3G vs 3GS: Difference and Comparison

In today’s society, Apple iPhones are the status symbol which many people aspire to own. The company provides numerous options for cell phones to cater to the needs of different sections of society. 


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 iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are two models of cell phones by company Apple. These two are less distinguished by their looks and more distinguished by their specifications and attributes.  

Key Takeaways

  1. The 3GS is an upgraded version of the 3G, featuring improved hardware and faster performance.
  2. The 3GS includes a higher-resolution camera with video recording capabilities, which the 3G lacks.
  3. The 3GS has a longer battery life and faster application launch times than the 3G.

3G vs 3GS 

The difference between iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS is that these two are separate in terms of their internal features and characteristics. In terms of appearance and outer looks, the difference between the both is almost negligible, but when we look carefully at the specifications of both devices, we see a lot of different things.  

3G vs 3GS

The iPhone 3G was initially released in 2008. It was the company’s first 3G-enabled model to be released. The goal of this phone was to increase the appeal of iPhones among consumers.

People were able to distinguish Apple’s operating system, iPhone OS, because of this phone. This phone paved the groundwork for future iPhones to enter the market. 

The iPhone 3GS, on the other hand, was the follow-up to the previous generation, and the S in this iPhone stood for “Speed.” This phone was pitched by Apple as having improved network speed options.

Aside from the speed boost, this phone was an upgrade over the iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3GS addressed all of the iPhone 3G’s key flaws. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison 3G 3GS 
Launch Date The year 2008 The year 2009 
Major USP The first 3G enabled phone from Apple. ‘Speed’ factor is denoted by the S in the name itself. 
Generation The second generation of iPhone The third generation of iPhone. 
Successor of Original iPhone  iPhone 3G 
Appearance Weighed 130 Grams. Weighed 135 Grams. 
Camera It had a 2 Megapixel camera but no option for recording videos. It had a 3.15 Megapixel camera with video recording enabled.  
Processor 412 MHz 600 MHz 
Storage Options  Maximum storage of 12 Gigabytes was available. The storage limit was increased up to 232 Gigabytes. 
Other Notable Attributes none Compass was incorporated in the model to improve the user experience. Cut, copy, paste options were also new. 

What is 3G? 

Introduced in the year 2008, this phone was the successor to the original iPhone. It belonged to the second generation of the iPhone and offered numerous attributes which were not previously available. The phone was released in a total of 22 countries. 

Looking at the hardware and design of the handset, this phone had a 3.5 inches touchscreen and weighed 130 grams. The proximity sensor and the operating buttons were located in the same place as they were on the original iPhone. 

Coming at the software, it had a processor working at 412 MHz. Shockingly, the processor incorporated in this handset belonged to Samsung and not Apple.

The rear camera of the device was 2 Megapixels, and it had no front camera for capturing selfies. Even to the fact there was no technology enabling video recording. 

The phone had two variants in terms of storage capacity. The 16 GB variant had two color options which were black and white. But the 32 GB variant had no color choice. There were certain features in the handset which made it different from the original iPhone, such as-

  • This handset was the first 3G-enabled phone. 
  • It introduced the Apple app store. 
  • GPS 
  • Turn-by-turn navigation 

What is 3GS? 

As the successor to the iPhone 3G, this handset was released in 2009. This was an iPhone from the third generation. The additional ‘S’ on this handset stood for ‘Speed.’ The phone was sold in eight different countries.  

The phone came in two versions, each with a 3.5-inch touchscreen. One was 16 GB, and the other was 32 GB. 

This phone was essentially an upgrade to the iPhone 3G. It addressed all of the major flaws of the iPhone 3G. It not only addressed those flaws but also added some new features. 

Some of the major features of this phone were- 

  • Magnetic compass for navigation 
  • Better camera quality 
  • Video recording enabled  

Main Differences Between 3G and 3GS 

  1. iPhone 3G was the first phone released by Apple having a 3G network capacity. This was the major USP of the phone. While iPhone 3GS was advertised as having improved network adapting technology. 3GS was made to adapt to mobile networks quicker than the previous models. 
  2. iPhone 3G was launched in the year 2008, while iPhone 3GS was released one year later. 
  3. iPhone 3G had a camera of Two Megapixels, and it did not support video recordings. On the other hand, iPhone 3GS had a camera of 3.15 Megapixels and supported video recordings.  
  4. iPhone 3G had maximum storage of 16 Gigabytes available, but iPhone 3GS offered an increased storage capacity of 32 Gigabytes. 
  5. iPhone 3G was a basic iPhone compared to the iPhones today and offered no extraordinary features. While in the iPhone 3GS, Apple added a few extra features to make it a successor and superior version of the iPhone 3G. These features were Voice control, Magnetic compass, Video recording, etc. 
Difference Between 3G and 3GS


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