Difference Between Islam and Buddhism

There are many religions followed all across the world. Some countries are even considered religious countries based on the fact that maximum people residing in that country practice the same religion.

There are many religions like Islamism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. They have many differences as compared to the similarity. Here are a few differences between Buddhism and Islam.

Islam vs Buddhism

The main difference between Islam and Buddhism is that Islam was founded by Prophet Muhammad, and on the other hand, Buddhism was founded by Lord Buddha. They have many different beliefs and rules. Buddhism follows the Tripitaka scripture, and on the other hand, Islam follows the Quran. Islam is mostly based on the rules and beliefs described in Quran.

Islam vs Buddhism

The religion Islam was originated by Prophet Muhammad. It is one of the most ancient religions in the world. There are many countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Turkey, etc., that have Islam as their national religion.

The rules and regulations of these countries are mostly based on the rule and regulations described in Quran. This is followed not now but from the ancient times when these countries were ruled by sultans. 

Buddhism was founded by Lord Buddha is nearly about 563 B.C.E. this is an Asian religion. This religion is mostly followed in Asian countries.

This religion is widespread in the countries like Nepal, China, etc. this religion follows the teachings of Gautam Buddha. All the traditions, spiritual practices are based on the teachings of Lord Buddha.  

Comparison Table Between Islam and Buddhism

Parameters of ComparisonIslamBuddhism
FounderProphet MohammadGautam Buddha
Places of worshipMosque/masjid, or any clean place as per Islamic standards  Buddhist monasteries, temples, shrines
SalvationBelief in God, repentance and follow the rules of God, gaining the mercy of the GodReaching Enlightenment, by following the Noble Eightfold Path
ScripturesThe Quran is the holy scriptureTripitaka is one of the scriptures
Original languageArabic languagePali and Sanskrit language

What is Islam? 

The prayers and holy practices are performed in mosques or masjids. The followers of this religion are termed Muslims. There are two groups among the Muslims, one is Sunni, and the other is Shia.

Sunni comprises most of the Muslims, nearly eighty-five to ninety per cent of the followers, and Shia has fewer followers, nearly ten to fifteen per cent.

The impact of Prophet Muhammad has slowed down the growth of the Shia community and increased the growth of the Sunni community among the Islam religion.

The rules and teachings of this religion are followed according to the scripture, Quran. Islam believes that there is only one God who is Allah. So they are called monotheists.

Islam teaches that God is the most powerful, merciful, and unique. The expansion of Muslims across the world has many reasons. The most popular reasons are the Ottoman Empire, conversion of regions by missionaries, etc.

During the Ramadan month, fasting is compulsory for every Muslim. This fasting is not required for certain groups like pregnant women etc. the rule of Ramadan fasting is followed from dawn to sunset.

Nothing can be consumed in these hours, including food, drinks, and even smoking. This Ramadan month ends with a religious Id festival. This religion believes in peace, humanity, and faith.

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is the religion that follows the teaching of Lord Gautama Buddha. This religion is found in Asian countries. It is practised hugely in Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, India, etc. this religion was originated in India nearly 25,000 years ago.

The people who follow this religion are termed Buddhists. Most of the traditions, spiritual practices are based on the teaching of Lord Buddha.

They believe that God resides in every creature. The goal of this religion is to overcome desires, sufferings, and greed in this world. 

They pose a belief to overcome the cycle of birth and death and to reach the level of eternity through regular prayers, discipline, and concentration of mind.

Buddhist monasteries are the main cultural heritage for the preservation of the religion. The people in charge of these monasteries are called bhikkhus and bhikkhunis.

They continue the teaching of Lord Buddha to the Buddhist monks and nuns. The rules mainly consist of meditation, believing and following Dharma and Sangha, taking refuge under the mercy of Lord Buddha.

The holy scripture of Buddhism is Tripatika, written in Sanskrit and Pali languages. There are many interesting stories in Buddhism religion taught by Lord Buddha, which mainly has humanity moral.

These are very important and useful to be reached to every child irrespective of the religion.

Main Differences Between Islam and Buddhism

  1. Prophet Mohammad is the founder of Islam, and on the other hand, Gautam Buddha is the founder of Buddhism.
  2. The places of worship of Buddhism are Buddhist monasteries, temples, shrines, and in contrast to that, the places to worship are mosques or masjids or any clean place as per Islamic standards.
  3. The meaning of salvation is reaching Enlightenment by following the Noble Eightfold Path, on the other hand. In Islam, the meaning of salvation is Belief in God, repentance, and following the rules of God, gaining the mercy of God. 
  4. The Quran is the holy scripture of Islam, and in comparison to that, the Tripitaka is the holy scripture of Buddhism.
  5. The Quran is originally written in Arabic in comparison to that the Tripitaka is written in Pali and Sanskrit.
Difference Between Islam and Buddhism


Every religion has its own beliefs and teaching. But ultimately, every religion teaches one to concentrate on their minds and lead their lives in peace. Peace, humanity, and eternity are common in most religions.

The process may be different, the rules may be different, but in the background of them, the ultimate goal is to secure the highest level of mental concentration, which is also scientifically the most powerful till now.

Every person can absorb the good teaching of every religion open mind, which can make them very knowledgeable and can lead them through the golden path to achieve everything they need in their lives.


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