Aftershave vs Cologne: Difference and Comparison

Aftershave and cologne are two such products. They carry significant differences between them and are used for very different purposes.

Key Takeaways

  1. Aftershave is applied post-shaving to soothe and disinfect the skin, while cologne is a fragranced product for general use.
  2. Aftershave contains lower fragrance concentrations than cologne, resulting in a subtler scent.
  3. Aftershave often includes astringent and moisturizing ingredients, while cologne focuses on fragrance.

Aftershave vs Cologne

The difference between aftershave and cologne is that aftershave is applied to the skin after shaving the area to prevent any infections, whereas Cologne is a Germany-based perfume that carries historical significance and is widely produced as one of the oldest perfumes in the world.

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Even though the product is in the form of a water-like liquid, it is also available in the form of gel, paste, or lotion. Aftershave contains antiseptic agents including denatured alcohol, stearate citrate, or witch hazel.

Cologne is composed of essential oils, a blend of extracts, water, and alcohol. Cologne also has various citrus oils, including lemon, tangerine, and blood orange, depending on Cologne’s type and scent.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAftershaveCologne
DefinitionIt is a disinfectant.It is a perfume.
IngredientsMostly alcohol.Citrus oils, fruit extracts, and alcohol.
PurposeTo avoid skin infection.To provide fragrance.
AvailabilityLiquid, gel, paste, or lotion.Liquid only.
SignificanceIt has no historical significance.It has historical significance.

What is Aftershave?

Aftershave is generally a liquid-based product applied to the skin after shaving the area. It got its name from its practical use, applied after shaving.

Aftershave products are generally alcohol-based. However, some of the aftershave products are not chemical-based and do not contain alcohol.

An alcoholic aftershave causes minor stinging on the skin immediately after use and can even last for a few minutes. Such products do not suit people with sensitive skin, and only non-alcoholic aftershave products are recommended for them.

The brands providing fragranced aftershave marketed it as more than just a regular aftershave, which led to confusion.


What is Cologne?

Cologne is composed of essential oils, a blend of extracts, water, and alcohol. Cologne also has various citrus oils, including lemon, tangerine, and blood orange, depending on Cologne’s type and scent.

Cologne was originally named Eau de Cologne, a French term meaning ‘water from cologne’. At the time of its origin, it was only used by the royal families of all over Europe.

Nevertheless, all the scents are very light, fresh, and fruity. Cologne is highly popular, especially in Cologne, Germany, and the place is renowned for it.

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Main Differences Between Aftershave and Cologne

  1. Aftershave helps prevent skin infection, whereas cologne provides fragrance.
  2. Aftershave includes mostly alcohol, whereas Cologne is comprised of many ingredients for its odour.
Difference Between Aftershave and Cologne

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