Default Router IP Understanding Autoconfiguration Addresses

Navigating the digital pathways of your home network brings you to gateways critical for device communication. The IP address stands as a gateway to your router’s administrative interface. Renowned manufacturers like Motorola and FRITZ Box employ this IP, but it is one among a suite of standard IPs designed for such a purpose, sharing its functional neighborhood with addresses like and This default gateway IP is your portal to the breadth of your router’s functionality, from basic setup to advanced network management.

Under usual circumstances, your interaction with this IP may be fleeting, handled by technicians during the initial network configuration. However, should you wish to personalize your WiFi network settings—be it renaming your SSID, altering your WiFi password, or applying parental controls—you will be acquainted with Upon securing access, you will find yourself at the helm of your router’s control panel, endowed with the ability to supervise data transmission, review network statistics, and tweak a variety of settings to suit your connectivity needs.

Accessing the Admin Panel

To reach the admin login page, enter into your web browser’s address bar. If you encounter issues with your password, consider resetting your modem to its factory settings.

Altering Password Credentials for Devices

Common Username & Password Pairings for Devices

To regain admin access, resetting your router may be necessary, completing this task by pressing the designated button on your device for a sustained period, with a pointed implement like a toothpick. Post-reset, your device will revert to default settings, causing a disruption to your internet connection. Seek professional guidance if you lack the requisite knowledge to proceed.

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Credentials after Reset:


Last Updated : 04 March, 2024

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