramzan Id is observed at the end of the ninth month. The ninth month is Ramadan, during which Muslims avoid eating and drinking from sunset to sunrise.

The Great Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the Quba Mosque (first mosque) in Medina are the two most important mosques. Both mosques are visited by millions of people each year. 

What is Catholicism?

Catholicism is also one of the largest religions followed in western countries. Followers of this religion are known to be Christians who follow the path shown by Jesus Christ (messenger of God).

When Jesus was alive, he possessed divine healing abilities. Therefore, he began to be revered as God’s incarnate.

In the fourth century, Jesus Christ founded Catholicism in the Holy Roman Empire (Europe) by erecting churches as places of worship.

Christians believe in the holy trinity, or triangle, in which the father, son, and holy spirit are all one and connected to God.

Churches and chapels are places where the father is present, and Christians light candles to show their love and respect for God.

Jesus taught his disciples the Lord’s prayer (a crucial prayer) as a way to connect with their inner selves and supreme power.

Easter and Christmas are two of the most important religious holidays. According to the Easter tradition, Jesus rose to life again.

As a result, many express their overwhelming excitement by attending church and fasting. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of the Christian founder.

In Spain’s capital city, the Sagrada Familia is a well-known church. Its construction has not been completed since the nineteenth century, although it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Dura-Europos church is the oldest in Syria and famous in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.

Main Differences Between Islam and Catholicism

  1. The majority of Muslims follow Islam. However, most Christians follow Catholicism.
  2. Muhammad is the founder of Islam, a religion that rejects the concept of trinity. On the other hand,  Catholicism was founded by Jesus Christ in the 4th century (the Devine power).
  3. Ramzan Id and Bakr Id are two of Islam’s most popular celebrations. Christians in Catholicism celebrate Easter and Christmas.
  4. Muslims pray at least five times a day and read the Holy Quran. However, Christians pray several times and read Bible.
  5. Indonesia and Pakistan are two Islamic nations. On the other hand, Catholicism is widely practiced in Vatican City and Leste Timor.
Difference Between Islam and Catholicism
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