Difference Between APM and ACPI

The everyday use of computers tends to be the reason behind their upgrade. The daily new versions of the applications and different software have made it mandatory for the manufacturers to make computers compatible for them to work. Software is the keen part of the computer that works as the bridge between the working of any application on any computer. The software has been classified into many different categorize.


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The main difference between APM and ACPI is that the acronym APM is the short term for Advanced Power Management, whereas comparatively, on the other side, the acronym ACPI is the short term for Advanced Configuration and Power Management. The interface used in the APM is not that advanced, but the ACPI is said to be more advanced in this case.


APM is one type of programming interface that was built by the company Microsoft and Intel. The company released the software in the year 1992. The respective programming system was made as to the power management. The programming system has three different versions and is 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, which is the latest one.

ACPI, the acronym for Advanced Configuration and Power Management, was built by three different companies, and they were Toshiba, Intel, and Microsoft. The software was built to manage the quantity of power distributed among the different parts of the computers while they are turned off. The software is very advanced and compatible with various other devices and is used in the latest computers.

Comparison Table Between APM and ACPI

Parameters of ComparisonAPMACPI
Acronym stands for Advanced Power ManagementAdvanced Configuration and Power Management
Built By Microsoft, IntelToshiba, Intel, Microsoft
Released in19921996
CompatibilityOld devices  New devices
Dependent OnBIOSOperating System
What is it?Software built to cooperate with two different softwareThe software determines the power outage used by the other parts of the computer when not in use

What is APM?

APM is the acronym that is being used in the place for the term Advance Power Management. The software was built by two companies, and that is Intel and Microsoft. It was initially released in the market in the year 1992. And the respective software was one of its kind as it was built to manage power consumption.

APM was dependent on the BIOS system of the computer, where BIOS is known for the Basic Input/Output System. The software is a part of the application programming tool, and it can be classified with two different power states, and they are – system power states and device power states.

The software has three different versions of itself. The initial version of the software is 1.0, 1.1, and the latest among them is 1.2.

What is ACPI?

ACPI is the acronym that stands for Advanced Configuration and Power Management. The name of the software itself provides a slight hint for the software that is why it is developed or built. The three companies worked on the software as a joint program, and they are the renowned technology companies of the market. The name of the company is – Intel, Microsoft, and Toshiba.

The program was built to determine the power outage used by the different parts of the computer such as – printers, CD players, and many others. The software has been installed in all the new and latest devices like – MacBooks, laptops, PCs, etc. The software was introduced in the market through Microsoft Windows 98 in the year 1996.

Because of being focused on the operating system, the software faced many problems at the initial stage, but then it became the best software to manage the activity of the different applications on the computer. Although being the successor of the APM software, the working of ACPI was slow with older version computers and thus was a better option for the compatibility with the new devices.

Main Differences Between APM and ACPI

  1. The acronym APM was used for the term Advanced Power Management whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the acronym ACPI is used instead of the term Advanced Configuration and Power Management. 
  2. The APM software or say, the application was built by two companies, and they were – Intel and Microsoft, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the ACPI software was built by the three joint ventures of the company, and they are the same as APM – Microsoft and Intel but in addition, Toshiba was also a part of it. 
  3. The company introduced the APM software in the market in the year 1992 whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the application ACPI was introduced in the market around in the year 1996.
  4. The software APM is a bit older version for the hardware devices whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the software ACPI is the latest version for the hardware devices.
  5. The amount of compatibility of the software APM was with the older version of computers, but comparatively, on the other hand, the compatibility of the application ACPI is installed with all the new devices.
  6. The software APM is focused or dependent on the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) system of the computer, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the application ACPI is focused on the operating system of the computer. 
  7. APM is software that allows two different software to communicate with each other whereas comparatively, on the other hand, ACPI is an application built to manage the power used by different computer parts when they aren’t in use.


To summarize the above discussion we could conclude that a computer needs to have a power management system installed in it. This is because to limit the usage of the power and also to reduce the heating or excess consumption. Many software’s has been developed for the same by the developers to keep an eye on the power management of the computer. Among them, APM and ACPI are two software’s working the same.

APM is the software developed earlier and hence is the older one compared to the ACPI application. Hence, ACPI is also considered as the successor for APM. This is all considered because of its compatibility with majorly all the new hardware devices. The APM lets the two software devices communicate while ACPI configures the different parts of the computers when not in use.


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